Monday 17 August 2009

Everyone is a weather god at some point in their life

I can bet on the title for everyone becomes or rather is forced to become one at some point in their life. Now don't assume that becoming a weather god is some great and profound task. No. Its just a simple process. It goes like this: You have a date with someone special and you are wearing something beautiful but then the sky is overcast and it threatens to pour anytime. What do you do? Become a weather god. You utter a command: "Let it not rain today." At this precise moment, one becomes a weather god. Following the rage of Paulo Coelho's book "The Alchemist," everyone has a rather tinted way of looking at the universe. One presumes that if something good has to happen then the universe will help you and so you stand in a very dignified way and assume that you are a weather god. You want the rain to stop for your selfish reasons. Well, I am one of those too. Sheepish to admit but nevertheless true.

Humans are so very whimsical: On one hand, we know that it has to rain or shine as its the cycle of nature. Blame it on global warming, the cycle is distorted. But then there are droughts everywhere and the farmer needs the rain but then . . . There are clothes to be washed and dried and chores to be completed which needs the sun. Traveling in public transport becomes a pain in the rain and so one wants the sun but then one sweats and is fatigued, and so rains seem a nice escape. What do we want? That is the question.

Coincidentally it does stop raining when one wants the rain to stop but then its just a simple coincidence. We are not weather gods neither are we gods. We are after all homo sapiens that have caused the greater damage to the planet than any other being found here.

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