Wednesday 22 December 2010

Imagining you . . .

This is a post I began months ago but did not return to it as I was not so inclined at that point of time. But now after much deliberation, I've decided to jot it down.

For many months now, I have been writing and receiving comments, which gives me joy and makes me reflect. As I read the comments, some make me smile, some think, some delight . . . I just can't stop thinking as to how my readers will respond as they read my posts. Now let me explain, I can imagine some of you sipping coffee and reading posts . . . gently placing the cup down and writing a comment . . . and again sipping the coffee. It gives me immense pleasure to imagine you sitting miles away (sometimes you might be closer to me in geography) and doing whatever you have been doing, and stopping to see your dashboard. Maybe your room is spacious and your computer beside a window. Or maybe your room is small and known as 'computer room.' I have thought of this over and over.

But there have also been times when I cannot savour the posts of my favourite bloggers due to lack of time. At those times, I try not to give in to temptation and  just race through the post for the sake of reading. If I cannot relish the post, I refrain from reading it as well. How we construct our own patterns and thoughts while performing a task, is always a wonder to me. Sometimes the tasks we do are very similar but by doing it in our own way, we lend it our signature.

A few months ago, imagining my readers was my favourite night-time activity, before sleep wrapped me up in her arms and gently led me away. Some of your faces I do not know but that does not stop my imagination. I know your names and so I think of a form and a blank face. The mind is simply amazing. It can contrive anything and colour it brilliantly. Now, I can go on and on about this strange meandering.

At the same time, I would like to know at what time do you like to post and read posts. What is the expression on your face while reading posts? Do you smile? Do you mumble and say, "Wow! That could have been me writing . . ." Do you imagine me as I imagine you?

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  1. Dearest Susan,
    I was smiling all the way reading this post, that was the expression on my face.;) And nodding in recognition.
    We are such a kindred souls, you and I...

    You expressed so eloquently what I feel at all times, non the least how surprised I am at all times that any one at all takes the time to read what I write.
    As to my own blogging habits, how I read a post depends on the post itself and on the interest it holds for me. I admit to have skimmed through post at some blogs and left a comment just to know I have been there. I visit my favourite blogs in the morning before going to work - I have an hour there and then during weekends I relish in having time enough to visit those I could not during the week.
    You should know though in no uncertain terms that I never ever recall just skimming through anything you write. As your style is so easy and clear and the subjects you bring up are so very familiar and interesting . your posts are read carefully and savoured with uncanny interest on my part.;))

    If I do no get a chance later, i would love to wish you a Merry Christmas - if you celebrated it - and all the best in 2011.;) I am looking forward to another year of your beautiful writing dear friend,

    much love

  2. This may seem out of the blue as I have never before commented. This is not easy for me to admit, but yes, I imagine you in the exact same situations that you may or may not have yet imagined me.

    I hope you have a happy New Year

  3. As I write my comment I get this feeling that your eyebrows go up and you have a broad grin! Dont know why but everytime that image pops into my head.....
    Happy New Year Dear Susan

  4. I usually read blogs before I work. Sipping coffee or doing nothing is my thing while reading.
    There's something in reading blogs that inspires me and sometimes it affects my day, in a good way!

    God bless.

  5. Dear Susan (I'm smiling!)

    My emotions run parallel to the thoughts in any post. Happy, playful, sad, troubled.

    My response is usually in happy mode because I am so. Unless there is real distress, then my 'wanting-to-help' mode kicks in.

    Night, day, at home, or away, computer or DROID--I am addicted as if blogging were my cocaine.

    "You do not wish to know what I wear.
    For often I turn up heat and sit quite bare."

    I know who you are. Whueeet, Wheeeu (whistling)'re the girl taking the photo of that pretty thing holding a sausage!--grin!

  6. you know...when i first started this adventure 2 years ago i thought no one would ever read what i wrote...much less that i would create such dear friends, that i have never seen...yes i feel much the same and when i dont see someone for a bit i wonder where they went and what might have happened...and often i smile as i read because good things are happening in their lives...i tend to sit on the edge of the couch...usually i do have that cup of coffee...and i can look out the window as i write or read...

  7. Nice to meet you ..

    kisses from Spain

  8. Dear Susan,

    I am usually at work when I see the notification about a new posting from you. I must admit I read through your posts a little hurriedly and guiltily always conscious of the fact that I am at work. I love the lucidity with which you write and usually visualize you pondering over something, composing your blogs. What I am really kicked about as far as the current blog goes is that for the past few days I have been wondering about the readers of my blog and who they may be.....I have been trying to come up with a gracious way of seeking information about visitors to my blog without seeming intrusive....and then you express similar curiosity in yours :)

  9. I definitely imagine you and all writers when I read. I imagine you with a big smile, always smiling. I can't piture you upset.

  10. I'm nodding and agreeing in several places... you've probably captured alot of the experiences accurately.
    Keeping writing.
    A blessed Christmas and New Year to you.


  11. I have only time about once a week to read and comment on blog posts. Sometimes I can sneak one or two in, so the person who posted the most recent and is at the top of my blog list - those I read. That is why sometimes you will see a good week go by without seeing me.
    Now as to my expression - usually smiling, unless the post is sad then i might find something in my eye.
    You failed to tell us what your surronding space and experssion is when you are reading blog posts.

  12. Hello,

    This is my first visit to your blog. This post made me smile so much because it is exactly how I try to picture my blog-readers, and yes, I did think, Wow, this could have been me writing! There have been regular readers of the aforesaid blog who know me only by my writing, and I always try to picture them, conjuring up a million possible pictures in my head, a million impressions..

    Your post has reached home :)

  13. Dear Susan,

    I loved, loved, loved this post!
    So gracefully written.

    You created a fantastic world full of softness and peace with your thought-provoking posts.
    And really is such a great pleasure for me to visit your blog and enjoy your thoughts.
    Keep up the great work!
    Thank you for your continued support, and lovely comments on my blog.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    Big big hugs!
    and lots of love
    B xx

  14. Oooh I love my on-line friends and I'm thinking of them frequently although I haven't seen them in person.
    I guess it has become an addiction!
    B xx

  15. Dear Susan,

    I agree entirely with your point about not being able to read with care and attention and so choosing not to give into the temptation. I think that everything someone writes or prepares should be given its proper respect, and so, if I don't have the time, I hate to just swing by and pretend. I also try not to be a fake about making my choices. After all, not all blogs or their writers are equal inside my heart. Also, in regards to the coffee, because I'm not such a coffee drinker, you won't find me reading and sipping coffee. But you will often find me reading and sipping tea. ;-) I also like to enjoy some music while I'm visiting around. Music has a way of removing me from the realities of my day and just allowing me to focus. And... most of the time, I'm in my office, at my desk... yes, with a window looking outside... and I can see my grass and my trees... and that helps me relax, as well... so I can enjoy what I'm doing. And finally, you are so very right about how the mind works at creating and filling in all the missing pieces. It's so true that when someone's face is unknown to us, our mind conjures its own image for that person based on what we "think" we know about them.

    I did love this post, Susan. But I love all of your posts!

    Wishing you a delightful Christmas in the company of friends and loved ones, and may your star always shine bright.


  16. Oh my very dear friend,

    for that's what you are to me... You live in India I live in the Canaries... You belong to a different culture and so on... But I always imagine you reading my posts with delight... as I read yours. Like friends do...
    You see? I saw this soon after you posted it, but I was not in the mood to read it thoroughly and thus comment as I am doing now... I do really like your blog, it is really special to me... Some I must admit I read quickly as if I felt obliged to do so. But honestly, with you and those few I really got to'love' somehow, I take my time. And scroll up and down and feel kind of nosey (LOL)

    Yes, my computer is in my study with a window on the left, viewing my terrace, but I also have a laptop so I can sit anywhere round the house and blog and comment...

    Sometimes I believe you could write poems with those thoughts of yours...
    As we write we miss nearly 50% of that connection which exists when people face each other while they talk. I am sure we could talk for hours, you and I. My intuition hardly ever fails...
    In my images you really write great comments too. And I think mostly about you when I post there (so go now and see my last one-please) You'll see me in my new header
    Must go now...this post I could comment for days on end... :)

    Hugs, joy and
    Merry Xmas Susan!


  17. Hello Susan!!!
    I read your posts whenever I have lots of time on my hand, (which is ususlly in the evenings) because I just dont want to rush through them.I love to go through them slowly enjoying and understanding the line of thought that goes behind each one of them.
    And yes!!! usually with a cup of hot chai :) There are times when I do exclaim!! Susan has said exactly what I feel about this thing! wow!!

    I always picturize you as smiling while writing the posts. I don't know, may be not always, but most of the times ;)and yeah chuckling when ever posting a funny post :D

    On the whole, I love this part of the blogosphere.It is like a gem I can call my own becaue I love the warmth , love and insightful meanderings that it offers; yours and that of other enlightened bloggers.

    I feel at home here, a place I always look forward to come back to(a big broad satisfied smile!!)

    fabulous post! keep posting my dearest Susan...
    Lots of love and warm, happy Christmas wishes!
    hope you have a lovely lovely time...
    Take care Big hugs
    God bless

  18. This is my first visit to your space and I am glowing with delight as I read this particular post. Its all about me and thousand others who love to write and read !! I always think as you said how facinating it is to read the something written by a stranger. But one thing am sure we all feel connected thast so special !!

    Merry Chistmas !

  19. Zuzana:

    We are definitely kindred souls and I am so glad for that. Enjoy your holiday break and see you at the other side of 2011 :)


    Welcome here. Your comment fills me with delight. I love the way you have said: ". . . you may or may not have imagined me." I thank you for your warm words and wishes. And I wish you the same. Take care :)

  20. Savira:

    My eyebrows go up and and a broad grin. I am smiling as I type this comment. Love you, dear Savira. You brighten my spirits.


    Your first comment here and I am so glad that after following me for so long, you have chosen to comment. Thanks. God bless you back, hundredfold.

  21. Don Carlo:

    I know that you will be smiling. You cannot have a gloomy expression, I know. Sitting bare and reading blogs seem interesting! Wooh! Grinnn. Big hugs to you :)


    Hmmm. I guessed that right. It was you, then. Smiles.

  22. PLB:

    Nice to meet you too. Welcome here. Big kisses from India :)


    Thanks for coming over. My pleasure. Hmmmmm, similar thoughts. Thanks for your kind words. They make me glow and smile with joy.

  23. Myriam:

    Big smile, yes. But I do get upset but not while reading blogs.


    Kindred souls, I see. Glad. Lovely wishes of the season to you as well.

  24. GQ:

    My space is a cramped internet room in my University. Inspite of the dingy space, I manage to make the space my own private world by immersing myself into the posts, I read.


    Welcome. We love having new people join the meanderings. It is a value-addition. I am glad that this post made you smile. I ma happy happy that the post reached home :) Let it remain there for some time to come. Hope to see you around.

  25. Betty:

    Your kind words are much much appreciated and I am so glad to have stumbled across you in this world of blogs. Much love and warm hugs to you. Have a great holiday season.


    Music definitely transports us from here to neverland. Your words always make me glow from within and outside. Glad to have stumbled upon you, my dear Nevine. I wish you goodwill and cheer throughout.

    Much love and big hugs.

  26. Dulce:

    Delight!?!? Sometimes I squeal with joy as I read some of your posts and see the pictures in Sweeter Images. As for writing poems, I leave that to poets such as you and Nevine. I am happy with prose. Brevity is not my forte, dear Dulce. But I thank you for thinking me so. I would love to read a comment which runs to many days . . .

    Lots of love and warm hugs. Enjoy the season of love, joy and peace.

    Joy always :)

  27. Ruchi:

    I can imagine you perfectly. I know your face and your smile and that long hair which could be falling on your face sometimes.

    Thank you so much for your warm words. Ruchi, you are a delight to any blogger as you know how to write comments laced with sweetness and love. Glad to have known you.

    Love and big hugs.


    Welcome Tara. Thanks for the kind words you have said. I am elated. Yes, the connection makes it all the more special. Do come by whenever you feel like. A lovely Christmas to you and your family. Joy always :)

  28. May you have more love, peace and light in this time of the year my friend.


    P.S. I have left something for you. Please click here.

    GOD Bless!^^


  29. Dear Kelvin:

    Thanks and wishing you the same from here.

    Much love and warm hugs :)

  30. OK
    Here you have one for 24 hours (LOL)

    …………*./ | \ .*
    ………, • '*♥* ' • ,
    ……. '*• ♫♫♫•*'
    ….. ' *, • '♫ ' • ,* '
    ….' * • ♫*♥*♫• * '
    … * , • Merry' • , * '
    …* ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ' * '
    ' ' • . CHRISTMAS . • ' ' '
    ' ' • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' '

  31. Merry Christmas, Susan, to you and yours!

    My best wishes to you.

    Greedings from Greece.

  32. Dear Dulce:

    Kisses of love and cheer.


    Welcome and thanks for your lovely wishes. I love your country.

    Joy always :)

  33. I read blogs mainly in the late evening, after most of my chores are done. With a cup of decaff coffee and milk by my side, I plunge into the contents of the post.

    I must admit I don't try to imagine the position of the blogger or the expression on her/his face at the time of reading/writing posts. My whole attention is given to the post I read and to the comment I intend to leave.

  34. DUTA:

    Very focused, I must say. Reading blogs after work is my idea of relaxing as well. But that happens only when I'm home and not when I'm in my workplace where I don't have a net connection in my room at night.

    Joy always :)

  35. greetings from afar dear susan - and you know, that whole word "afar" really is meaningless here, isn't it? because we are actually connected literally in so many ways, one of them being our spirit connection via the virtual connection here in blogland - and so it is, that i send you greetings and much love and affection from right here, sitting beside you as we chat over "things" - usually, i am chatting with you in the morning hours here - mornings are my favorite time of day - i love their kiss of promise for more to come, of new beginnings, of light and love and laughter - all in anticipation of the magic of the night - so i come to the keyboard mornings - usually with a cup of something or a glass of something - and always, always, when i visit you, i leave with a smile -

    peace and love -

  36. Dear Jenean:

    I love it whenever you visit here. It fills me with warmth. Hope you are doing well and settling down in your new place. I also fervently hope that the season is bringing you lots of good cheer and joy.

    Big hugs :)

  37. Deborah, I'm late commenting because I too like to savor the posts, really read them, not skim them. Usually, I read them while smiling or frowning depending on what's written. I read and write in the mornings between a million interuptions. I sip at my coffee in my little computer room, which is connected to my laundry room. I used to have a large office but since my mother and mother-in-law moved in I've had to get creative with the space I have.

    I imagine you smiling, warm and friendly - just as you are.

  38. Myrna:

    Now on I will imagine you sitting in your laundry room and sipping coffee. Myrna, there is nothing like late and all. Posts are not time bound. Glad to have you after a brief break.

    Joy always :)



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