Sunday 8 March 2009

'Waiting for something nice to happen'

writing after a brief gap of sorts make me wonder if i actually did write all my posts? that's a very moony notion of the whole act of writing. the title for this post is inspired by an older post that incidentally belongs to me and brought to my notice by a kind person, ND. at that point of writing my entry, i was waiting for something nice to happen. you must be wondering (as a reflex action) 'did the nice thing happen?' well, i realise that nice things don't happen. we should make it happen by our thoughts, our words and our deeds. the given order is given consciously as first the thought occurs, which translates as words from our mouth and finally manifests as deeds. well, so when we hold the key to what we think and what we say, we can make nice things happen to us. reader, be informed that this is not an original thought but this is something which many philosophers, scriptures and wise men say. don't you agree? well, i guess you should! when we have our thoughts in control (i think 'control' is too forceful a word but still i use it for any other word would dimnish the effect) we make things happen to us. if it is so easy, then why do we always wait for something nice to happen? (as i did previously) probably we sit there doing nothing and allowing the mind to force its thoughts of helplessness, negativity and nothingness to influence us. when the same mind which can force all the negative aspects can influence us, why not try and tune the mind to a tune of positive well being and thus in the process make nice things our way of life.


  1. In Punjabi there is a saying that 'A dancer will but dance and a singer will but sing.' A writer will but write and being a provessional journo and writer for over three decades, I envy your flow so keep writing and you have the advantage of not having to write for my supper.!

    I feel nice things do happen!!

  2. 'Thanks' is but a cliched word but cliches do keep the world going round and round! Yeah, truly said that I don't have to write for my supper BUT I would cherish and love to have supper with thee sometime if the Universe wills (that is when you are in Chennai or I am in Chandigarh! The confluence of the Cs - Chennai and Chandigarh!)



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