Sunday 21 November 2010

Same song . . . different meanings

Songs and books have the unique quality of surprising us at different times of our lives. While listening to a song at fifteen does something to you, the same song has a slightly different colouring while at thirty. The song which strikes my mind at this minute is SWAY. I listened to the long some years ago. That time the song was just another number by the group Pussycat Dolls. I loved the jivy rhythm. And at that time I was also learning to dance. The song was a lovely number to jive.

In the meanwhile, I tried to listen to many versions of the same song and was absolutely delighted to find many old time favourite singers render that song. Well, now when I listen to SWAY it sends my senses tingling. A delicious feeling wraps my body and mind and seem to physically take in the song. Every pore within me responds to the lines: "Like a flower bending in the breeze, bend with me." For me that line can take so many layers of meanings. Wonderful.

Sometimes the song does not have to have lyrics that are quite poignant or insightful. A simple song can kindle the senses so much that one can actually feel the song traveling within. I can list many such songs but what has captured my mind at this instance is SWAY.

I don't know if you have listened to the song. If no, please do listen to this old version. You might like it.

So what does the same song do to you at different time-lines of your life? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. i hear you...this is a great song...and there are songs that seem to carry meaning forward, but others that the meaning does change over time...though i think it is our experiences and the ever changing lens of our lives that changes the interpretation...

  2. I hear you! love the song although I've never heard this singer before. love these old video's. the girls are reacting to him like they did for, Elvis and the beatles etc.
    still chuckling at the cigarette effect lol!

    i've got a Dean Martin version. it does transport you as long as the version is good. Sometimes original versions are better than the remakes and vise versa is also true.

    who's the singer?

    thank you for posting
    have a blessed day, my friend

  3. This song is an all time favourite of mine, and I like it in all its versions.
    The version on this video clip is also good, it's just that I don't like the singer's appearance on the stage with a drink and a cigarette. Times have changed; smoking and drinking won't promote a song or a singer.

  4. The old "Sway" music video was great! Thanks for posting it :-)


  5. Sometimes it is the time and what is happening in our lives at the time. Recently, I went through the songs I listen to while I ran and deleted a bunch. I no longer feel that way. I no longer need to listen to those songs. Im in a different place.

  6. Different times, phase or moods is what determines the meaning of a particular song. It varies through my phases in life. I connect with the lyrics differently every time...

  7. Susan

    Interesting thoughts, on the line of my reflective mood the other day when I wrote With a cup of coffee in hand --
    listening to new songs with old words --- and then the gift...
    although the gift was many layered like your reflection on your changing views as the season come and go and we change through our experiences, with the exception of the "unexpected" delight living life.

    smiles and warm hugs to you,

  8. I think Michael Buble has also done a great version of this song.;)
    Oh me and music, that will take a whole page of reflection. I live and breathe through music, my life is reflected in it and it seems that the lyrics reflect me at all times.
    There are songs that will stay with me forever and their meaning and the way they make me feel remains the same. Some I grow out of, but still love them endlessly for their bittersweet nostalgia. To me time is locked into music.;)

  9. I havent heard that we miss these lyricists, don't we?

  10. I listened this song when you posted it on FB. Beautiful lyrics. Just few lines. And.. OMG ..Haut voice..!;)

    Here is what someone told me " Nothing we read or hear gives us any new information. It just reveals your thoughts to you in the form of its meaning. So as your thought change.. meaning changes."

  11. It brings a smile, and we see ourselves in a new way... we have all evolved over time and they show us how much we have changed. Its bittersweet...

  12. This is true, same song.. different meanings depends on who sang it in which time, old, new, re-written slow or fast.
    Each variation flags different memories and a different beat to our thoughts.

  13. "...even though you
    Bit me,
    Hit me,
    Loved me
    Left me
    Stepped on me...

    All I ask
    Is that you
    SWAY with me
    And swing, too!"

    (My words--grin!)

    Hey, thank you for your good wishes, you cannot realize how much that note meant to me, SDS...

  14. Brian:

    Age does that and isn't it wonderful?


    I like Martin's version as well. The video says Frank Sinatra but I always thought Sinatra looked a bit different than one who is the singer.
    I wish you a blessed day as well

  15. DUTA:

    I do agree with you. The drink and the smoke is in bad taste but probably that is part of the singer's style and personality.


    Appreciate your visits and comments. Be happy.

  16. Myriam:

    Even I do that. Rearaange my list everytime.


    Absolutely. There are some songs which remind us of bitter memories but over the years even those songs lose their srong emotion-inducing effect.

  17. Joanny:

    How nicely you express your thoughts. I loved the line: " . . . the gift was many layered like your reflection changing views . . ."
    Big hugs and love.


    Buble: I didn't much like his version of the song. Bittersweet nostalgia is THE word. Hope all is well with ye. Warm hugs.

  18. John:

    I am sure you will like the song.


    Hmmm. Hot voice! And thanks for sharing the quote. It was wonderful.

  19. Karen:

    Of course it brings a smile so much so that I am smiling evern while typing this comment :)



  20. My dear Steve:

    How happy I am to see your comment and that too such lovely words! Whenever you visit, you don't come alone. You bring smiles, joy and fun with you and that is why I value your visits here.
    Big big hugs to you.

  21. It's like an old hindi song. I love this song and I love your post, Susan!

  22. I have SWAY in many versions Susan and I love each one. This song is magic...a great song to cook by...try it
    but be mindful if you are drinking wine whilst may end up dancing your way into the street, much to the delight of the neighbours, I am sure!

    Jeanne xx

  23. Mridula:



    Hmmmm. Advice taken. I love dancing, though!



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