Monday 27 December 2010

We have survived . . . We move on . . .

Well, another year is coming to an end. The rains left the roads with potholes and broken wires. The rains stopped long ago but the scars remain. We have survived that. India saw scam after scam where the figures of the scams left us baffled. We survived. Somewhere in the world, miners were rescued. We read and heard the news. We moved on. Aung San Suu Kyi was released after many years of house-arrest. Well, so what?

Politicians squander, people die of hunger, and many many events have shook our comfort-zones. Yet we have survived all of them and look forward to another year. Sometimes I wonder how I can be happy and look forward to another year which will be an exact replica of the bygone year. I keep quiet . . . accept that politicians will loot and celebrities will flash their assets. How does it concern me?

Yet, I look forward to another year, simply because I am alive and able to understand that the things mentioned above are beyond my control. But the hope is that there are things which I can control, like, my spending, maybe my weight! Ugh. Well. Small things bring joy and make the journey into another year promising and engaging. I survive because of those small things.

Well, what do you have to say on this?

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  1. smiles. those small things give us hope...perhaps that this is not the only way...that there is another rhythm to life...i struggle being passive with it, but that often leads to looking for the little glimpses...

  2. Don't they say, God is in the details? :) It is always the little things we remember in our memory. For me, it wud be visiting a beautiful art gallery, my first taste of vodka and learning to paint on glass. A late Merry Christmas wish and a premature Happy New Year to you! :)

  3. Susan..
    I have been away to long, something has changed at your looks and feels like you are growing into it. It feels wonderful...peaceful. Was it last year,around this time that you were in Ireland? I recall the photos in your sidebar. I have always enjoyed your posts, each one so thougtful.
    I send best wishes for a happy New Year...may it be filled with new discoveries, just the sort to inspire you :)

    Best wishes Susan
    Jeanne xxx

  4. Susan you post inspires HOPE! Keep smiling but somehow I sense a little sadness?

  5. I go on in optimism because what's the alternative, really?

  6. Dear Susan, like you I get frustrated and give up on politics. But that's only one aspect of life. I focus on my sprituality, my personal growth, family etc... At least I try to stay grounded and create a positive approach to my living.

    Have a great New Year. It may actually be full of surprizes.

  7. Small things and big things, both... important, dear Susan. But I always like to think it is the dearness of things to us... their importance to us that keeps us happy and surviving. And really, we are a lot stronger than we think ourselves to be, so it actually takes a lot less to keep us happy than we can imagine. Now, think of our joy as 2011 arrives, though we don't know what it will bring... just because it is... well, around the corner. ;-)

    Wishing you a Happy Happy Happy New Year!


  8. My choice is always not to make resolutions... I cannot fix the world. Find it really hard at times to mend I just hope it is at least not worse than the bygone one...

  9. I like your post Susan. You have a genuine interest in people and their thoughts.

    I believe as you. it is in the small things that we find joy and little things are in abundance so if you constantly find them then you keep yourself in a constant appreciation for life.

    May your new year be filled with many blessing!

  10. Susan, I must iterate Jeanne (above), and watching you grow and become comfortable here, confident, has been a joy.

    You have been a true friend in many instances (I know!) and I believe that blogging relieves stress for many of us.

    We all can present ourselves as we really are, being honest to a fault, because of course, we are anonymous. And yet........

    Well, Nevine put it so well: "the dearness of things" keeps us in warmth, in hope, in faith, in anticipation of whatever newness the New year will display.

    You are good! Stay cheerful!

  11. I m not that optimistic with things

    I guess our system is stocking up too much unrest for its own good!
    And as far as I see Malayalam movie lost many stalwarts this year..
    So I will be waiting to c a changin face of Mal Cinema

  12. Brian:

    True. The details give us perspective and a grip to move on. Wishing you many many little glimpses always.


    You have a way of saying things. Thanks for your wish and I wish you back the same: A happy 2011 to you.

  13. Jeanne:

    What a lovely comment. I'm smiling as I type this in return to your observation. I was in Ireland in summer (Apr-May). Thanks for your wishes dear Jeanne and I wish you back the same.


    A splendid year to you as well. Welcome here.

  14. Savira:

    Sadness always lingers when the heart is full of happiness and hope.


    Absolutely Betty :)

  15. Myrna:

    Focusing inwards is the key but sometimes I wonder whether it is possible to remain so for long.

    I wish you a beautiful year full of love and peace :)


    I know. We are stronger and wiser more than we know. Your thoughts instill so much positivity within me. You are such a comfort, dearest Nevine.

    I wish you back hundredfold happiness and new adventures in 2011.

  16. Dulce:

    No resolutions for me as well :)Your year will shine brilliantly. Happiness and warmth to you :)


    Thanks for your always kind words, Hope. You visits leave me happy happy.

  17. DC:

    You are such a sweet treat. I love your honest thoughts. Thanks for the lovely words, DC. I am glad that in this year, I stumbled upon you!


    For me optimism is not a choice, it is the way of life. I cannot do without it. Malayalam cinema!!!! God bless you :)

  18. Yeah, life goes on despite all the good and the bad and it has to otherwise everything will become dead. Wish we could value little things a bit more than the bigger ones then perhaps life would have appeared more beautiful.

  19. I've long come to the conclusion that I cannot change the world; I'm but a grain of sand, a dot in the universe.

    However I believe I can do something about my own little world, help myself survive each year, find comfort in the little facts and pleasures of life.
    That's not egoism, that's just realism.

  20. Well I totally agree with everything you said here Susan. Things that we can control, things that gives us that little smile on our face, people around me who are always there to support me no matter what happens and people who are less fortunate than me in whatever ways that may be, have always been a source of inspiration and hope for me to look forward to living my life till i am destined to.

    Wish you a very good year dear Susan.


  21. you bring a good point, how can we go on when everything remains the same? it is discouraging enough to want to stop...but why should we? like you said because of the little things, because of the small changes we can all make. Because we have been given the chance to live one more year and we should accept the challenge and enjoy it.
    Happy New Year!

  22. Hey Susan,

    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas. Now coming to the new year. I love new years for many reasons. I will talk more about in a post.;)

    Wishing you a great week ahead.


  23. Sulphurdreams:

    Welcome. I don't know how dreams would be if there was sulphur in them. Well, it is a dram so any element is fine, I reckon.
    Life always goes on whether we choose or not. Thanks for coming by.


    Realism is always a refuge which I subscribe to, dear DUTA.

  24. Sukanya:

    I wish you a fab 2011 as well. Be happy and cheerful as always :)


    You just said it. I wish you a wonderful 2011.

  25. Sameera:

    Passing a year well is not a joke so we all love anything new.
    Waiting for that post of yours.

    Joy always :)

  26. We leave our ydays behind, pick up our today and look forward to tomorrows, of joy and hope, hopefully! Wishing you a happy New Year :)

  27. I am greedy - I hope for better each time...:D

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year!

  28. Susan, Thank you for visiting my blog from WOW's BON. I'm really glad you made it over, and glad that I was able to come by here and discover your delightful blog! :)

    I believe and have always said that if each person just had one cause, one thing they felt moved by, one thing that they passionately wanted to better in our world, what a different world this would be...

    I think that often times, people see all the devastation and become overwhelmed by it all. It makes them feel hopeless and useless and paralyzed about the task at hand. BUT if we all just started on the one thing that tugs at our heart the most, making a difference in our own corner of the world, we absolutely could have an impact.

  29. Hi Susan,

    I've been reading your blog for some time and today I had to say something, because your remark that next year is going to be 'an exact replica' of the previous one shook me as a very sad conception...

    I'm sorry that you see things that way. In my case, I'm very different from the guy I was 365 days ago, and to me growth means an opportunity to react better, even if reality outside keeps on being stubborn... I try to see things that way so nothing takes my power away from me...

    Thank you for your blog. :)

  30. RGB:

    Been long. Missed you here. Hope you are well and so is everything around and within you :)
    It the joy of anticipation and positivity that makes us move on. I wish you only the very best in the coming year and always.


    I vehemently second your thoughts. I wish you a lovely year ahead :)

  31. Sofia:

    Welcome Sofia. I loved your place and am sure will keep visiting.

    That cause for me will be LOVE and HOPE.

    Your words are so very true and I thank you for taking the time to jot them down here.

    Joy always :)

    Nacho Jordi:

    Welcome to the Meanderings. I'm glad that after many visits, you have chosen to comment. Thanks.

    The 'exact replica' was in reference to politics, crime and other related things. As a person, it is the other way round. I evolve every second. Growth always keeps happening, NJ and that is what keeps me going.

    I wish that the coming year adds to your power, happiness and joy. Please do come by whenever you feel like. Your thoughts are truly appreciated :)

    Joy always.

  32. You and me look at the world in the same way, I feel always excited about the beginning of a new year, as I know it holds so many adventures and unforgettable moments.
    It will also however hold pain and sorrow, but that is something one has to accept in order to live fully and without restrictions. As you say, so much is beyond our control, but so much indeed also is within it.;)
    Happy 2011.;)



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