Tuesday 17 June 2014

The magic of monsoon

Waiting for the rain to come and being delighted seeing it pour is almost akin to waiting for the beloved to arrive and awake one's senses. Rain is magic to the senses. I like the rain when I am indoors but in Goa being outdoors during the rain is hassle-free and pleasant. Just the thought of hearing the pitter-patter of the rain droplets and falling asleep is heavenly and the feeling continues when one wakes up to the gentle hum of the rain outside. I never complain when my newsfeed bursts with pictures, songs and posts of rain. After all in a place like India, the respite from the heat and sweat is always welcome.

Rain has the ability to bring a smile on the face and a spring to the step. My domestic beams when I open the door. She tells me how cozy and cool the weather is and she finds it difficult to get out of bed. I smile and tell her that when it rains, I tend to get up quite earlier than the summer days. She smiles. Rain gives a light feeling to our senses and every task becomes a pleasant one. Well, sometimes the rain does add to the gloom of the inner mind but that's an occurrence that limits itself to maybe twice or thrice during the complete monsoon season. I guess a lot depends on the place that one lives as well. Rain in Chennai also makes me jubilant but Goa takes the huge chunk of joy quotient. Another happy effect of the monsoon is the appearance of many birds in our yard. I spotted many small birds chirruping and making merry in the rain. After a long time, I put my binoculars to good use by trying to spot birds sitting afar.

Rain is romance and romance is breath of life - Raising a toast to the magic of rain in Goa!


  1. Cheers to that! Having experienced the rain in Goa through my growing years, having made those paper boats on the way to school.. I know what you mean :) And you are right, it sure is pleasant and hassle free in Goa unlike other places.

  2. Susan, we plan to come o Goa in the first week of July. But some friends are advising against it as the sea is very rough due to the rains. What do you say? Just two nights. Don't want to be stuck indoors.

  3. Lovely, the beauty of rains. Here I enjoy the rains only when indoors. The powercuts, flooding, traffic snarls and tree fall take the joy away.

  4. I love the rain, too! You certainly describe it here in rich, poetic terms. Blessings, Susan!

  5. well sorry Susan, I have to say NO to that experience.. because here in Uk its been raining for daysssssssssss now ... we need sunshine and some heat :)

    but I do agree, I sue to love the rain but I think I am getting an overdose of it allll here ..


  6. I love rains, weather after sunny days or during winters. I could relate to your words.

  7. Glad the rains have finally come to your place!!

  8. Happy that you're having a good time ma'am! They're very late this time here in Hyderabad. :(
    Loads of love.

  9. There is nothing like listening to the rain first thing in the morning. A feeling of complete serenity and coziness. Lovely, Susan.



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