Sunday 16 August 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Blogging

It all started innocently as everything else does: "I will write whenever I feel like jotting down certain meanderings of my mind. I will write exclusively for myself and whether anyone reads my posts or not is not of my concern." These were the thoughts with which I started my debut in the mad world of weblogging. Then a person wrote to me saying, "Your reflections and meanderings are written very beautifully and I have become a follower of your blog." I was exhilarated. But then it lasted for a week or so when I promised myself to write regularly. Then the same person wrote again, "And how come you have not written in February and now March?" Hmmm, the lazy me took control of the meanderings from being etched.

Come November: The meanderings had taken a toll as my mind was in a chaotic state. I wanted to unknot the various tangles. I began writing. Writing maybe a post or two in two weeks. Another follower sprung up. "Maybe I need to write more," went my mind. I gave excuses for not frequenting my blog. Who cares anyway except for me?

Random reading of a friend's blog. Liked the ramblings and sighed - "How well she writes." Then something caught my eye. A logo of India which read 'Indiblogger.' Curiosity. Clicked on that logo of India. Skimmed through with half baked interest. The word 'directory' hit me. I registered. Voila! now I am an Indiblogger and my blog is listed in the blogs of India. Cool. Now what? Hasten to put my blog up for a review. Got a rank. Was thrilled. The need for writing almost became an obsession. While travelling the thought was "Will this be a good title for my blog?" The followers went up by three. Not as bad as it began. Peope do read my blog. Now do I think about readers? Well, I am not in a state as I was when I began but then somewhere I still think that I do write for myself. But maybe not! Readers encourage you, their comments egg you on, their hits inspire you and they enable a cerebral exchange (though not all of them).

Now: The obsession has turned to be an obsessive compulsion. An obsession to write and a compulsion to write more frequently.



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