Monday 28 June 2010

Pausing to hear your stories

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)
Shakespeare's Juliet would not have cared for names as she was in love and given that context, names were their greatest shortcoming but not so for us. We love names especially when it comes to our blogs. Many times while browsing through blogs, the first aspect that we subject our eyes and minds to is the blog's name or title. So every blog has a story behind its name.

Mine is not different either. Sometimes it becomes worthwhile in the journey to pause and reminisce about the beginnings. I first wanted my blog to talk something about my writing and me.  I contemplated the names, 'Susan's corner,' 'Susan's place,' 'Thinking,' etc. But somehow they did not seem to fit the bill. A blog with my name seemed a bit narcissistic while 'Thinking' seemed incomplete and vague. Then one day while reading something, the word 'meandering' struck a chord. I held on to that word. 'Meandering' by itself was a bit incomplete and so after a great deal of thinking, the word 'reflection' added itself to the 'meandering.' Thus a name was born.

My story remains incomplete if my fellow travellers do not share their tales of naming their blogs. So, I ask you to rewind and tell me the story of how you arrived at a name for your blog. After all, when it comes to stories, all of us are children: wide-eyed and eager to listen. 

Tell me . . .


  1. You know what Sus, my two names make me a whole self, I was adamanant that when I open an online account, I'll name it pinash :):) Pinash split to pins and ashes and you have a shortened PNA.... my whole self at my blog which is something very dear to my heart and very close to what I am :) :) And lo! the word means exactly what I am.. strange, I had no inkling, back then ;)

    Hugs and more hugs and kisses

  2. I started 'My Times'... cos I wanted the world to know my opinion

    Think was for my readers to think when i set a spark

  3. I love the word "meandering". It makes me feel as though you are just meandering along, then you come across a gem.
    I chose my name simple because I was in total wonder of all that was going on, but I had had my own blogs before this one, but I've been on this one foe over a year now....just meandering along!
    Big hugs!

  4. hey there...pleased to see you stoping by fresh off my vacation...

    waystationone...a waystation is a stop over for would be your first stop along The Way...

  5. An interesting story to how you got your blog's name, Susan. Interesting how we are all inspired! As for mine, I built it from the name of my dream journal. I called my dream journal "Dreams and Deliriums" when I first started writing in it. Now, I have Dreams and Deliriums, Vols. 1 - 9. Oh my!!! But last year, as I was thinking about what I wanted to name my blog, I decided that since I was going to be basing many of my stories and poetry on my waking and sleeping dreams, I would name it after my journal. I also knew that there would be other inspirations that affected my mind... hence the "Other Mind Talk" bit. Somehow, it all felt right once I put it together. And I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

    Another lovely topic, Susan. I'll be looking forward to reading how others got their names, as well!


  6. I still have nt figured out how the blog will shape up. So cam with a crappy name....

  7. Interesting topic as usual. What I love about your blog is you always make your readers think. :)

    So.. how my blog got its name.... I love random reading.. I read lot of quotes.. I have a quote collection. I stumbled upon one such quote which said - "Everyday is a little life" at that instant I knew this is something that will stay with me forever. Couldn't think of a better blog name to write about my everyday life.

  8. I tend to write on diverse topics, some of them completely unconnected so wanted a name that reflected it. like the snack food automats (in Holland)for the busy visitor.

  9. Mmm...well, my blog's name originally arose simply because I said to myself: well, what is this blog going to be about? To which I answered: it's going to be about my writing and my thoughts...and I always have a cup of coffee whilst writing, I view it as a pleasure and a necessity. Hey presto, I had a blog name: Thoughts, writings, coffee...all in all, the process and attributes to each of my posts :)

  10. hey susan - mine is a boring story - i wanted a name that's generic, all encompassing and unique - for lack of any such name I settled for My Musings which was well generic and all encompassing but not unique - Every other name that I come across seems better than mine now!

  11. Well the name Lock, Stock and Barrel came from my favorite movie - Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels :) And the meaning also suited the cause ...
    The url name was motivated from the fact that i was going to ridicule everything under the earth through sarcasm ;)

  12. I saw you over at Steven's place and thought I would come by and say "hi". I like the name of your blog very much. Such great words with the promise of insight!

  13. Well, heard the stories and how. Feels great to partake of the journey called blogging!

    For all of you who chose to share your stories: Ash, John, Heather, Brian, Nevine, Stefy, Sameera, Tariq, Sam, Yuvika, Ajinkya and Polly. You were gracious enough.

    Wishing you a lovely July full of surprises and goodwill.

    Joy always :)

  14. There u are, was wondering behind which of the many stack of books and papers in your room, u were immersed in :P

    More hugs coming ur way Sus :)

  15. Well, I maintain 2 blogs...quite old ones let me think why i named them so...

    Bharatstan...'India Everyday': Bharatstan would be the name I may give our country if I call the shots nothing communal about it just to sound more 'Desi'. I used it to make my blog have some distinct identiti that's it.

    'World-How I see it': Speaks for itself, just my scribblings on the world happenings.

  16. The name of my blog is landanna. The first part is land which means my own place. The second part anna is my second name. Landanna is a place for myself.

  17. Great subject and question, Susan! I began blogging in 2009 during a lull in employment. It was an effort to keep my writer's mind active, and it proved to be an exercise that would ultimately open up a whole new arena of work opportunities. I met a girlfriend at a local Panera and she walked me through the initial setup of my blog.

    I knew that I wanted to incorporate the concept of holistic health into my blog, so the word "healing" was always a possible name. We tried a variety of titles, all of which had already been taken in Blogger's database. On the spur of the moment, I suggested trying Healing Morning (morning being a play on my name, Dawn) and it was available. In retrospect, I had no idea how apropo the title would be. It remains an open ended title that grows with me, and I get endless feedback that it fits my writing personality perfectly. I wanted to convey a peaceful place where people can come for respite, to find a sense of renewal and growth. That's the abbreviated story of how Healing Morning evolved. It continues to evolve as my reader's share with me that they look forward to the sense of calm and peace they find when they visit.

    ~ Dawn

  18. I believe that there is a lot in a "name"...thanks for letting us know about yours....Alpana means "rangoli"...a design which women make on their doorways for luck,or to welcome good...So the name of my blog came from here...MOTIFS...another name for my name...

  19. Wonderful to hear your stories, Alpana and Dawn. We love our blogs, don't we :)

  20. The name was what made me take my 1st look at your blog. Its imaginative, and creative. My blogs name should have been ... You Want Chocolate ... read this first. Instead i was a boring virgin blogger with a passion for healthy lifestyles. The names tells you all of that

  21. Larry:

    I do agree that virginity is boring but it is quite healthy and refreshing.

    But glad that your blog provides a way to develop a healthy body=healthy mind.

    Thanks for coming by, dear Larry :)

  22. It's interesting to read how people came up with their blog titles. For me, I started off with 'Escape from fear' because I was writing about my recovery from mental illness. But I wandered into writing a lot of poetry, and as I was getting better, it became less important. So I decided to change the name to 'poeticdelusions' which has now stuck. My story still lurks in the archives though.. ; )

  23. Louise:

    Interesting to hear the stories behind titles. I am glad that you changed the title after your illness disappeared.

    Thanks for coming by dear Louise :)

    Have a great week and month ahead.

  24. Your post has really prompted good conversation Susan. I've been reading through everyone's comments on their blog names...interesting.
    So being a custom shoemaker who has done a lot of travel what else could I call it but Holes in my soles?

  25. Jim:

    Absolutely. Glad that you are enjoying the stories like me. We all love stories, don't we?

    Joy always to you dear Jim :)



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