Wednesday 26 May 2010

Sheepish, in awe and the after effects

Have you read a poet's works as a student and then taught the same poet's works to your students AND then met him?

Well, I have done all the three and believe me, it's one memorable experience.

The first time I heard that there was going to be an exchange program to Northern Ireland, the only name that appeared in my mind was SEAMUS HEANEY. Do you know him? Have you read his works?

Today I met him at a book launch. Another being took control of me. That being was awed, acted foolish and felt almost in a dream-like state. The reason: SEAMUS HEANEY.

I have never seen myself go ga-ga like this. Being quite pragmatic and acknowledging any form of celebrity worshipping as nonsense, I could not fathom my behaviour.

I took a photograph with him, got his autograph and came home drunk with the joy of having seen him. Then a million arrows of pragmatism confronted me. I was lost. I was reciting his poems to him. He smiled. I could not answer coherently to his questions. Lost. Standing next to a Nobel Prize winner does not happen everyday.

Sheepish and joyous.


    What do I say Sus
    It's a dream come true for me too...
    Maddening indeed...


    Love u and hugs

  2. Heaney I'm coming
    Let me go, read his poems now...
    New perspective indeed


  3. Oh, I recognize this.;) I have been a great fan of two authors that co write magnificent books and I once emailed them and got replies; I was over joyed. Meeting them would be incredible.;)
    Great autograph, now will we get to see the picture you took as well?;)

  4. Simply WOW!!!!!! This is Awesome Susan!!!
    :) :):):):):):)

  5. Susan, I don't know if you realize just how palpable your joy is from your words. I can literally feel you excitement at this experience. It must have been THAT fantastic. But I know the feeling of thinking celebrity worship to be nonsense, and though this is true, I also know that there are a few writers out there that I would just flip to meet. Ever considered a seance to bring back the spirit of a dead writer? I have... oh, the things we'll do!

    I hope you're enjoying your last few days in Belfast, Susan. These are your last few days, aren't they?


  6. WOW Lucky you!!!!!!

    It must have been... Well I don't know, for I've never had such a chance!

    Now where is the photo??
    Want to see it, want to see it!

    Joy Irishish Woman- LOL

  7. Ashes:

    It was an honour meeting him. I am still enthralled!!


    I am happy you have had similar moments. It's invaluable.


    Long time :) I know. It's lovely, isn't it. Hope you are doing well.

  8. Nevine:

    Oh yes. When I was there next to him, I was running after words which were so elusive. A seance!!!??? now that sounds a bit scary to me but nevertheless exciting.
    Yes, a few days more. I reach India on the 4th but before that three days in London.


    Photo!! It's safe there. Sad to be leaving the island soon :(


    Been very long. Where were you and how are you? Hope all is well. And yes, it is indeed a lovely and cool experience.

  9. Wow, really, wow! I adore Heaney's poetry, my favourite piece of his is, "Blackberry Picking", though I pretty much fall in love with all of his works the minute I read them. You're so lucky to meet such a prestigious poet, it must have been a wonderful experience.

    And funnily enough, I went to a poetry reading last night and got a photograph with the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. That was an amazing experience, how great that we should both meet two different poets that we both adore :D

  10. wow. I never heard of him but your description of meeting him....awesome. I'm glad you got that opportunity. :)

  11. Sam:

    Welcome to the meanderings. Yes, we did have similar experiences. That's one connection which is nice and worthwhile.

    Hope to see more of you here.


    Yes, and it was indeed a lovely meeting!

    Joy always.

  12. oh, susan, i can just literally HEAR the sound of joy in your words - your gushing is wonderful!!! so happy for you to have met someone whom you admire so - a moment you'll never ever forget!!! good for you!!! and we got to share it with you, even better!

  13. Congrats! I can sense the joy in your post and it isn't childish to feel so.

  14. You're lucky to leave Belfast with such an exciting experience. We're no better than teenagers when it comes to meeting the 'persona' we admire for this or for that. It's very human, and it gives us great delight and joy.

  15. ah so much insight in one post :) loving it here , first time :) will be back :)

  16. Oh! What an amazing experience. Happy day it was...

    I experienced similar when I met and played under conductor/composer Leonard Bernstein

  17. Jenean:

    Joy was overflowing that day and I am thankful for that lovely day!


    Hmmmm. Joy through posts, nice.

  18. DUTA:

    Oh! yes. I was completely thrilled to bits that day. It was another part of me that I had not seen before.


    I am loving this comment of yours too. Come again. Shall look for your 'vintageness.'


    Very happy indeed! Not many experience that!



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