Wednesday 11 May 2011

Give an inch and they'll happily take a yard! Phew!

These people are quite ubiquitious, especially at homes! You might also have come across these kind of people. They are present everywhere. Sometimes when one is browsing pictures in the camera, a particular picture catches your attention and you are unable to hide your enthusiasm. You call out to the immediate person next to you: "Look at this picture. Lovely, isn't it?" The person next to you also cannot hide the curiosity and glances at the picture. Well, you wait for the camera mobile to be returned. But No. The person flips through the next picture and the next. You start getting a bit impatient. "I gave the mobile so that you can see that particular picture, not everything." A sheepish smile but the mobile is still not returned.

This happens with newspapers as well. You innocently give the paper to the person sitting next to you to read one tiny tid-bit of news that is quite funny/amusing or relevant. The person not only reads that particular news item but takes the privelege of reading other news items as well. Then you think: "I should not have given the paper." Too late.

Food! It happens all the time. An innocent request: "Can I take a bite?" Oh yes, you can. You realise later that one bite is nearly half of the entire food item. Icecreams, burgers, fruit juices are the usual suspects.

Some people just don't do what is expected of them. They have to walk that extra mile in grabbing a yard. Give them an inch and they will happily usurp a yard. Well, the ways of the world!

Do you grab a yard when allowed only an inch? I do sometimes (only sometimes, not always). Human foibles, afterall.

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  1. Maybe maybe not... ok maybe then again only a smidgen.


  2. You are right, happens time and again,I wish we gave this more thought.

  3. Can't remember the last time that that happend to me so I guess I'm lucky!!!!

  4. try not to though...

  5. sometime back there was the article on the 'sir' culture disappearing from the ofce and replaced with the corporate culture where it's the first name
    Well in the case of Indians when the boss gets friendly with the subordinates..they go ahead and call him nicknames

  6. Nice post, and yes, these people take it for granted that anything left on the desk is for free public viewing. Forms, papers, letters, receipts, anything. They'll peep into it without your permission.

  7. and it happens in train also, while travelling you give a little space to some one and be ready to shrink urself further n further....bitter truth of society....

    very nice post...:)

  8. I know what you mean. It happens very often. Some people can be so insensitive. I am very conscious about it and never cross that limit

  9. nothing comes to mind at the moment if I've done it. I'm sure I have in my younger years but more so now I've noticed that kind of thing happening to me on occasion. I will offer a portion of food and the person take it all. Excuse me?

    great post, Susan!

  10. ha ha
    You are great
    Let me think...

    Yes- I am afraid so--- that if I like (especially) the dessert I'll have at least half of it!!! (LOL)
    But of course it depends on how 'close' we are...

    I hate it of course when they take the whole arm when you have offered them only your hand...(that's the saying in Spanish!)

    Hugs my sweet friend.



  11. Oh Susan.. ! I love how are a keen observer of these tiny behavioral fabrics imbibed in us.

    So true.. o true.. couldn't agree more on the photos on camera thing!

    No.. I never do that and I hope and wish people stop doing it to. If you are close friend.. even then... I would say people shouldn't do it. It is common courtesy.

  12. Jesus, I hope my friends and acquaintances can answer to that with a solid "no". But it has happened to me. sometimes showing a piece of an email and the person scrolls down and reads everything AND other emails


  13. Ooops, I'm guilty of biting more than I was expected to. But at least I don't snoop around other people's phones. Can't have it all! :)

  14. lol loved this post because it is so true! Who hasn't been on the receiving end of someone like that? Great post.

  15. I find children and female's the worst for this particulary food ;)

  16. I guess it is the old 'either try to change them or bear with them' dichotomy (as a teacher, I guess you've had experiences about both options! :) )
    Thanks for the reading

  17. He he he... this is hilarious, Susan! I do sometimes grab a yard, but it depends on who's doing the offering... and just exactly what they're offering. If my relationship with the person is casual and close, and if they're offering me chocolate... or pasta... or a sip of my favorite beer... then I'll jump and take a little extra. If I'm not so close to the person, usually, I don't even accept the offer; I tend to be shy around people I don't know very well, and I don't take closeness for granted.

    What in the world inspired this, Susan? I'm imagining, someone must have taken a whole lot of whatever you were offering when you least expected it! ;-)


  18. I tend to do this mostly with my wife. Several times I have taken her phone to try see how it works and it ended up being mine! I once took her shoes as well as made them mine! (not what you are thinking, they were unisex shoes!)

  19. I enjoyed this post Susan Deborah! I could almost see you smiling as you wrote it.:)

    I know people like that for sure and try not to be one myself...but I doubt I always succeed!!:)

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Oh my comment must have disappeared in the blogging fiasco of late.:)

    This is a wonderful post Susan Deborah! I could just see you smiling as your wrote it.:)

    I certainly do know people like that and try not to be so myself but I'm sure that I sometimes take advantage of another persons good nature or generous offer.:)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  21. Hum. I don't think I do, but I'll be more alert about this now.

    (As always thanks for reading my blog. Sorry you went through the trouble of looking up the word "Hortense". It was just a name that I thought of.)

    Take care Deborah. And keep on giving us your great thoughts.

  22. i always thought it was human nature and got used to it, but now you've made me feel like a bad guy
    nice piece

  23. You have interesting problems - these things never happen to me. I am not nice like you – I am way to selfish :-)

  24. your words tickle and inspire. well done post.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

  25. Hahaha..Thats a naturally occurring phenomenon for human beings..

  26. uh, i'm a true leo, to the core - does that answer the question??? ;)

    lovely to see you, dear lady - have a glorious day!

  27. Oh, I agree with you dear Susan! How annoying it is, I know a few people that do just that.;) And often you do not want them to see any other pictures.;))
    I myself find it very rude and would never imagine to be rude thsi way back.;))
    You always come up with the best subjects.;)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend, am so glad that blogger is up and running again finally, even though I lost the last couple of unpublished posts.;)

  28. Probably. But now that you bring it up, I know I'll be much more aware of it. :)

  29. AG:

    With the pizza, yes, I reckon.


    It is interesting to observe people and their peculiar traits.

  30. Elizabeth:

    Lucky, yes or you should look intently.


    Ha HA.

  31. John:

    Quite true. We Indians are notorious for all these things.


    Everywhere it happens. Strangers and family members do it equally.

  32. Irfanuddin:

    It is funny sometimes. Thanks for the nice words.



  33. Hope:

    With food it happens all the time.

    Thanks for your kind words, Hope.


    The intensity of closeness also determines this. Quite true, Dulcina. The saying in Spanish is also quite apt.

  34. ME:



    Thanks for coming by again, dear Colleen. We all do that bit of taking more. We are human after all.

    Hope your week is lovely and happy, dear Colleen.

  35. Myrna:

    Hortense also has another meaning, Myrna. I'm glad that I learnt a new word that day.

    You take care as well, dear Myrna.


    Welcome here and thanks for stopping by. It is definitely human nature and that's why we relate to it. Nothing to feel bad about that.


    Maybe you haven't looked enough, GQ. I suppose it happens all the time.

  36. Bluebells:

    Welcome here and thanks for the kind words.


    Absolutely. Welcome Alcina and thanks for stopping by.

  37. Jenean:

    Lion's share, is it?

    Lovely to see you here as well, dear Jenean. You have a splendid week ahead :)


    We all are observers and reflect on the ways that are common to all of us!

    And, yes, glad that blogger is back. It has also taken some of my unpublished posts which I wrote with great care and warmth.

  38. Mustafa Senalp.

    Mustafa, burada hoş geldiniz. Senin tür sözler için teşekkür ederiz.



  39. Oops, my comment disappeared! Anyway, I have been known to grab more than a yard, especially from my wife. Most of the mobile phones I have owned at one point belonged to her. I once grabbed her shoes as well (they were unisex!)

  40. Hi Susan -

    LOL. This has happened to me often. Have you ever asked someone inside but you hint to them first, "I have to run out in a while to do some errands but you're welcome to come in for a few minutes and chat a minute."

    The person stays and stays, jabbering and won't leave until you have to guide them out the door with you. This happens after 2 hours of trying to suggest that they go home now, hahaha.

    Good post Susan. :)

  41. OtienoHongo:

    How lovely that you have come back. Unisex shoes! Wooh.


    Finally you arrived here. Welcome and glad to read your insight. Ah, I forgot how people stand and chat by even when you say that you are running late :)

    Have a good evening Charlie :)

  42. All said and done, I never give anyone a "bite"



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