Tuesday 6 September 2011

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Most people don't live aware lives.
They live mechanical lives, mechanical thoughts -- generally somebody else's -- mechanical emotions, mechanical actions, mechanical reactions. 
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  1. I so agree with this. Intentionally, we need to shake ourselves out of this auto mode to keep all our senses alive.



  2. BM:

    What joy to see you. How have you been? All well on your side. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.I don't want to reach 50 and say that I didn't do this or that...I have finally started living life according to my own terms..and am living it to the fullest.

  4. Absolutely agree with this, Susan. Most of our problems stem from a lack of awareness...

  5. Not too sure, really. I assume that we are products of our surroundings, so all the words, the ideas have already been shaped. We either add something to them or distort them to come up with something new.

    " Nothing is being said which hasn't been said before"

  6. I also agree that we have to fight to live as aware people, be challenged perhaps...think things through, determine why we think or do something. Try to live outside the box. I think we must first try to determine who we really are and who it is we want to be and who what we want from other people. If we want others in our lives who are "aware", we must seek them out and not settle for less. This is a bit long winded and all to just say : I agree!:)

  7. i think it is spot on...we move point a to b, we get money, we spend money, we work we eat we sleep we vacate waste...we keep a couple people around to make us not feel alone, but not close enough to hurt...

    and then there are those that dont.

  8. The day we start to live with awareness our actions, thoughts, senses, emotions and much more changes...
    So yes we do not live with awareness...

  9. Perhaps it's some sort of defense mechanism? I think it's very interesting to find out the reasons they hide behind other people's thoughts and live out other people's lives. :)

  10. I cannot say I agree with this 100% as I have not moved through enough cultures to come to this conclusion. Usually when I see statements that begin with phrases like "most people" I stop to think whether the person was referring to people in a specific context only or whether this is universal...and if universal, I ask myself whether he/she has traveled to my rural home in Kenya and interacted with my grandmother and old women there and taken their situation as part of the conclusion. In my context as an urban middle class Kenyan though, I agree with the statement and opine that this is a deliberate manipulation to produce a population of unquestioning consumers who are critical to the capitalist / development project.

  11. Skimming through the comments I am surprised that so many think this is so right on.;)))
    Now, I do not know this great man and i am sure he is a great thinker and a talented human being, so no disrespect;)), but I think many people try to be aware of life and and the great privilege of being here. Maybe not through out their whole lives, but I am pretty sure everyone at one point reaches that state of thinking when the bigger questions are asked. Why we are here, what are we worth and have we lived the way we believe. Or the way we would really like to live.
    I think I myself live a very aware life. I feel constantly and I travel the paths less traveled.;)) Furthermore as a scientist I am constantly pushing the limits and crossing borders to the unknown.;)
    As always dear Susan, your posts get me to do some serious thinking.;))
    Have a lovely week my dear friend,

  12. I would venture to say that it is not so much not being aware, it is more not wanting to risk making waves. Often we are afraid to disrupt what's known and the status quo of our lives even if in the comfort, we are missing much.

  13. Interesting one Susan! I must admit I haven´t thought about it this way. I guess in a way it is true because people always want to be perfect and say and do the right thing that is socially acceptable. I don´t agree with this because we are all unique and should voice our opinions.

    Great post!

  14. Oh sure, in many cases, from the smallest things to some big ones too. E.g., eating with the right hand, and not with the left is a mechanical behaviour handed over from the past.

    Many of our views on politics, world, environment, etc. are shaped on what is fed to us. Very few people have their own independent thinking.

    But to have completely independent thinking is perhaps impossible. Because thoughts are formed by the surrounding environment.

  15. Very interesting observation. I hope this isn't the way life is!!

    Love your posts and am now following.

    Regards, mari


  16. When I was working we became so automated that we said "hello" to the wind when it blew open the door. To alleviate this for myself, I developed a self challenge. I decided to say "hello" in a manner befitting the person who had entered such as a young man in skater apparel, I would say"Hey what's up," or an older lady" good morning to you and how are you today." It quickly caught on in our store and we were no longer saying "hi" to the delivery man the came in the door 5 times to drop off product. Everyone was happier, we treated them and ourselves as humans.

  17. Most times our own lives we disown
    afraid to get off the comfort zone
    sooner than later we need to atone
    the skill of conscious living we should hone.

    Hi Sus, how are you? I have been reading your posts,but am incapable of commenting on your profound wisdom.Though once in a while I make a feeble attempt :)

  18. I'm usually aware of things, but I'm not always able to do what my awareness tells me to do.

    In most cases, you need Luck to help you carry out your thoughts and translate your feelings into action according to your awareness.

  19. Well, I love Anthony DeMello and I tend to agree with him. Most of us have to make a very conscious effort to raise our awareness. That's why so many people, myself included, are engaging more in meditation. I think awareness is crucial, yet I know to achieve it fully is a tremendous challenge.

  20. So true, our modern day lives are going more and more mechanical, superficial and artificial.

  21. Yes just living is not enough.
    I waited for this Sunday, so that I could photograph the birds (white breasted Flinch) frantically building their new nest in our patio.

  22. Mr. Anthony de Mello makes some good points. And might I add that most people in the world live a life completely unaware of their dead spiritual condition until it's to late. Sad :-(

  23. Alpana:

    You are 100% right. I'm glad that you have taken a great decision.


    And awareness always is not an easy task.

  24. Suraj:

    Suraj, I think living mechanical lives and living original lives is different. As for originality, it is impossible but awareness, it is definitely possible. Got the difference?


    Fight?!?!? Absolutely. Great that you agree, dear Colleen.

  25. Brian:

    "Vacate waste" sounds good. I do that all the time.

    Ah! wish everything was easy as it has been said.



  26. Savira:

    I wish I did that more often.


    Comfort zone, Age. Difficult to be aware always.

  27. OtienoHongo:

    Your point is valid. Sometimes when quotes are taken off their context, it does seem a tad different. I think this quote can be applied to most individuals in the urban setup, and definitely the rural is exempt (atleast I think so).


    Age also matters, Zuzana and you're quite right in saying so. Thanks for your kind words, dear Zuzana.

  28. Myriam:

    Yes, being aware is also taking risk in trying to move out of the comfort zone.


    "Socially conditioned animals," would be the right phrase here, I reckon.

  29. Vinay:

    Eating with the right hand, reminds me of my forthcoming post!

    Spot on comment, Vinay. Great to see you after a very long time. Hope you've been well.


    Welcome here. I appreciate your following and hope to see more of you.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  30. Jan:

    Your example is an excellent addition to this post. How mechanical we are trained to be!


    Wish I see more of you in Blogland. Glad that you read the posts. "Feeble attempt" is a great example of humble exaggeration!

  31. DUTA:

    Same here. Even I sometimes cannot do what my awareness tells me! Luck gives a different dimension to this whole debate and I see that only you have mentioned it.


    Great to see you, dear Myrna. A tremendous challenge that we have to face on a daily basis!

  32. Kalyan:

    Welcome to the meanderings. Modernity is to blame with all its rush, gadgets, population, etc. No time for anything, leave alone awareness.


    Wow. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  33. Ron:

    Spiritually!!! Very true, Ron. Glad to see you here, dear Ron. Hope you've been well, dear Ron.

  34. Hi Susan .. we follow on - and my comment on your S.H.I.T. post gives another perspective .. as you say - e do just live, we don't think as much as we should .. or look around at others' ways of life .. or understand .. or think about what just might be happening underneath ...

    Cheers - Hilary



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