Tuesday 12 July 2011

What do you think?

The last post titled, "Thoughts on the words 'missing home,'" saw some interesting insights on home and place. Not long ago, I had asked a question in one of my posts. The question was: What is home to you? The post provided many insights on home and similar thoughts.

On that note, I would like to pose another question for you to ponder and answer:


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  1. Home...it's not a constant thing. Can change as one moves, takes up a job elsewhere, grows a family, where your friends and family are or move to or the country or area or house you live in. Can be where your thoughts return to, when you've been away from your orbit too long.
    So either, at different times.

  2. My first and cheeky response was the title of a Paul Young song 'Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home!' But seriously, Susan, from age 0-13, we moved home every other year, since Dad was in the Army. The skills I learnt in then have stood me in good stead for most of my life: to adapt, to adjust, to make myself at home anywhere. But now at 46, I think it's changing....but there's a certain detachment to places and things that remains.

  3. OK. The truth. It takes me about a week living in a specific place to call it home. That's all.

    And I can be alone, or not.

    And that can be here or anywhere. The one problem might be language, but that is not a daunting factor.

    Why do you ask, Susan? Are you and your husband moving to Florida?--grin!!!

    PEACE! And joy always...

  4. Hey Susan, I wish I could act a little too big for my boots and announce - THe world is my home but sadly I haven't acted that way in my life. WHen one lives in a certain surrounding for a given period of time, adapt the local way of life and become one with the neighborhood its tough to move and just call any other place your home - until of course you give it as much time and assimilate as much. Hope I made a little sense at least : )

  5. i think it is a home but is often not seen as one...we treat it as if it will be here forever and can do what ever we want...i think home is about a deeper connection...

  6. This to me is a very pertinent question. I have over the years lived in many houses, but few would i call a home. A home is where there are many happy times to be remembered , where you cherish the time you spend there. It is far more than just a place where you eat, sleep, and spend time. You feel at peace, and find it a place to both relax and have fun. I think the people you share the space under the roof help determine whether you live in a house or a home.

  7. I think to earn the term "home" a house has to have a lot of shared memories within it. My house is a home and I really don't want to leave it.

  8. Home is any place I can sleep well.

  9. My response is very simple... where ever my families are it is home....!

  10. I agree with Savira Gupta, where my family is, is home. I have lived in shabby motel rooms, under bridges in plastic tarp tents. These places all felt more like home to me than some of the houses I have shared with roommates. I personally believe it takes shared lives and love to make a home, or if not that; a complete comfort in your own skin which of course is love.

  11. home constantly changes - one place or the other but at a given time only only 2 places are home - my parent's home and my home. I embrace new places with open arms but attach the sentiment of "home" with some bit of permanency in that sense.

  12. To answer your big question -
    The whole world cannot be seen as home, unless one believes in the modern, messy Globality concept, and not in the solid, ancient Creation of the world concept which gives a specific homeland to every ethnic group.

    However, home is also not a specific place. If you move to a place because of change of work or change of status (marriage) and you like your new work or status - that's where home is, and you should make the utmost to feel good in this place.

  13. Home is not a place, but a very nice feeling,
    from all your pain and frustrations it offers a healing,
    will let you see the skies though ther is a ceiling,
    and wherever you go it will enamour you with its pulling,
    give you excellent memories that are thrilling,
    such a place, a home, it is worth calling.

  14. hey Susan...i have read most comments and some of them are pretty close to what i believe in. However i feel home is where you can fully be what you are and be happy about it.A sanctum where you are comfortable and also feel accepted for what you are.
    The world could be your home if you are able to find that comfort zone wherever you go.
    One has to work around it though and i can say this now because just a few days back i was feeling uprooted as i have recently moved from where i thought i was home.
    i could go on and on but one thought nags me now.For the seeker that you are(in ur blogs)i am beginning to wonder if u r contemplating on moving too.Have to confess i am a bit curious if this is just a fleeting thought or...
    Thank you girl for stopping by on my blog. And when i see you either on ur blog or mine,i feel home then too.

  15. Jim:

    I hear what you say, Jim. Home changes as one moves due to various factors. Again it falls down to getting used to the place.


    You have made a valid observation, Corinne. Age, to a larger part determines our thoughts and preferences. I find many older people who yearn to go to their motherland/fatherland so that they can lay down and die peacefully.

  16. Steve:

    We would love to move there, Steve. Could you find teaching jobs in Universities, for us? If yes, we can shift right away.


    Quite true Kriti. Not all places can grow with us. There are only certain places which offer that kind of solace.

  17. Brain:

    Deeper connection, yes. How can the world be home. It is too large a space.


    Along with the people, it is also an inherant connection with the place, I reckon, Larry. Many times I have been with people who are family but still did not feel love or connected.

  18. Betty:

    "Shared memories" is a lovely phrase.


    Hotels? Motels? I can sleep almost anywhere.

  19. Savira:

    Hmmmmm. Not always for me.


    I loved the way you have said it dear Jan.

  20. Yuvika:

    After getting married, I am faced with three homes, technically. But my attachment lies nowhere. What to do?


    Whole world as home is quite mystical and transcedental. For me, home should be a specific place (wherever that is). Feeling good and joyous is the key.

  21. Govind:

    Missed your verse comments, Govind. Hope you are doing well. Home is different to different individuals, right?


    Shivani, I am in a small town. I have nothing against small places but I am looking for a move. Let's see how things work out. Good to see your comment, Shivani. Hope you are comfortable and settled in your new place.

  22. As always you pose such an interesting question, one that can lead to much thought and conversation! I think that we can be at home anywhere but to what degree depends perhaps on whether we are truly at home in our own skin...with ourselves.
    If we are running from something in us or uncomfortable with ourselves, not at peace etc., then I think even "home" doesn't feel like home.

    Then again, some places take a little more determination to get used to than others and some perhaps never feel like home. :)

    Thinking of you and wishing you only beauty today! Love Colleen

  23. Colleen:

    As always, you open insightful thoughts in your comments. I agree when you say that some places take a little more determination bt sometimes it so happens that even after a great deal of determination, one cannot get used to a particular place.

    What a lovely wish, dear Colleen. thanks and wishing you back the same.

  24. Im going to use a cliche and say that home is where the heart is. A person can be content and feel at home traveling all over the world. It's what's inside that makes us happy

  25. Myriam:

    My heart is in different places, so what do I do?

  26. SUSAN:
    The world is BIG
    The Universe is BIG
    LIFE is BIG
    But...the soul, the heart is
    BIGGER thank all those combined.

    If one can join oneself with GOD and PRAY in PRISON, one can certainly 'be' in two places with our minds, hearts, and souls.

    I guess that should have been a question? But no, it was an answer--grin!!!

    Love and P E A C E !!!!



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