Saturday 17 September 2011

Pray, keep me away from china and white

I can spare a passing momentary appreciation for delicate cystals and china but possessing them is something I cannot imagine. While I could even manage to drool over the delicate figurines of birds, angels and shepherd boys for five seconds, I quickly move away for fear of breaking them. Well, I have never had buttery hands which drop things but when I see swarovski crystal figures, I run. I cannot imagine myself holding those glassy figures or letting them adorn my house. They just demand too much care and soft handling. One has to constantly be wary of the fact that if there is a slip of the fingers then the precious figurine will become smithereens. So, I stay away from such objects that require extreme care which again requires patience. Hence the preference of wood for jewellery and art. Wood is more earthy, easy to handle and does not seem delicate such that even a slight slip would yield a crack on to it.

Similar to the delicate crystals, is the colour white. Though it is deemed for its purity and lack of blemishness, I am slightly apprehensive when I pick that colour for a dress, table cloth or any other thing. When I don a white outfit, I am very conscious that I should not spill anything or I should not sit in a place which has even a small iota of dirt. This niggling feeling does not allow me to enjoy the present. If I take coffee, instead of savouring the beverage, I think: "My white should be careful. If coffee spills, then it will leave a stain." Even if I let go of my 'care-taking' for a few seconds (which does not happen), I will return to the old thoughts of staining my white dress.

Sometimes I console myself saying: "When one has had heart breaks, why worry about breaking pretty dolls." But that thought is not helpful. While broken hearts are not tangible, broken china and crystals are.This argument can be extended to whites as well. People take great care in preserving their whites and in the process turn the material into some sort of a prized possession. Well, if one has maids to take care of every single chore, then whites wouldn't pose much of threat, I reckon.

Black is lovely: no tension, no ironing and no conscious thoughts of spilling liquids that stain. In fact, it so happens that when I am wearing black, I don't ever spill anything. Without being conscious, I carry it off quite well. And, I look good in black as well :)

Well, blame the whites and the chinas and swarovski crystals. They rob one's peace of mind.

So, learned readers, as always, I am awaiting your two bits on this topic. I bet you like black better than white.

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  1. This is such a nice post Susan! I have butter fingers and am very clumsy. I break things and spill on white clothes. I have always loved the colour black but as I am getting older I am starting to prefer more earthy colours. I must still write about my trip to the Swarovski Crystal Museum in Switzerland. I think you would like it :)

  2. If crystal is in a museum, then I wouldn't mind, Nelieta, which is why I will be awaiting your post on that Museum. Do post it soon :)

    Lots of love on a Saturday evening from India :)

  3. Crystals are so beautiful, like you, I too admire them....but, they need a lot of care and maintenance and so I stick to admiring them. Whites, I can handle them, but not a preferred colour....I agree on mostly all your points.Great post.

  4. i rather like black because lifes quite a mess...ha...

  5. You are so right... and I have butter hands bot not when I am wearing black. why -that's so true. Murphy's law i guess. Even so I love wearing white (trousers mainly) and red and greeen and blue. I love that quote you have on my fave color at your sidebar: When s.o says you've changed, it means you've stopped living your life their way.
    great one saying I need to recall again and again :-)

    Thanks for everything my dear Susan, beautiful woman. Have a great Saturn Day.
    <3 <3


  6. I feel exacly as you do about fragile items (crystals, china..)and about the white color of clothes, tablecloths, bed linen, curtains..

    Like you, I prefer black when it comes to clothes, and I also believe I look good in black (as they say: 'Blck is beautiful").

    I really enjoy reading about things that I have in common with other people in the universe.

  7. Susan, I have a friend who makes a cut, or other irreversible blemish on each beautiful piece of furniture she acquires (she IS in the 'upper-income level'). After that, it does not matter to her so much when an accident happens to her prized possessions. So I put a little cut on my violin, and have not sat on it all these years--grin!

    Love and PEACE to you, Susan D
    ...and JOY always!

  8. Another topic:

    Is it not possible when someone says to me, "You've changed!"...that they might mean I've changed to live my life according to THEIR way of thinking--maybe even to my benefit?

    Just sayin'....

  9. Isn't it curious that we are very careful with fragile objects, whether they are ours or not, but don't give it a second thought to verbally abuse another human being because they don't behave inside our mind's framework.

    Why don't we treat the heart and soul of another human being with the same carefullness?

  10. I never realized what a messy eater I am until I was pregnant. With the "shelf" of my big tummy to catch everything with a stain, I became much more aware of how much food I drop in front of me -- haha! The darker the clothes the better except that black has the opposite problem of collecting lint and cat hair!

  11. u have a wonderful blog..enjoyed some of ur posts...cheers

  12. I second you ma'am. And I would add glass-ware also to the list. I know how I suffer in my chemistry lab all the time... ;)

  13. I love colors, all of them but when it comes to wearing something I feel comfortable in, I choose black.Great post.

  14. Delicacy is a personality trait. there are people who love to hold delicate things and are comfortable in white color too. their hand could fine tune a radio. increase volume using a knob precisely(now every where digital tuning). they accelerate in bike slowly gradually.they kiss tenderly in the lips.they love to hold something delicate like babies. love to sing in soft hushed voice. oh where are those words now softly and tenderly

  15. No breakables in my house - I am the proverbial bull in the china shop - and whites, too, make me so uncomfortable. If I ever wear white, I can be as sure as the sunrise to stain it before the day is out.
    Yes, love black, wear it often!

    Great post!

  16. Ohhhhhhhh if I only had a picture of the things hanging in my closet and around my house LOLOLOL....color?????what is color.....Black it is....As always...XOXOXOXO

  17. I stay away from the crystal but shamelessly wear white and light colors - and invest a strong stain removers! ;)

  18. Oh yes, I do prefer black to white, for the same reasons you do.;) I have worn white t-shirt but only in the summer when I have a healthy tan.;)
    I am also not a fan of fragile figurines and ornaments and I too prefer the rustic wood and stone.;))

  19. I love the colour black, i always dress in blacks and browns etc dull colours so i can hide in the background ;)

  20. Yes, I like black - it makes me look thinner. But white's okay too. I'm not too worried. However, when it comes to fragile ornaments, china etc., I can do without those things. I'm with you.

    Lovely post Susan. Hope you're well and not wearing white.

  21. Left you a gift on my photo blog.

  22. Oh yes absolutely, a 100% Bring on the black! I am not a slob, or maybe I am. White makes me feel slobbish. I don't do well with white. It does not wash well and something always is on them that I wish wasn't

  23. JANU:

    Glad that you agree. Have a lovely weekend, Janu.


    Ha ha.

  24. Dulce:

    Tell me about Murphy's law!

    Love and hugs to you :)


    Same with me, dear DUTA. I enjoy to read of the traits that connect us.

  25. Steve:

    Maybe, dear Steve. Perspectives differ.


    Right on. I hear you when you say that.

  26. Linda:

    Lint and cat hair is a small exception, Linda. Glad that you agree.


    Welcome Ashok and thanks for writing. Hope you continue to enjoy the forthcoming posts :)

  27. Nikhila:

    :) Smiles


    Black rocks, isn't it? Have a great weekend.

  28. Sam Johnson:

    "Delicacy??" Guess you got the word wrong. I choose to counter that it is a personality trait. Sometimes we like delicate things and somewhere in the middle we choose to refrain from them. Holding babies is another issue altogether. I was just talking about objects and not live beings. Thanks for dropping by, dear Johnson. It is always a pleasure to read your insights.


    Same boat then.

    Joy always :)

  29. Bongo:

    Smiles and love.


    Stain removers!!! Ah, sometimes.

  30. Zuzana:

    I'm happy to know that many share the same view.

    Have a happy weekend, Zuzana.


    Hide?!!! But why?

  31. Myrna:

    No, I'm wearing yellow today!


    Thanks a bunch for your thoughtfulness, dear Jan. I have commented.

  32. Myriam:

    Not slobs but wise people who know what to stay away from.

  33. I'm totally into whites and breakables. They teach a bit of gracefulness in movement and behavior so as not to soil or break them. :)

  34. Age:

    You rock with your perceptions. I can see that you are a delicate by your face!!!

  35. So very well written keeping my interest alive till the end. Thanks for giving a few moments of relaxation.

    I intend to find out relevant phobias for your fears of white and holding glass articles in your hand.

  36. Malathy:

    Welcome here and thanks for writing. Your words make me smile from end to end.

    Please find the phobias and let me know. I thought it would be another weird streak, but definitely not a phobia.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  37. Ahh Black !!! :) Somehow I end up buying black dresses for myself most of the times. Of course not for the reasons mentioned by you but because black looks good on me :P (And some think I look good in black. You see Perception differs :) )

    Crystal,Glass,Wood,metal,diamond etc they are all beautiful in their own unique way. They all have their own charm. Everything comes at a cost(apart from money). If you think you can bear the pain when it breaks or when it is stolen then there is no problem in having it. They all are just things after all. :)

  38. Asif:

    I remember you mentioning somewhere that black is your favourite colour. For me, despite the reasons given here, black is my favourite colour.
    And yes, they are things after all :)



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