Friday 12 October 2018

We are TEN today!

Milestones are always a reason to be happy even if I am the lone one celebrating the same. On this day, in 2008, I had started out the space - A space of my own to store my thoughts, meanderings and reflections. The name did not take long to materialise unlike the thought of keeping this wee space alive and throbbing. Many times, I have been tempted to shut down this blog for I felt that I wasn't giving it much attention. I'm glad that I did not!

As always, I pledge to write regularly, to keep my thoughts safe and freeze them for posterity.

Leaving you with some of my memorable posts:

1. When the house lizard signifies 'home'

2. Forgiving and Forgetting . . . I could add a clause there

3. What stuff is humour made of?

4. Working hard to reverse stereotypes

5. The Journey - A Conversational Post

Here's to many more!

Thanks for sharing the journey of my meanderings and reflections. Hope we continue to travel together in the days and years to come.

Keep visiting!


  1. Like you I have considered shutting down the blog and I also pledge to write regularly and then I don't. I believe I am close to 10, maybe 9. Free time is not as abundant as it used to be then, yet I have always maintain that we have time, as much as anybody else.
    Glad to have visited you again

    1. Myriam, your blog, as far as I remember is 12 years old! How lovely to see you dear. Thanks for coming by and reading your comment after ages feels good definitely.



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