Thursday 1 December 2011

By any chance, are water and creativity connected?

Maybe it is just another of the many coincidences, but I am beginning to think that there is some mysterious connection between water and creativity.

Let me explain: Three places that drive my mind to uncountable thoughts: potty, sea-shore and bathroom. If you ask me what is the common denominator present in all the three places - Yes, it is water! Water is present in the potty, sea-shore and the bathroom.

Of course, being alone in a place forces oneself to concentrate on one's thoughts and hence the creativity puzzle is partially solved. But in the sea-shore?!?!? Even when I am with friends and family, thoughts just gush within and I'm forced to give in. I think it's the influence of water. Now as I am writing this post, another thought just crossed by. Yes, the water present in alocohol. When one is under the influence of alcohol, one gets quite creative and imaginary. Well, now that is another line of thought.

Coming back to water and creativity. This post was born out of two potty sessions and developed while at the shower. You see why I am growing stronger into believing that water and creativity are connected.

Well, what is your take on this? Maybe it is the same for you as well.

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  1. I don't know about alcohol,bathroom..well maybe, sea-shore and beaches are a definite sources of inspiration.

  2. You have the most creative mind possible,Susan..I agree with u,water is a major source of inspiration.
    Great post!!!!

  3. I definitely think there can be a relation to water and creativity...One of my favorite places to go to write is at the river by us. I feel an incredible amount of energy, it's as if God's glory is magnified and resonates everywhere. It's a great atmosphere to think new thoughts...imagine new possibilities..

  4. Water is the most essential life giving element. There can be no creativity without water. I love the beach and can sit for hours, making up stories there. Bathroom is for utility purposes only :)

  5. I dont know about creativity but I do get romantic when near water. I also know fung shui speaks of the energies of water. I have a strong feeling that dripping water (leaks) in house is bad influence

  6. i dont thing your thoughts are all washed up...smiles...water has some interesting affects on us....

  7. Although it may be difficult to follow your line of reason, I understand you completely! Yes, I do agree that water and creativity are connected in more ways than one LOL

  8. I completely agree, washing dishes does great wonders too! Sea-shore visiting always includes my "take to the beach" writing journal. Something about the water. Ha, some of my best ideas, final decisions were made while in the shower.

    I won't even talk about my creative side that comes alive with alcohol.

    Loved this article.

  9. Maybe it's the sound of water - the flushing of the toilet (haha!), the gush of the shower, the crash of the waves on the beach, the pitter-patter of the raindrops. Perhaps the fluid, repetitive sounds stimulate the mind. :)

  10. water has a cooling effect, it calms our minds so we can think more clearly and time alone as when on the potty, helps. Considering the healthy human body is made up of 70 to 75% of water, wouldn't you be attracted to it?


  11. maybe it is solitude and not exactly water :D

  12. you crack me up -- you say the funniest things!!! btw: aren't 'potty' and 'bathroom' the same place?

    water is a symbol within the cosmic consciousness for emotions, which is where much of creativity is born.

    i feel very emotionally connected to large bodies of water and miss the ocean terribly. my little art studio is on a lake and i love to sit on the patio and stare out over the water for hours. many creative ideas have been born there ;-)

  13. How I chuckled when I read this!
    And, yes, there is definitely a connection between water and creativity; I cannot sit by a stream, visit the ocean or a lake, or, even take a shower without getting inspiring thoughts.
    I like to think of it as the creative Living Waters of the Lord running through me . . .
    A simply wonderful post and great insight, Susan!

  14. Susan, you always have the most interesting topics! I love water and although it doesn`t stimulate my creativity it does calm me down :)

  15. Strangely I had never put this together, I know I love the ocean,rivers and lakes. I can also sit mesmerized watching a fountain or even a sprinkler. i have always loved the sound of rain on a rooftop and even the smell of rain on asphalt. Don't know about inspiration but it sure changes my mood.<3

  16. I sure go for the potty moments. I too am very creative then. LOL! But seriously when you talked of water and creativity, my first thought was of birth. Even a fetus is created in uterine water. Love your thought provoking posts Susan.

  17. Dear Susan:

    I am yet to understand what brings creativity to the surface. There are essays I have in my mind for a long time, they are ready, they are there for me to put in writing, but never make it and while I think about that fail attempt, another enters my mind and a post is done in minutes.
    Go figure.
    Water...not for me so much. Running sometimes, but I couldn't really create anything with creativity. It just happens when it happens.

  18. Janu:

    You should try alcohol, someday, Janu :) Glad that you hear me out.



  19. Jessica:

    I agree when you say that God's glory is magnified and resonates everywhere. One needs to be very careful with thoughts, then :)


    I like your "utility purposes." And the beach, oh yes!

  20. Jerly:

    Even I get a wee bit romantic. Welcome here and thanks for stopping by, dear Jerly.


    Smiles :)

  21. Anna:

    Glad that you are in line with me line.


    I forgot to mention the dish washing. But sometimes I don't much relish thinking while dish washing. Don't know why.

  22. Age:

    Not while flushing but while sitting, Age. Well, you are getting quite descriptive, here.


    Perfect connection.

  23. Yuvika:

    Maybe :)


    But 'potty' and 'bathing' are two different activities and that's why I made the distinction. But yes, they are the same space.

  24. Martha:

    Glad that this made you chuckle. We all have the same experience and that unites us, how good is that thought.


    :) Smiles

  25. Rimly:

    Looks like this is a universal phenomenon. Thanks for the kind words, Rimly.


    Yes, sometimes it just happens. I cannot imagine thinking while running. I'd be puffing and panting. LOL.

  26. Nelieta:

    It gives me that calming effect as well :)

  27. HA HA HA HA :) Oh yesss not sure of sea shore but the other two BINGO... best ideas come from there ha ha

    I am with you 100% girl .. I burst out laughing when i read the line :)

    I got a notepad and a pencil lieing conviniently on the shelf close by to Jot down ideas at that precise moment


  28. Well, you know, while bathing I do stumble upon a host of ideas. However, unfortunately, I am usually not able to stretch them and turn them into stories. Laziness catches up with me soon enough.

  29. I think inspiration can come in all kinds of disguises. We all get it from different sources. So, enjoy the fact that your creativity is stimulated by hydration.

  30. Bikramjit:

    See, this experience is not limited to me alone :) Glad that I'm not alone. But I cannot keep a note-pad there. I try to carry the thoughts with me.


    Been long. How are you? Laziness, oh, yes. We are prone to those fits now and then.


    Disguises!!! Well termed, Myrna. Hydration, yes but now the winter is here.



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