Tuesday 16 November 2010

Sometimes I like to use the language of smiles rather than words

Well, there are so many words spoken at any given minute that sometimes words seem a burden. I know that words are indispensable but sometimes, not too often, sometimes, I would rather seek refuge in smiles. Come to think of it, a smile can convey so many different things.

How was the food?
A lovely smile

The point is conveyed. The food tasted delicious!

Had a good time?
A tired smile

One had a good time indeed to the point of exhaustion!

After a great session of working out
A content smile

How often I have wondered about the language of smiles. How would the world look like if the only language we used was that of smiling and conveying our thoughts. Not possible for every thing but aren't most of our thoughts an outcome of exaggerated imagination.

Smiling also saves a lot of energy. All one has to do is smile! No thinking of using the appropriate words. No bothering about diction/pronunciation/phonetics and other trappings. The anthropologists would not worry about dying languages. Well, I can go on and on.

Sometimes words fail me but that does not mean I can do without words. But I am glad that I can atleast substitute words with smiles sometimes.

As I sign off, a big smile to you from me. And don't forget to give a smile to someone who does not have one.

So, what do you think of smiles?

How can I forget? My dear friend Myrna's post prompted me to write this one on Smiles.

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  1. Smiles are beautiful, gorgeous, divine convey so much more than words.... Love smiles and smiling...
    Susan have a beautiful day filled with smiles

  2. beautiful language of love and expression and a very beautifully worded post :)

    SMILE to you too :)

  3. I love people that smile.;) It is so disarming and comforting. A smile makes any face beuatiful.;)
    So here is a big smile for you my dear Susan wishing you a lovely day,

  4. Smiles are great...but have you ever met people who smile because they don't have anything nice to say? And by smiling it could mean that "I don't like what you are saying but I'll be ambiguous" thereby leading the other person to think all is well... :P Sorry...my cynicism gets the better of me sometimes. But I do believe in the power of a smile...a smile can definitely lighten another person's day....

  5. Ahh i was thinkin of posting a story/incident i read on smile

  6. Smiling is healthy and beautiful.
    Smiles, I think, are not a substitute to words but an additional or complementary means, helping emphasize the meaning conveyed by the words.

    Thanks Susan for arousing, in a lovely manner, such thought-provoking topics in your posts.

  7. Smiles can be just as devastating as speech sometimes.... There are all kinds of smiles - sarcastic, sly, secretive, mischievous. Makes you wonder if someone is smiling because you said something clever or something really stupid :)

  8. Smiles, what wouldn’t anybody do to get a smile;
    makes it worthwhile to live in the world full of guile.
    Smiles make us get over all things that rile and that are vile
    Smiles brings the 2 of (u)s together though there is between a mile.

  9. Susan, thanks for the credit.

    I think the Universe has smiled upon you. You embody what a smile can do.

  10. i'll never forget a saying that I read once
    'Smile...it makes people wonder what you've been up too'

    smiles to you my friend! :)

  11. Smile makes the word go around! An ardent follower of this myself, I am recognized for my smiles ;) (I often get into trouble too but that's a different story). A very dear friend had written in a birthday card to me "Smile, coz your smile might be the only sunshine the other person sees in the day!)

  12. A wonderful lively blog you've got here! Smiling is great but there are times when people expect more than just a smile. They don't make it easy for us, do they?

  13. Smiles smiles and more smiles...
    The language of smiles has an alphabet of its own just like our words. mix them together and they create wonders! the trouble is we shd not give the wrong smile to the wrong person at the wrong time, then words are needed to explain all the confusion! Same with words, but smiles are easier to communicate with, but these days I see a lot of fake smiles around!

  14. a smile can soften a difficult moment. It can say "it will be okay".
    There is however, another form of a smile, the sarcastic one, ughhh.
    Not a good one

  15. A very well written blog.

    Feels nice to read blogs of Indians.

    Very much our own.

  16. Savira:

    Thanks for your kind words. Big hugs.


    A big smile and more smiles.

  17. Zuzana:

    Zuzana, smiles always for ye.


    Smiles can have many negative connotations as well. I avoided those smiles in this post because for me smiles are always positive and invigorating.

  18. Brian:

    Smiles back to you hundredfold.


    Please do post it.

  19. DUTA:

    Smiles are healthy and beautiful. I can't stop counting the number of smiles that passes on from me in a day! Thanks for your kind words, dear DUTA.


    Welcome here. What a pleasure! Ah! talk about the downfalls of certain smiles. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, smiles are always positive for me. Cannot be used as a weapon to hurt or make someone feel small.

  20. G:

    Wooooo. True. No miles, only smiles.


    What a delightful comment, dear one! Thanks.

  21. Hope:

    True. Winks. A hundredfold smiles back to ye :)


    An that dear friend was quite true! You have a lovely smile yourself so go on and flash that asset!

  22. GQ:


    More smiles.


    Welcome and thanks for the kind words. A smile is a great starter and appetizer too!

  23. Ashes:

    Ah, you know it better. Glad to have you here, dear Ash. Big hugs.


    The sarcastic one is the least used (atleast by the many I know) so why to care about that!

  24. Umasankar:

    Welcome to the Meanderings and thanks for your kind words. Quite true: very much our own. A sense of belonging and at home.

    Come by more often :)

  25. That reminded me of what my mother in law told me yesterday "you should smile more often"
    Maybe I keep a somber face.

  26. Hi Susan.
    So much can be said with a smile. Tis true, they save energy... and they RAISE energy :-) When someone smiles at me I naturally smile inside and out. Words do sometimes seem like a burden. I'll often not be able to find the "right" word to express something; it's on the tip of my tongue but escapes me.

  27. Joe:

    Your MIL is right, maybe. Smile please :)




    I loved the "raise energy" part. You're right on the words. Sometimes as we smile the words come . . .

    A lovely Sunday to you :)



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