Tuesday 25 August 2009

A month to detox, reflect, ponder and rectify

Talking to my friend this morning brought about the topic of the month of Ramadan. My friend who belongs to the Islamic faith explained the purpose behind the month which holds good for everyone. The thirty days of fasting is not exclusively for fasting alone but covers a whole range of aspects: Learning to reflect on the shortcomings and rectifying them, cleansing the system of clutter and unwanted energies, developing a spirit of forgiveness and empathy, learning to love others unconditionally. But do all these things actually happen within an individual?

Thinking on the points that she had mentioned, it struck me that fasting is not restricted to food alone but various kinds of fasting which would help every individual irresective of faith. The fasting of desires, negative thoughts, unnecessary chatter, idleness, et al.

The baggage that is collected over the entire year is made light by the thirty days. But many times the act of fasting is restricted within the narrow confines of food and water. Its a time where meditation and prayers govern the day.

The act of breaking the fast is also something very communitarion. The family waits for the sighting of the moon which according to me, is a lovely way to observe the skies which one normally does not do. The sounds from the mosque at this time is quite soothing with strains of nasal depth and tone. The date which is used to break the fast also has a specific connotation.

On the whole, I think a fast should be observed by not only Muslims but all of them to detox their hearts, mind and body.

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