Wednesday 25 March 2009

"Art Garfunkel jeers at disabled fan at poem recitation concert in New York"

This bit of news appeared in yesterday's daily and I was nothing but shocked as well as a bit sad. Why was I sad? Well, i have many reasons for that. My post graduate days were filled with the rhythms of the duo - Simon and Garfunkel. I have still not outgrown them and I think I never will. Not only S & G, I have also enjoyed spending time listening to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel individually. When one listens to music, there is a certain internalisation of the sound, the lyrics and after a point, the artists themselves. S & G seem like an extension of myself. I have spent time perusing through their lyrics, digging into the background of each song and connecting many aspects of their lives and songs.

It naturally came as a shock when I read the news clipping as I tend to sheepishly connect artists with their songs. Maybe a stray song here and there talk about violence but mostly their songs talk about everyday happenings with a philosophical lacing. Now, if I choose to connect the songs and the lives of the artists, would it be a sin? The same Art Garfunkel who renders very sensitive music can also jeer at a disabled fan seems to reflect a new turn to my supposition that musicians and artists can be identified with the work they render. Having said this, I wonder if it was the same person who sang 'Cloudy', 'Mrs. Robinson', 'Sounds of Silence' along with Paul Simon. Well, aren't artists in a way representative citizens? That they are also human, cannot be validated. No. It was quite not nice of Mr. Garfunkel to jeer at a disabled fan. I still shall continue to listen to the duo and of course the individuals too but not without the thought, "Art Garfunkel jeers at disabled fan at poem recitation concert in New York."

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