Saturday 26 June 2010

The great colonisers: 'Cool' and 'Sexy'

Z: Hello there, your skirt is sexy!

S: Cool!!!

Another conversation:

G: Isn't this author cool?

J: Ah! His glasses look sexy too

Here are the two colonisers (among many) in words: 'Sexy' and 'Cool.' Almost many words in the dictionary are facing a sort of less-usage-syndrome as these two words have seeped into the vocabulary of many individuals.

The days of 'beautiful,' 'lovely,' and others seem a distant memory after the onset of these two words. Everything has to be either 'sexy' or 'cool.' I use them as well but consciously limit myself and try exploring the other possible words which seem oblivious these days.

But it is a wonder as to how these two words can be used in diverse contexts. They can be used in contexts of clothes, cooking, dancing, looks and styles among many other things. It's an automated response to something that looks good and appealing. An involuntary usage 'Cool man.' While search-engine Google sticks to the original usage by showing sleazy pictures while having typed 'sexy,' people choose to use it in every conversation. Probably using 'people' is a sweeping generalisation nevertheless . . .

Now it is all the more prevalent in this football season: 'Sexy goal,' 'cool shot,' etc.,

The two words ofcourse sum up many emotions and likings but then what about the other words and the 'real' meaning of these two words. What happens to the real definition of the word 'cool' and 'sexy?'

There are many words like this which colonise our conversation and make certain other words fade away except when it comes to writing. Some words are: 'stuff,' 'things,' (Can't think of too many now).

So now if you think that this post is 'cool,' why don't you write down a 'sexy' comment!!!


  1. let's join hands :):) coolest and sexiest idea ever to get these things out of the people's vocab, what say ;)

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend with a cool lemonade in a sexy dress ;)


  2. Once i remarked to a friend taht she looked sexy in her outfit...boy I was almost killed..
    So sexy may not be sexy always!!

  3. I liked reading your profile description and the look of your blog. In this age of SMS and email conversations, vocabulary is going out the door. Our spoken and written words are seriously getting restricted with what is in fashion.

  4. Love this post for many reasons!!
    I have to share this unique experience with you which will surprise you. This was the conversation:
    Uncle(40+yrs): Beta how are you..?
    Kiddo (4+yrs) : Oh I am "pleasant". Thank you!

    At least it is not spreading to every kid. :)

  5. This post is wicked :D Loved it. Your choice of topics is interesting utterly.

    Lol, we do use these words here in Egypt, too! Generally speaking, seaking English fluently is reflective of sophistication, especially when the language is spoken in an informal and rather '' cool'' way.

  6. Brilliant post, and I so heartily agree, Susan! A lot of the people I know have a very limited range of adjectives, and it really bugs me! Of course, language develops and grows and it would be insane to try and stop it, but we run the risk of losing such beautiful words...words wish are, frankly, indispensable.

  7. "Anne went to BATH!"
    "Cool" or "Sexy"?

    ...and I wish to hell I could think of some indispensable embellishments.

    OH! How I so seriously adore these blog posts--AND the embellishing comments! WWW (What a Wonderful World!)

    Blessings to ALL........

  8. It is the speakers and their use of words which eventually give meaning to words (me- as a linguist can say... )

    In the case of cool, I am afraid it'll take long appropriate definition to be found as to enter the next, newest dictionary... and as for 'sexy', well sexy is sexy any way!

    Oups..Just my opinion .)



  9. Once when I put out a New Year's message starting as "Hi Folks", my friends said, who uses this old English?

    Guess, that is what is with these words. They are "new" English, while lovely, pleasant are "old" English.

  10. Susan, I have to say I am not good with sexy comments, I do think lot's of things are cool and can't seem to let go of beautiful, wonderful, delightful and lovely. It is something that has developed since blogging. If someone did a word count on my blog, these would be screaming their way to the top. I often think I need to do something about that and have contemplated the Thesaurus in my hour of need.
    Maybe sexy is the solution... i'll try, maybe tomorrow:)


  11. This is a sexiest blog managed by a cool author. :)

  12. Ash:

    Ash you need to look into the online dictionary and get more words instead of 'cool' and 'sexy.'


    Welcome to the meanderings, Jon. Nice to have you join the madness. You better start using 'better' words.

  13. Rachna:

    Thanks for your words of appreciation. Yes, in this age 'complete' words are slowly being shown the back door. I am glad we have writing otherwise I wonder what would happen. Words as yours enable me to continue writing. Come by more often.


    You always instill hope in me. Thanks for that.

  14. Mohamed:

    Now 'wicked' is another such word like 'sexy' and 'cool.' These words are universal and uniform so much more like Starbucks and MacDonalds.


    Its widespread everywhere but I am glad that writing has kept words as this to a minimum. Language is one funny thing.

  15. Steve:

    Your comments always make me smile and even laugh out loud.


    You should be knowing better Dulce. Thanks Teacher!

  16. Vinay:

    I will never agree to that. Probably that's why English is growing and famous as many words and meanings are being added everyday to the vocabulary.


    Thanks for coming by.

  17. Jeanne:

    Ah! Jeanne, love you for this comment :) Hope your Sunday was swimming!


    My, that was indeed a sexy comment and I think you are cool with words :)

  18. Yahoo!!! That's one of my favorite words... very difficult to find in a dictionary... and almost impossible to define. And yes, I do happen to think this post is "cool". I actually find the word "cool" to be a pain in the rump, simply because it's way overused. As for "sexy", well, it seems like everyone is sexy nowadays, and everything, as well. When it gets to the point where even kitchen gadgets are described as "sleek and sexy", we know something is not quite right. Do you think a water tap is sexy? How can it be?

    Oh, and how about this for word verification: phockin! Strange...


  19. I'm totally "cool" with it!
    Now, talking seriously, i just don't use the word "sexy" a lot. It just doesn't sound right. as for the word cool, well, I'd be a millionare if you gave me a dollar every time I say it!
    I think words like "hell" also made their way to every sentence.

  20. Nevine:

    Yahoo is a nice expression, I think. Reminds of Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels' and his yahoo adventures. 'Cool' has become so ubiquitous these days that everything is 'cool.'
    Talk about google and it's word verifications. Sometimes I start talking to google and the vague verifications.


    Welcome here. Though I've seen that you follow my work, this is the first comment and I am thrilled. 'Hell' is minimal in usage when it stands in comparison to 'cool.'

  21. Brilliant post Susan:D

    'great','bingo!','yup/nope' perhaps can also be termed as
    'conversation colonisers' ( cool term btw :P ) ??!

    I definitly love to be here, its a treat for the mind and soul!
    Cheers to you and meanderings :)
    love and warmest regards
    take care

  22. Ruchi:

    How nice to see you here. Been long and your presence was missed in the meanderings. Much love and big hugs to you :)

  23. what about the word "awesome" - everything is the american awesome!

  24. Tell me about it Yuvika. I guess people become 'word-lazy' after a point that they stick to the same old words.

    Hope you are well :)



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