Saturday 17 December 2011

Moths and related thoughts

When the day slowly fades and dusk appears, many moths make an appearance in my home. These moths are dull looking creatures which sometimes irk me and sometimes don't make any difference to me. Yesterday, a dead one was lying on my kitchen floor and while I was looking at it intently, my thoughts meandered to many things related to moths, one of them being the film The Silence of the Lambs (TSOTL). And, TSOTL is always Hopkins, Hopkins and Hopkins. I remember when I first saw the film, I was smitten by the personality of Sir Anthony Hopkins. His suave dialogue delivery, his intelligent observations, his philosophical demeanour, his love of fine food and the way he responds to Clarice saying, "Good Evening, Clarice." I wondered if any man could be as polished and splendid as Hopkins. I would weave imaginary dialogues with Hannibal and enjoy the witty repartee.

Whenever anyone mentioned TSOTL, I would rattle off about the excellent dialogues of Hopkins, often to amused looks by the listeners as Hopkins was a cannibal in the film TSOTL. Many times I have observed that people tend to look only at one aspect of the character in question. Hannibal, being a man-eater, blinded people to other facets of his character. Inspite of being appalled by the manner Hannibal eats human brain in one of the films, his character in the film and the two sequels, have never ceased to enthrall me.

Anthony Hopkins' signature on a photograph of a still from the film,  The Silence of the Lambs

I don't know how many have watched the film TSOTL and reveled in the finer aspects of the film like the dialogues and the way the mind works. I have watched the film several times now and time and again, I seem to enjoy watching just the dialogues between Hopkins and Foster. I like films which have cerebral dialogues delivered flawlessly and smoothly. I don't remember any other character as well as I do this one.

As for the moth, I swept the place clean and returned to my thought of Hopkins. Now, if you haven't seen the film, you might wonder about the connection between the film and the moth. I guess, you have to find that out by either watching the film or reading about the same in Wikipedia.

When one thought leads to another and another, one can get quite comfortable and rooted to a place, say the couch or the bed. After all the thoughts are done, time seems to have gone by effortlessly. Reality strikes hard and seems dull like the colour of the moth. One cannot have imaginary dialogues with Hopkins forever.

So, what are your thoughts after reading this post.

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  1. An interesting post... I have seen the movie and its sequel... but till now have never quite grasped the meaning of the moth....before or after the change?
    Thank You for your post

  2. I loved this movie and Hannibal too. Completely agree with you.

  3. I too have seen the movies,and it had a long lasting effect on me,for days it haunted me.But as Savira said,I too did not understand the significance of the moth...I guess it has something to do with a transition period.
    I missed you all a lot also Susan,but circumstances were such that I just didn't have the time and was in no mental frame of mind to communicate.

  4. I would hope not. I am having a belly laugh right now. My last name is Hopkins and the thought popped in my head that Moths are attracted to the Light, so you can take a positive spin on these creatures and imagine they are drawn to the Light of Susan.

    Take care,

  5. I havent seen the ur article has developed curosity so fr sme quick info i will switch to internt internt internt...;)


  6. this movie is one of the first to truly fascinate me growing up...Sir Anthony did an incredible job and he still haunts me at times...

  7. Reading about a dead moth in the first paragraph, I was reminded by Virginia Woolf's The Death of the Moth, one of my favorite essays of all time. :)

    As for TSOTL, it is Clarice (Foster's character) that draws me into the story, despite the sinister and intriguing Hannibal. I remember being fascinated by the range of reactions shown by Jodie Foster in that film. Her expression alone spoke volumes. She truly deserves her Oscar.

    Having said that, I still am a huge Hopkins fan. His best work, I think, is The Remains of the Day. The last scene where he let the character played Emma Thompson go for the last time is the most heartbreaking scene I've ever seen. That scene got me sobbing long after the credits have rolled. Have you seen the film, Mrs. Sus? I highly recommend it. Haven't read the novel it was adapted from yet though.

  8. Interesting post and btw I love both the movies and Anthony Hopkins is a terrific actor. I would rather have a conversation with Tom Cruise ;))(Real or imaginary)

  9. I really liked the movie too - and the connecting thoughts t the moth - interesting post~

  10. Hannibal Lecter is in a sense, the perfect embodiment of a seductive villain. He is refined, calculating, eloquent in his speech, polite almost to a fault, intelligent, well-mannered, and he is very, very perceptive. Whenever Anthony Hopkins' Lecter turned his sharp blue gaze on Jodie Foster's Clarice Starling, I always got the feeling he could see right to her soul. You couldn't hide anything from such a man.

    He seduces you with his mind so much that you instinctively trust him and are attracted to him. He has that magnetism some psychopaths have in spades.

    Oh, I can go on and on about him. But did you notice one theme throughout The Silence of the Lambs, he actually treats Clarice better than all the other men in the movie.

    He is the only one who is not misogynistic. Isn't that interesting?

    I'm glad that moth spurred this stream of thoughts, Susan. :) It's like talking with you about one of my most favourite movie-characters.

  11. I will keep the moth thing a curiosity and watch movie...Your post has made me wonder if I can understand the movie, the way you did.....

  12. Hello Susan
    Yes I agree that TSOTL is an outstanding movie probably would rate among the top ten I have watched. Anthony Hopkins was sensational in his acting as well his dialogue delivery. I have watched this movie on a number of occasions. The lady in question(Clarice:) played an equally memorable role. Best Wishes

  13. Oh! By the way Susan you may be interested in my latest post "Wonders in Wood" about an antique dealer in Coimbatore.

  14. The Silence of the Lambs is one of my most favorite films of all time and I too love Anthony Hopkin's portrayal of Hannibal Lecter. Chilling as he is, there are many thing to be intrigued by. I think he actually loved Clarice. Albeit in a sick way. Loved this post.

  15. I loved the movie and jodie foster and ANthony hopkins did such a beautiful job in the movie ..

    I mean Seeing anthony like that would scare anyone .. he is a sucha class actor


  16. I agree with you about Sir Anthony Hopkins. His character fascinated me. He was brilliant and intelligent. I have seen all the sequels to it as well as the books, but the first was the best. As for the moth I think the victims were his moths that Buffalo Billy kept alive for a couple of days before killing them and then shoving a cocoon in their throats.

  17. The moth also signifies change from caterpillar into chrysalis and from their to a something beautiful like a butterfly and Buffalo Billy wanted that change.

  18. Savira:

    Moth signifies change. Buffalo Bill was changing from a man to a woman, hence the symbolism.

    And, welcome, Savira.



  19. Alpana:

    Transition, yes.
    Glad to have you back, dearest Alpana.


    Please do see the movie. It's an old one.

  20. Mike:

    Hopkins!!! Wow. I hope you are as fascinating as Hannibal. Smiles.
    "Light of Susan??!?!" No No.


    Welcome here and thanks for stopping by. Torrentz will help you.

  21. Brian:

    Haunting, yes. Marvellous acting.


    No, I haven't watched the movie you have mentioned. Must try and get the same.
    Hope the season is make you feel wonderful, Age. Have a merry Christmas.

  22. Sulekkha:

    Tom Cruise!!!! Smiles.


    Sometimes thoughts can be spurred by anything.
    Have a lovely week, dear Yuvika.

  23. Karishma:

    Quite right. He is the only one who treats Clarice the way she ought to be treated. And yes, he sees right through her. And she also feels very comfortable with him. Glad that he didn't venture to eat her!

    I know. If we ever meet, we will never run oot of topics for conversation.


    Please do see the film. I'm sure you will like it.

  24. Ramakrishnan:

    Everyone in that film did a brilliant job.

    Sure shall stop by your post.

    Have a lovely week, Sir.


    Welcome again. There are speculations about the relationship they shared. But they did understand each other quite well.

  25. Bikramjit:

    Class actor, yes and for a second one forgets that he is actually a wanted cannibal who has the potential to kill anyone and eat them.


    Glad that you like the movie and Hopkins.
    And, you're right about the representation of the moth.

    Cheers and goodwill.

  26. I love that movie and now you are going to make me go to the basement and rescue it from the box of old movies! I don't know if I can still play VHS.
    I loved his character. "I would never hurt you. The world is more interested with you in it"
    "I'm having a friend for dinner..."



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