Sunday 23 August 2009

Facials, sea, good conversation and a nice vegetable salad

Some days are unlike others: They are wholesome, well spent and give the warm feeling of contentment. Yesterday was one such day. Sleeping in late was another addition to the day's activities yesterday. Breakfast was a leisurely act with little food and lots of conversation. A day where all the members (three) of our family sit and meander over the breakfast table. The loveliness seeped through the next part of the day's activity: Going to the beauty parlour.

Now I have a special philosophy when in comes to the parlour. Its a nice way to get pampered, enjoy conversation with the girls who provide the services and also exchange meaningful smiles with the other mates and of course get indulged which falls in line with the pampering. Making conversation and niggling someone with thoughts is something I don't have to struggle much with. One girl there told me how she enjoys giving massages as it involves working with the hands. I shared my fascination for doing things with the hands viz., kneading the dough, handling the clay, mixing salt to the idli/dosa batter and washing vessels. We both (the girl and I) were listing things that involve using the hands to a greater extent. She also told me that she enjoys giving massages and so does it very well as its is something she likes doing.

The hours at the parlour gave way to a lovely meeting with one of my student/friend (It is very rarely that one gets a student who is also a nice friend). We spent the evening talking about seemingly important as well as not-so-important things about life, people, animals et al. The best part is that we both can talk about any random topic and get hundred percent involved as if that meant the whole world. Sitting by the seashore and watching the water gives way to excellent conversation which borders along the lines of introspection and reflection. The day came to an end with the both of us enjoying a lovely veg salad from a place called 'Jelly Belly.'

I came home and hit the bed with thoughts of the facial, sea, vegetable salad and the lovely conversation with my friend.

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