Tuesday 19 January 2010

Nature and Culture

I found this under an old rickety bench in my college campus. An old discarded bottle which has become a part of the ant's dwelling place. Now is this symbolic of the coming together of nature and culture.


  1. I do not like this aspect of culture. It ruins the simplicity of nature for me. It scars it.

    But I do always marvel at the way in which ants move about things.

  2. Not only nature and culture, but also nature and man. Man in his purity.


  3. Innovative Ants! I say. Now there are the envy of the other colonies, they have an architect who thinks differently..... they would be walking with their heads held high and a swell of a chest, marching away....:))))

  4. Very interesting, I love the way that nature tries to assimilate everything in its way and utilizes it the best it can.;) And it takes a keen eye to discover little things like that.:)

  5. Dulce:
    This is what was there.

    Maybe you are right. This aspect of culture is what is disturbing - the seeping of plastic and interfering with the natural but it also causes wonder as the ants don't seem to be disturbed by it. They just carry on with whatever they have been doing.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Man in his purity???? I didn't quite get that one.

    Joy always.

  6. Ashes:
    Hmmm nice perspective. Did not quite think in that way.

    Ah!!! The biology connection! Nature definitely assimilates everything in its way. That is nature. We ought to imbibe that one.

    Thanks for the words of appreciation.

    Joy always dear one.

  7. yes, i agree with zuzana - what an eye to even notice!! amazing post - love the interconnectedness it shows - great eye, lady!!!

  8. Dear Jenean:
    Thanks for the comment. I value your words of appreciation.

    Joy always.

  9. Dear Isha:

    Welcome and thanks for coming. A simple comment but made me feel good. Looking forward to more of your visits.

    And yes, I appreciate the following.

    Take care.

    Joy always.

  10. Sorry to have stumped you... sometimes I ramble without clarity. By man in his purity I meant man in his natural state, as he was born... essentially, nude.

    Just my mind, Susan... just me! :-)


  11. It's sad and yet heartening when we see animals capable of adapting to our intrusions on their habitats. Very thought inspiring post.

  12. interesting..... man litters, nature uses..


  13. good morning, susan - just coming by to say hello - and to see what's new with you - have a glorious day!

  14. Oh Nevine! Thanks for that. Glad that you have come again to reply.

    How nice is your name. Is it your own or the profile's name?

    What you have expressed is quite true. We are definitely intruders. The cycle can go on even without man unlike animals without whom they food chain will be disrupted.

    Being Me:
    True. Nature is nature. Your answer clearly separates nature and culture but nevertheless we are interconnected.

    Thanks for coming by. You are so sweet to come by and ask after me.

    Hugs and joy.

  15. Wow...Very interesting..But at the same time a little worrying...Just goes to show how much we have infiltrated nature...

  16. Looks like the ants have found a new way to beat the heat!!..

  17. Dear Ashley:
    That does sound disheartening. You should have read the other comments. They are so very diverse and interesting.

    Dear Crimson:
    Hmmmm. True. Welcome to the meanderings. Come by more often.

    Joy always.



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