Saturday 21 March 2009

What prompts those tears . . .

Many a times sitting in the train, i have seen people quietly let down tears simultaneously while talking over the mobile phones. i wonder, who is that at the other end, who makes those worthy tears fall without even realising that they are being a reason for someone to shed precious tears. The tears that fall from the eyes are filled with many stories and memories. My mother while recounting a simple incident from her childhood, sheds tears and the tears seem to be shed effortlessly almost saying that they are interwined with the story being narrated. The tears that some shed while watching an emotional movie also seem to say that. The tears that flow while a particular scene is enacted is almost from a memory that mingles itself with the enactment that prods the tears to fall. i have also witnessed people standing in front of their deities and shedding copious tears as naturally as praying. The tears seem to evoke the same passion as a prayer and many a times they seem to have a cathartic effect on the person. Some songs evoke that response in me. i cry when some lines of a song are rendered but at the same time I am quite unable to actually communicate the reason for the tears. Joy in abundance, a joy that overwhelms us also seem to surface as tears and oft times i have wished for the tears never to cease from pouring forth. Reading the bible sometimes makes the tears flow profusely, sometimes threatening never to stop. Love, joy, pain and a myriad of emotions cause those tears to fall impromtu, which seem as natural as the act of smiling or blinking. Recently, a passionately written email made me cry. The reason for the tears was not the mail but memories and stories which surfaced as the result of the mail. Tears always have memories, stories with a pinch of salt (literally!!)


  1. I feel special, here, Susan... as I am the first to post a response to this lovely write... so much time after you wrote it. And let me just say that I love your last line. And, I agree about the tears... the memories... the whole nine yards. We are such delicate creatures, aren't we? No one ever knows what will trigger our tears. But we offer them so effortlessly when they arrive... as if we have a choice.


  2. I must be the one who should feel special dear Nevine. Since you are one of my favourite bloggers, I see it as an honour to read your insightful and thoughtful perceptions.
    I even had a recent post on pain. Pain always is so powerful and makes us feel vulnerable. The time I wrote this post, the only emotion that consumed me was pain and tears. It was miserable. I was almost paralysed by that emotion. Whoo. But they do make us stronger and wiser so that we can say: "I passed all that and here I am."



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