Monday 9 April 2012

A question for you

For a long time this has been on my mind. I wanted to ask a question to my readers on their blog (and also mine!).

So here it goes:

What thoughts would you like a first-time reader of your blog to leave with as he/she leaves your page.

What thoughts did you leave with when you first read my posts here (If the first time was long ago, then you can recall any thoughts that you leave with while you leave my webpage)

Waiting to hear from you . . .

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  1. If the reader can understand what I have said, and can connect to it...I would want them to reflect upon it and comment.
    Sometimes when I read others' blogs though I am able to understand, what I want to say is already said by others...I just say I liked the post.

  2. It was quite awhile ago since my first venture here. I just remember leaving very intrigued after having my thoughts provoked. I expressed a similar notion when I left...that I looked forward to reading more in the future, enjoyed your reflections and found them intriguing.

    I enjoy when my readers can relate in some way to the my posts or find them helpful in some way.

  3. I do remember that I was struck by your clarity of thought and said to myself, this is one blogger I want to connect with :)

  4. Hi Susan:
    For a 1st time reader leaving my blog:
    I hope they come away with a feeling that if they practice SOME of what i write about that they will see their lives can improve. It's really the reason I write my blog. As with ANY writer I 1st write for myself; if what I have to say on any particular day strikes someone and/or helps even only one person then I feel I've done what I set out to do.

    Upon visting your blog:
    I sensed the connectedness between our worldviews. Though we don't connect on all levels. I felt a we do share many important beliefs.

  5. I'd like people to feel they enjoyed what they read and have a little idea of who I am. Hopefully, they like me.

    When I first read your blog I thought you were a rather fun person who thought of writing/exploring topics that may have never occurred to me but were worthy of thought.

    (Susan, thanks so much for your kind words of condolence.)

  6. I can't actually remember what was that first post of yours that I read here so I don't remember what were the thoughts I had but I do remember what your blog, well, felt like. It felt like a thoughtful and happy place and it made me want to return.

    I suppose it's the same thing I'd like a first-time reader on my blog to feel. To feel a sort of connection that draws you in, makes you want to speak up or atleast come back another time to see what's new. :)

  7. And yes, I do believe it is high time we met. My residency starts in July and then I'll have three years without a single vacation so I'm planning to take a bit of a vacation in May-June. Think I'll venture south-side and swing by. :) But this is just a nebulous plan right now, am trying to concretise it. Oh, and a bit of happy news to tell you. I've got a Psychiatry with Allied Medicine residency now! :)

  8. i would like them to leave with a stone in their shoe...something to think on...and to realize as well that they are not alone...

  9. I want a first-time reader to be inspired by and connect with my post enough that s/he will leave a thoughtful comment and continue to visit my blog on a regular basis.
    I don't recall exact comments left at your blog, Susan, but I sure have enjoyed your unique wit and wisdom. I'll be back for more!:)

  10. Hi Susan, I cannot remember when I first visited your blog. It must be more than a year ago! Time is flying. Your posts have always intrigued me because they are fresh and original. My apologies for not visiting more frequent my friend!

    Have a wonderful and blessed week!

  11. I always want my readers to feel that following ethics and honest in life is always good..

    i come to your blog to read and get some inspiration.

  12. Answer No 1: "Wow that was an interesting read. Must make it a point to come back and read more of this stuff written by Blistering Barnacles"

    Answer No 2: "Looks like a lady who has her feet planted firmly on the ground. Thinks logically and has that warm touch. She is someone who is very sensitive and can get easily hurt"

  13. I was struck by your passion for questioning things that we take for granted.I would like my readers to be honest in their reflections when they visit my place.

  14. depends on the post every post and it contents
    I always want my readers to understand the content and should give comment honestly.

  15. When it comes to blogging I am not so bright
    but I do try my best,for my readers(?) delight.
    If my memory serves me right (and of late it has not been)
    it was your post about star gazing in the night
    that made me think,a friend find I might
    and plus the warmth with which you write.

  16. I'd like to leave a with a new realization about myself or living in general, I'd also like to have learnt something new (fact) and most of all it's good to come away gladly thinking that I am not so different from the next woman in some of my uncommon self-reflective thoughts.

  17. Asalamu Alaykom,

    Good question!

    I would like every reader (first time...hundredth time...last time) to feel connected---not necessarily to me but rather to The Source of Goodness in the World. I'd like for them to be mindful of Truth and Light and of untapped possibilities and have them hopeful of finding more and doing more.

    What I liked about your blog is that you are another searcher. I added your blog to my sideline along with the other blogs I've entitled, "Everyday Searchers". You add something to the discourse and for that I'm appreciative.

  18. for a visitor on m blog - "wow! wat a post.... i agree to that".... wen i 1st read ur blog - don't clearly remembber but probably it was - "oops, nice thought..... n so true... seems to be a good writer"

  19. Dear Susie,

    Hmmm... interesting questions... I would love a first time reader/nth time reader for that matter to find my blog pleasant and make them feel they'll have to come back for more. you know, that 'there's something about it...' feeling... maybe i'm asking for too much :P
    and your blog, my impression the first time i visited, amongst other things, was "man, i love the 'i solemnly swear ART, NOT ADs' how neat is that!" and i loved your 'about me - The Eternal Meanderer' bit too. Also remember thinking 'It's refreshing'. In any case,it makes me come back for more! :)

  20. I dont remember my first comment to you, but I do remember yours first comment to me, it was one of the best compliments I've ever received. You said that reading me was like I was talking to the reader. So thank you for that.

  21. dont remember my first comment on here ..
    But what i would love my readers to do is , read the Post FULLY , not skim through it which people do , read the first few lines and the last few lines.. and them give their honest opinion on what they just read , I think I am grown up to take critics tooo.


  22. For a first time reader coming across my blog, I'd like to imagine that they have left with something reflect upon. That is also the feeling I had when I first visited your blog...



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