Sunday 14 November 2010

On eating crisps/chips when in a meeting of people

When I was a kid, I was often amazed at the ability of grown-ups to eat crisp eatables rather soundlessly. I still continue to be amazed. Sometimes at a meeting or gathering where we are offered crisps that make noise while munching, I observe that many people do it quite effortlessly. But I always have to struggle with keeping the volume of my munching low.

I love the sound and feel of crisps but unfortunately I wonder if I am making too much noise while consuming those. Or another probability would be that I can hear those noises but not the others. But then there are certain eats which do make a lot of noise while being chewed in the mouth.

I value food for its smell, taste, texture and even noise. If crisps aren't meant to make noise, why are they so made? Sometimes very small issues as these niggle me to no end. I always have the fear that people might think that I am not observing etiquette while in the midst of a group but then on second thoughts, why should I? The joy of eating crisps is in the munching, after all.

Strange concoctions of the mind and eating habits.

How do you prefer to eat your chips/crisps? Do you take extra care to munch it softly? If yes, you must be an icon of patience and civility.

P. S: This post is only about eating crisps and NOT on the health stakes of eating crisps. Please do note the difference.

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  1. I think on the same lines...when surrounded by people specially the formal set-up 'will my snack sound too loud while munching'

    But that's that...ultimately it has to soothe the taste buds :)

    I think these snacks are made up like that to make sounds and tempt others too who are not eating ;)

  2. Nu:

    I am glad that I have a kindred soul here. I thought I was alone on this. You have reassured me. Thanks. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday and you are the FIRST!!

  3. loved the post, and Susan, I completely agree with you, crispy chips are made that way, the whole point is the crunching sound... if anyone want me to snack without the sound, I will tell them to give me water, the one thing that never make sound while eating..

  4. I love the sound of them crunching, so I don't bother to even try to be quiet. The only other alternative to me is to let them get soggy in my mouth, and that's just disgusting, to my way of tasting.

    I agree with you - food is all about its taste, texture and sound. I can't smell, though, so that sense is moot. Food is for nourishment and enjoyment!

  5. Another fun post dear Susan.;) I love food for the same reasons as you do. However i am quiet self conscious about being watched when eating and I love to enjoy my meal, does I strongly dislike eating somewhere where you are not really suppose to eat, but work, in crowded and unpleasant places, such as meetings and presentations. And thus I never do.
    And yes, eating crisps(or chips) should make a noise. When you make noise, you will not hear the noise others do.;)
    Have a lovely Sunday my dear Susan and enjoy your crispy crisps.;)

  6. Here is the secret why old folks chew so silently. #1) they don't hear so good, therefore their chewing is quiter -hey that makes total sense. #2) Old people don't have their teeth and gumming is much quieter than chewing. #3) Old people are fatter and fat insulates the sound. #4) old people are tougher than young people and old skin holds in sound better. #5) Old people are weaker than younger people and their jaw muscles no longer have the strength to come down hard and fast, making those loud crunchy sounds.
    There you have it - Dr. Graysmart or is that Dr. Stupidquill or maybe just Dr OldQuill.

  7. A bowl of chips in my lap and one at a time I nibble on it till the bowl is empty!

  8. i usually dont eat a lot of crisps...not that i dont love them, fruit tends not to make a lot of noise...if someone is eating with their mouth open and its loud, thats just gross...if they are spraying...even worse...

  9. in a meeting, I try to be as soft as possible with the crispy stuff. The crunching sound is way too distracting for me. But, when all alone or with friends, I am my own master. I eat it freely, do not care about the noise it makes.

  10. Ohhhhh.. you won't believe this but even I have thought about it. I normally avoid eating chips or any crispy items when I have to watch my etiquettes.

    Oh with friends.. I enjoy relishing its taste as well as its crispiness.

  11. Susan...crisps or as I call them, potato chips are a weakness of mine. Give them to me in their original style without all the added flavours and I am in heaven.
    I don't eat them often but when I do people just have to put up with the end result. That usually ends up being my family and when one starts the others follow! We are one noisy family :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful day Susan..

    Jeanne xx

  12. love your post Susan!

    true confessions...chips, my favorite snack. it's the crunch that i like but if i'm with people I eat them slowly, to not make much noise.

    love how you say it Grayquill! lol

    YogaSavy~ I hear you! :)

    what an enjoyable post

    thank you

  13. Here in New Mexico, chips and salsa are served before just about every meal. So much so that I don't think people are aware of the crunching. Now I'm going to perk my ears and pay attention.

    Cute post.

    Thank you kind Deborah.

  14. Harish:

    Glad you liked this one :) Long time. I cannot do it with water. I don't much like it!


    Welcome and thanks for standing by me on this. I would like to talk to you more about smells. Can I email you on this?

    Do come by more often. Your presence is invaluable.

  15. Zuzana:

    Self-conscious, if I am conscious otherwise footloose and free while eating. Thanks for your ever kind words, dearest one.


    Rolls down with laughter but sees the sense as well :) Dr. GQ! (bows).

  16. Savira:

    Hmmmm. Nibble Nibble.


    Spraying!! NO NO.

  17. Vinay:

    The foodie in you has responded! Thanks for swinging by after long. Two ways of eating crisps! Hmmm.


    Ah! The burden of etiquette.

  18. Jeanne:

    A noisy family is a happy family. Making noise and eating away chips on a lovely day. Big hugs to you dear Jeanne.


    Thanks for your ever kind words. Eating slowly is an arduous task.

  19. Myrna:

    I love the salsa ones. Absolutely yumm. Even Nachos! Eating has its own amusements. Please pay attention and enjoy the experience.

    Have a lovely week ahead dear Myrna.

  20. This brought big smiles to my parents were big on etiquette and the proper way of eating and chewing ones food and the placement of hands, were important. They also paid attention when traveling the customs of other countries concerning eating.

    I found myself trying to train my sons when they were young not as easy as I imaged, for fast food nation we have become and rushed lunches at school where they shovel the food in their mouths like eating at a trough..even at a business meeting -- passing around noisy treats, not much though went into that one.

    Have a lovely week ahead, filled with magic and enchantment.

  21. Joanny:

    Etiquette runs in my family for select members. Others are like me. Thanks for you wonderful wishes. I yearn for magic and enchantment.

    Joy always :)



  22. maybe they are made and meant to be eaten alone so we can fully enjoy them?
    I am plagued (and I dont use that term losely) by petpeeves. A person making noise by chewing in a meeting would totally lose my concentration!

  23. Myriam:

    Ahhhhhhh! Not that I eat aloud while in a group of people but I were to, I would be your pet peeve!


  24. Isn't it supposed to be louder in your own head when you are crunching on chips?? At least that's what I tell myself in such situations :P That it just sounds really loud but is not really the case...I could have been deluding myself all these years!!! :D

  25. Now now...u r getting me conscious :) I love munching on chips - haven;t really card abt the noise I make !



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