Wednesday 4 May 2011

Easy in the head but in reality . . . don't ask

Have you ever noticed how easily one can rise the pitch of our voices in the head but in reality it is absolutely next to impossible. Many a times, I have to admit that I have been naive enough to get the notion that if it is easy in the head, it can be done easily. And boy, how wrong was I! I imagine singing perfectly well in soprano while in reality I am an alto. In my head, I reach the high pitch without any strain and voila, in reality, I completely mess it all up. I am and will be an alto, I reckon.

This happens even with a picture of how the food will appear before it is cooked. I try to imagine a taste and appearance based on my head's preconceived notion but in reality the taste will be way different from what I had thought it would be. Probably, I guess this is the main reason that few studies conducted on romantic relationships, some months ago, proved. Women (maybe men too) imagine that their love life will be exactly like those shown on romantic movies but find that reality is a different ball-game altogether.

While it is easy to imagine and arrive at a picture perfect recipe/tune or any such thing, the real comes as a surprise. But I learnt my lesson quite some time ago and so I don't much trust my head's picture. I have to see it and then think: I am not so bad, after all. 

So, does your mind also give you tantalising pictures that sometimes are different from the real?

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  1. All the time... I wouldn't be human if it was otherwise...However there have been moments where I have hit the jackpot and the image and the reality have been the same....

  2. well, personally i feel it happens....

    it happens to most of the people that we think about something or some one and make a picture of it as per our imaginations but in realty it does not natch with what had been imagined....

    and its always better to keep that margin of error in our mind after all those imaginations.

  3. I get attracted to anything that appeals to my eyes,and always end up making a fool of myself.As I have an extremely vivid imagination,I think more than I should..Great post Susan.

  4. All the time!;)
    I have such a great imagination, that the reality almost never matches what I imagined.;)
    Sill, I would not say that it disappoints, it surprises actually. It shows me that even though I imagine something and would love it to be (taste, look, act, behave) that way, what actually occurs is so much better. Sometimes I realize this first after a little while.
    Nevertheless, I would not have any other way, I relish in these kind of surprises and in never knowing what one will get.;) Like a box of chocolate.;))
    On another note, thank you Susan for your beuatiful and kind comment on my recent post.;) I am truly fine now as I have a way of recovering that is uncanny.;)
    Do you and Myriam know each other;) I am a bit puzzled by the latest comment on my post.;))

  5. I have such a wild imagination but when the real thing comes I am so totally disappointed, especially when it comes to the romantic experiences. :)))

  6. oh i agree our imagination is a great tool but also can be such a wicked enemy as well...and i have seen those that will settle for nothing less than that dream, shich is seldom reality.

  7. Hello Susan:

    Yes, it does. I suppose this is because in our heads or imagination we are the principal actor, director and we can have the outcomes that we wish for.

    Oh, that reality, what a bitter pill to swallow in which our egos are not the center of creation and there are other people out there with their own agendas that usually don't fit ours and facts like it might take years of training or hard work to develop certain talents or skills.

    I suppose we have been so well indoctrinated into the microwave, fast food, instant gratification mentality that we have lost all sense of reality and how it in truth it functions.

    Now, I must sing me a tune in my head and feel good again after too large a dose of reality. ((:

    Take care,

  8. Yes Susan...clothes! I imagine one thing and the reality is quite different. I have learned to accept, embrace and move on :)

    Best wishes Susan

    Jeanne xx

  9. Oh, dear Susan, I have been a victim of the rose-colored glasses before and I have tried to extract myself from this delusion. It is hard... but I think I have succeeded... at least to a certain extent. Yes, I have imagined things, in the past, to be beautiful and picturesque, only to find out they are nowhere near the picture my mind conceived. So, I wait... until I see... just like you. I mean, there's nothing wrong with dreaming an image... but then... I snap back to reality. It's tougher to do upfront, but easier in the long run, wouldn't you say?

    Wishing you a lovely remainder of the week,

  10. Susan

    Everything begins and ends in the imagination... but in between there is the reality of which we have created, our thoughts can be quite powerful, for good and bad, I guess that is why it is a good idea to still the mind of its chatter and mind movies and see the beauty of the world though quiet senses.


  11. My mind plays tricks all the time - and sometimes what I imagine seems way more truer than reality itself (is that possible?)

  12. Oh Susan, what a musing to do here. I heard things can happen according to what our mind has conceived. That's preconception - and what went wrong? Perhaps our thinking did not jibe with the reality. We only let our imagination works for us without taking into consideration that reality needs careful study or requires investigation or perhaps needs practice as all three factors combined are involved: voice, romance and cooking. Love the triangular elements here. Makes me chuckle.

  13. What I see in my bank account is different from what I imagine my employer should be paying me! :)
    Seriously though, I am a great singer in my head and completely hopeless in reality. So many things look good in the imagination but different when it becomes a reality!

  14. Susan, it happens to me all the time. When I bake, pastries don't turn out the way I envision them, and sometimes when I wear certain things, I look so much more different than I anticipated.
    I love what Joanny said, above. I have a difficult time stilling the mind. Or even realizing that it needs to be quiet for a bit.

  15. Yes, my mind can conjure up wonderful things, which unfortunately may not materialize in reality. Dreams can be healthy, and reality's truth can be a slap in the face.

  16. the voice in my head and the voice on the piano is the same, just horrible.

    I think we need those tantalising pictures. I think the anticipation of reality must be colored so its arrival is expected with more enthusiasm or sought with more passion.

  17. In terms of relationships, reality is almost always more exciting than my scripted daydreams. It's unpredictable and keeps you on your toes all the time. Haha

    My pet peeve though is getting a dose of reality in a restaurant after you've salivated over the photo on the menu. Fail.

  18. I used to be quite delusional when it came to the romance area. I got one huge reality check a few years back. Now gratefully i have realized it is best to be loved in reality, wholly and completely and to love the same way. No more delusions and no more disappointment or pain. It may not have all the excitement I thought I would have or be happy with; but I certainly have everything and more of what I need.

  19. well, being a leo and not liking in the least anything less than what i want at the moment, i have developed this way of seeing things the way i want them no matter their views to others and/or taking whatever it is and making it more or better than the original image - does that make sense? ;)

    have a glorious weekend, dear lady!

  20. Often the lure of sin looks very inviting to many but the end result will bring sickness and death. It's never what you think it will be.

  21. Savira:

    Glad I'm not the only one :) Ah, I've hit the jackpot too: but only few times.


    Welcome here and thanks for taking time to record your insight. Our imaginations betray us most of the times. Your advice is great: margin of error :)

  22. Alpana:

    I am a bit cautious with my eye, though. Great imagination palys havoc here as well.


    You are always welcome. Your insights are also much appreciatd and awaited, dear Zuzana.

  23. Anonymous:

    :) Thanks.


    You too? Afterall you are a poet and full of imagination. Not quite surprised.

  24. Brian:

    Wicked enemy: So very true, Brian. Reality suffocates sometimes. But now I'm getting used to it.


    Principal actor, director and screenplay writer. Wonderful to think of, isn't it? Hope the tune comes out well :)

    You take care as well, dear Mike.

  25. Jeanne:

    Clothes: All the time. Moving on is the best way to be!

    Hope you are happy and smiling, dear Jeanne.


    We are so used to all this,now that we have become experts in juggling imagination and reality.

    Hope this week is a great one for you, dear Nevine.

  26. Joanny:

    Absolutely, philosopher Joanny.


    Literature student: Can't blame you. Even I am one.

  27. Inday:

    Positivity reinforcing, YES but other things, I am not sure. But your comment has got me thinking. While imagining being positive and happy makes us so (according to self-help book) why can't other things work so? The triangular elements just happened and glad that you paid attention to it. Great :)


    Bank accounts are the best proof for reality hitting us hard. You too imagine yourself singing?? Kindred souls :)

  28. Angie:

    Cooking is another great imagination buster. Stilling the mind also best happens in imagination than reality.


    Glad most of us share this trait. Dreamy and moony are we!

  29. Myriam:

    Ha Ha. You must be a harsh critic of yourself. Liked the way you have said it. Quite true.


    Good for you. Ah, yes, the restuarant does it to me most of the times.

  30. Jan:

    Glad to see you, Jan. Delusions always let us down. I am glad that you have learnt the best lesson in life.


    You are one fierce Leo and I really wished that I had that gut. But all of us are different in our own way, aren't we?
    Happy to see you, Jenean.

  31. Ron:

    Hmmmmm. Hope you are doing well, Ron. Great analogy here.

  32. This is so true ..I guess when we picture something inside the head, no matter how big or small idea is we don't really think about how feasible it is.

    Just a comment on the soprano example: I have to disagree with you there :( , a singer who has a soprano range is no more talented or skilled than a baritone . They are two different vocal timbers, to be specific its something you are born with ... like good looks the ability to grow really tall.

    So compare the both is like comparing a violin and a cello or like comparing red and yellow :) .

    Hope you don't mind the comment from a stranger...

    - Jake

  33. Jake:

    Welcome here and now that you are here, you aren't a stranger anymore. We all were once strangers in some blogs but then that is only for the first time.

    And I'm so glad that you are not one of the soprano buffs. We have many of them here in India.

    Thanks for the lovely insights, Jake and please do come bu whenever.

    Joy always :)

  34. Hey Susan,

    Thanks :) ... yeah well ..its not just India, trust me I think its a common thing. People seem to have this idea that singing high requires more talent. Its just lack of music literacy, the average joe does not really know a lot about vocal range or music theory or would wanna learn ...know what I mean ?.

    I've always felt what really matters is your ability to convey the emotion, if you can do that it really doesn't matter what range you sing in.

    - Jake



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