Saturday 5 June 2010

Back to "The Hindu" and Indian coffee

If there was something else other than the usual stuff I missed from India, it was reading the newspaper "The Hindu" -- mornings were very different without the usual reading but let me make something clear first. I hardly woke up in the mornings when in Belfast as my sleeping hours started at about 3 in the morning and extended until 11: 30 am or 12: 00 pm. So far so good.

Coming back, I realise how much Hindu made my mornings complete. And the coffee of course. Not the coffee without sugar which was there in Belfast!!!!

If I could create a word collage of my time spent there, I wouldn't like to miss any part of it. Coming back home makes me realise how fortunate I have been to visit Belfast and London. Meeting new people, using local slang and mannerisms, looking at people kissing any where and every where, abundance of greenery, clean roads and places, lovely weather, smiles and nods -- This will stay always on my mind.

Familiarity and reality are comforting but stifling at times.


  1. Welcome back home.;)
    Yes, there is nothing that speaks home loudly then the kind of coffee we are used to it and its aroma.;)
    I have always been of the opinion, that the most important thing in life is to have a secure home, a base where we have grown up and with traditions we recognize. The possibility to travel and even getting the chance to live abroad and become familiar with other cultures and new people not only broadens our horizons, but also reinforces our love for our home.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Wonderful places and Peeps everywhere, but "...there's no place like home."

    You must be full of gratitude for your experiences!

  3. Steve:

    Grateful and happy. The cup is overflowing. Home is within oneself, I think :)

    Lovely to connect after so long dear Steve.


    Yes, you're right when you say that one needs a strong base. Home is many things and many places. Missed your blogs. Shall make up for the lost time.

    Joy always.

  4. Very true, it's always refreshing to explore cultures beyond home, to be always willing to learn and absorb more.

  5. welcome back :)

    Cleanliness,Roads,Greenery,Nods and Smiles..surely you'll miss them !

    But coming back to 'the Hindu' morning and your own coffee is a bliss,right ?

    Have fun !

  6. Home is the best place in the world, isn't it?

  7. So happy to hear that. Yours seems to have been a great experience. It's great to interact with other people and places, outside Blogland...


  8. Welcome back Susan. I totally agree with your Hindu and coffee part. I terrible miss reading The Hindu :(

    Hope you had a nice time at Belfast. So hoz your thesis coming??

  9. Hi Susan:)
    welcome! welcome! and welcome back!!
    good memories make our lives beautiul.Thank you for keeping us all posted on your experiences and letting us be a part of your happy memories which you cherish so fondly and ofcourse we too :) Cheers to that!!!
    "Familiarity and reality are comforting but stifling at times." very true..
    Anyway hope you have a wonderful time...
    take care and keep smiling
    love and warmest regards,

  10. And Sus is back... relief...
    I'm so happy :):)

  11. Coffee without sugar is my kind... I love it that way to taste the coffee :)

    And Hindu, these days I read it online... life is not the same with that Hindu in one hand and the coffee in another :):)

    Welcome back..
    waiting for posts on london and more on belfast heee hee:)

    Hugs sus

  12. Sam:

    Very refreshing indeed. I am now waiting for more . . .


    Thanks for that welcome.


    Bliss, yes but I yearn to travel more . . .

  13. Angie:

    Well, every place has it's charm.


    A lovely and enriching experience. I met a fellow blogger Ronnie and was quite delighted.

  14. Sukanya:

    A great time. Can't wait to pack my bags again.

    Thesis: well, so so.


    Thanks for the three welcomes. Memories are always a way to relive experiences. You have a great week ahead :)

  15. Ash:

    Relief!!! Yes. I want to go somewhere else now. Can't wait. I cannot read Hindu online but I had to make do with that in Belfast.
    Hugs back to you dear Ash.
    Hope all is well that side.
    Did you catch the monsoon at home?

    Joy always :)

  16. sounds like such a wonderful trip filled with exciting and exotic sights and sounds and memories to bring home! i long to visit my homeland of ireland - hmmmm...someday...

  17. Jenean:

    Do plan and go. Never postpone travel plans. You may never get to doing it.

    Joy always :)



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