Thursday 1 August 2013

Won't you allow yourself to be seduced by local metaphors/similes

Some time ago in 2010, I invited my readers to exercise their grey cells and come up with metaphors and similes from their immediate environs - in short, local and regional similes/images and metaphors. Well, we did try to come up with something and in the process tried to invent our own images! Well, I'm tempted to do something like that again and so I invite you to come up with unique metaphors and similes of your own and from your own locale. Let's be done away with those cliched, "As blind as an owl" and "as sly as a fox!"

Leaving you with some examples from the comments of the post I did in 2010.

~ "As it shifts out of sight, the birch trees and farms in my view become dark silhouettes on a canvas of silver. Like a gentle painter, the sun leaves behind brush strokes of warm colours on the evening sky for a short instance, before submerging us in dense darkness yet again, without any promises to return..."

(Zuzana Hansen)

 ~ "There was so much humidity in the air that photosynthesis threatened to become audible"

(Yuvika Chaube)

Okay, shall we begin? Here are some of mine:-

1. Her voice was as shrill as the Lapwing during monsoon
2. He became predictive as the words in the word document ;)
3. Your face is beaming as the smiley that my G-chat provides!
4. You are slowly becoming tasteless like the leftover dal that is three days old!
5. Her imaginary ghosts within were numerous than those found on the Tamarind tree in our village square!

Image 1: Internet
Image 2: Internet


  1. My writing; weather on my blog or social media pages is ripe with metaphors on a daily basis...more than once a day actually and let's not mention my daily conversations. I like similes but I love metaphors. This sounds like fun to be had for all.

  2. As out of place as a cat on a roller coaster.

    Lips aflutter like hummingbirds.

  3. From my blog about Death, though a bit long:

    "...So, I started calling our family deity – to save me – not to take me away! After a long wait of around 2 minutes – like the waiting to see whether Dhoni’s helicopter shot will clear the boundary line or not – the drum beats of my heart subsided, breathe came into control, and the hissing noise reduced. Probably, it was an heart attack!"

  4. One more from the same blog:

    "..The heart was beating like a goods train on an old bridge..."

  5. While I am tempted to take examples from almost all Norah Jones songs which are rich of metaphors and similes. I'll try to be original here:

  6. zuzana...i miss her...

    ha. i like the photosynthesis one...
    oo the train on an old bridge

    funny i use them all the time but a good one is elluding me right now...

  7. Out of the blue I thought of Zuzana this morning. Life is funny. That's no metaphor, just a thought.

  8. One more: "Like a sugarcane searching for sugar..."

  9. You are like a lotus in the ditch... meaning something nice in a crowd of unpleasantness. Something I use all the time 'Don't just sit there like a jackfruit' and a current fav, that I read somewhere,' I feel so low, I could be a rupee'.
    Loved the photosynthesis one and I liked the ghost under the tamarind tree too... funny :)

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