Tuesday 22 June 2010

The first thought . . .

I was first going to title this post "As the morning breaks" but refrained from doing so as I figured out that not many of us wake up when the day breaks. These days when I wake up, the first thing in the morning is to think well and charge up. But believe me, its easier said than done.

Mornings are lovely times and sometimes the hangover of the previous day tries to seep into the new-born day. It is rather easy to wake up thinking of deadlines, irate people, traffic, etc. But inspite of all the clouds of negativity, its wonderful to welcome the new day with a smile and wonderful thoughts.

The first thought of the day somehow sets the pace for the day itself. If I wake up with troubled thoughts and a gloomy visage, I pass on this to innocent members of my family who already have their own cup to drink.

Talking about the first thought of the day also makes me think about the last thought at night. These two are inextricably connected. Sleeping with thoughts of getting charged for the next day and wondering about what to dream definitely make a difference while waking up. Waking up the next day after making love the previous night is delightful, so said many.

Waking up with a song is a splendid way to start one's day. I know all this sounds hunky-dory and distant when down in the dumps but nothing is hard to practice. Having said all this sometimes waking up itself seems a task; A sudden jolt into reality from the peaceful and tranquil world of dreams and more dreams. But then one HAS to wake up anyhow so why not make it pleasant and lovely!

Waking up Blues anyone . . .

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  1. I agree with you , a good stretch a smile, ALSO a few self caresses and a big smile work for me . I notice the differnce when I do not do them after waking up... I love staying in bed as long as possible too. But duties are duties!

    You've made me thoughts to take into account each night as I go to bed and each morning as I wake up
    Thanks dear Susan!


  2. This is so so true, how we start the day, how we set our own expectations at the beginning determines how the day can go..


  3. I have always wondered what is it that at a certain moment causes one to get out of bed. I have been in that state of waking up. I am awake enough to think, 'I should be getting up,' but I am not awake enough to act. Then all at once I find myself out of bed and I realize I never decided to get out of bed but here I am out of bed and starting my morning routine. That is a confusing thing to me. :)

  4. These days I very rarely wake up with pleasant thoughts, I am not sure why. I feel often tensed and anxious. It gets better during the day when I concentrate on other things and let my mind wonder. You are right though, the last and first thought are connected. A couple that has been married seventy years was once asked what was their secret. The said "Never go to bed angry or arguing". I guess that says it all.;)

  5. I think how I feel when I wake up in the morning sort of depends on what my plans are for the day. When I have an exciting day ahead of me, I'm happy and bright and cheerful. If it's just another day at work, it takes a bit to perk me up. But over the years I've learned that nothing good comes with a negative attitude, and the attitude I wake up with or decide to adopt determines how the rest of my day will go. So, I think happy thoughts, remind myself of incentives, remind myself of how lucky I am, and then I start smiling and everything is good. :-)

    Thanks for another great post, Susan. Reading your posts always include thinking... I like that!


  6. smiles. i love the morning...the boys stayed at gramma's so this morning especially...it was a gentle wake tot heone i love...any morning i can wake up to T or the boys is a good one..and starts with great thoughts...

  7. i've long known about myself that how i begin my day sets the tone for everything that follows that first eye-awakening moment still in bed - morning is my favorite time of day - and this is odd, your words "waking up with a song" remind me of someone from many moons ago who woke every morning with a song on his lips and every night, a song was the last thing before falling asleep - literally - haven't thought of him in such a long time - thanks for the memory, susan!

  8. Yes, I agree with you that the mood that you wake up with sets the mood for the day. If I've slept well, I wake up feeling great, and that makes me feel good all day.
    It's very rare that I dream, but when I do dream, then I feel in a dreamy mood all day. I actually like these feelings! I don't want to fully wake up!
    And I do believe on that old saying about never going to bed without resolving an argument.

  9. Dulce:

    Ah, I so like the way you get up with caresses and all. How lovely it must feel! You are always welcome dear Dulce. Reading your comments make me smile, a smile which lingers on and on.


    Thanks for echoing my thoughts. Feels good, you know. Blessings to you dear BM.

  10. GQ:

    Even I feel like that some days. In the loop of waking and not-waking. this usually happens when I have little time to sleep and have to get up for any engagement. I don't much like that feeling.


    Oh Zuzana, I wonder what is troubling your mind. Whatever it is, I wish it disappears and that you have lovely and sunny thought while gently leaving behind slumber and bed. Tight hugs and fondest wishes.

  11. Nevine:

    Ah, Nevine, your comments always make me smile as well as ponder. We share mutual feelings on many things. And that is a great feeling. I like that!


    Enjoy the time with your loved one and wake up to smiles and good cheer! Cheerio!

  12. Jenean:

    I am glad that you enjoyed the dollop of memory dear Jen. Sometimes memories give us a renewed zest and gusto for life. A song to you always. Much love to you :)


    Welcome again. Nice to have you here. Even I don't remember any of the dreams I have. Signs that one is sleeping well, is it. Good. Sometimes it does feel good to 'continue' the dreamy state and mood. One can see the world in a hazy and purple light. Cheers all your way!

  13. I love waking up to a bright morning, or a rainy wet morning, with that little rays of sunlight peeping into the room... my best morning... Mmm.. there are very few days I wake up gloomy!! But as GQ says, I stay awake, awake enough to know that it's morning, but fail to act but on some impulsive jump out of it and start work:)

    And the weirdest of days or nights, I wake up in the dark, grope for my pen and my notebook or my lap whichever is near and jot down whatever came to that dream :):) I fear I will forget them, those phrases and sentences and somehow the thought wakes me up to be out of bed and u can see me at the table :) :)

    Love this post:)

  14. Ah! Ash, that's so typical of you. Can picture you groping in the dark and bumping things down and waking AB. LOL.

    Joy always Ash.

  15. Clumsy me, bumps into so the door and hit the locks and head towards the walls, but... the notebook's just right there near my pillow with a pen and the light switch just beside my bed ;) ;)



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