Tuesday 26 January 2010

The case of the ubiquitous phone charger

Now here I go meandering about another pet peeve: The phone charger!!! The innocent looking phone charger is a fixation in almost all the plug-points in our houses. They are found in the living room, bed room and sometimes in the kitchen or the bathroom. It all boils down to the availability of plug points and the individual (the place (s)he was standing when the battery slowly died down) Talking about death and dying, it has become an indispensable part of our vocabulary after the seeping of mobile phones into our lives - "My battery is slowly dying, I shall hang up (another death image), "My phone was dead and so the phone got disconnected."

All of us have our specific places to charge the phone. Well and good. But leaving the charger where it was and in some cases, the switch is also left on. Many times I have argued the case of energy saving when one leaves the charger in the point even after its work of charging is long over. The charger has become a sort of urban wall design so much so that people have come to accept it as quite 'normal' to see a charger hanging amidst the choicest of paintings and furniture.

A few months ago I had this fetish of freeing the charger from its points in friend's places. I used to do it as a compulsive action but have given it up now as almost all the house possess this trait. I have restricted this to my own house despite the fact that I get on people's nerves at times (atleast once a day).

Now I know that many of you reading this post also have this habit of leaving your chargers in the points long after your phone is charged OR you may also be like me whose pet peeve is to see the charger hanging clumsily in different points of the house. The last post about graveyards saw me sharing a kindred spirit with many of my fellow blogger-friends but with the case of the ubiquitous phone charger . . .


  1. Greetings,

    I am just about to retire, but I could not help but comment.

    Though it is not a pet peeve, it is still a concern to me. I am one of the few how unplug their phone and ipod charger after each use in order to do my part for the environment. Sadly I am the only one in this house of four.

    Allow me to add that it is not just cell phone charges, but also the many other electronic items on standby like television and computers.

    However if 1/3 of the world were to unplug their cell chargers, we would save considerable energy. If business were to turn off their office lights and turn off all copies, that also would make a huge difference.

    Please except my apology for standing on a soapbox and sounding off.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Dear Egmont:


    Only if a few of us sound off, we can bring about a change.

    Sleep well and be charged.

    Thanks for coming by. I am glad that you also share this trait with me.

    Joy always,

  3. I do not remove the charger off the wall, but make it a point to switch it off, at the charging activity is over. One of my fetish is to switch off electric appliances that are unnecessarily left on. E.g., tubelights in the passage area, water-heaters during the day/night time, electricity to water coolers in winters, etc.

    Yes, even if every one of us can save 1 unit electricity per day, it mounts to a huge amount collectively.

  4. Oh, I am so with you again (no surprise there, right;)
    I NEVER leave anything plugged in that is not being used, short of the microwave, the refrigerator and the stove (if I could, I would unplug these as well). It is actually quiet dangerous, I have heard at least, to leave your charger in the socket as it poses a fire hazard. I am not sure how true this is though.;)

    Great post as always, have a wonderful day!;)))


  5. haha it looks so much like the one at home, dangling from the powerpoint. All I need to do is get home and hook it on. This way I will not forget to charge and will not forget where I had left the charger. lol.

    Blessings dear, hope you have a great week ahead.

  6. Be safe not sorry , always switch off and if you have itchy little fingers unplug too to prevent 'zapping' accidents.


  7. Vinay:

    Please do remove the charger off the plug after the work is done. Saves energy and the wall looks good. I also switch all of them off and unplug except the ones like the refrigerator.


    You are right. No surprises. Thanks for the kinds words, as always.

    Have a lovely remainder of the week.

  8. Gaia:

    Hmmmm :-)Blessings to you as well.


    Nice tag line - Be safe not sorry. Can be said for everything in life!!! I guess then you are like me and Zuzana as well.

    Nice. Have a great remainder of the week.

  9. I often use the phone charger to charge me up when I've had a bad day!!!!!:)

    Have a great day!:)




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