Thursday 2 May 2013

Quirky family members and squirming expressions

When one is a teen, everything done by parents and extended family seem unacceptable and often one tries as  best as possible to keep them away. As one grows older, we turn more acceptable towards our folks but the squirming still remains and my guess is that by the time we're very old and of course a bit wise to recognise our own quirks that we start leaving our people alone.

Well, I'm at a stage where I see those quirks and do squirm occasionally. Take for instance that uncle who laughs almost every time he talks over the phone. His talks are interspersed with so much laughter that you fail to understand as to why he laughs so much. Let me tell you that he's not a man with a funny bone. He just laughs.

Oh, let me tell you about that aunt who loves to always talk in English whenever anyone talks to her in our regional language. Not that she is good in English but always wants to converse in English especially to  the person to whom she converses doesn't know English! Squirming? I do.

And there are the children who pop up questions and statements that are usually out of context and very embarrassing. Sample this: My grandfather always farts after his meal. And where is this statement uttered: In the dining table of all places.

There are these ubiquitous uncles and parents who are known for different quirky behaviour which almost always drives me a bit crazy. I think whether it's only me or do others also notice it. Perhaps I notice this because I tend to spend a lot of time analysing these quirks and gestures. After reading an article titled, How I learned to Relax and Enjoy my Family Quirks, I realised that I'm not alone in this trip.

Now, I am opening myself to the fact that all of us have quirky behaviour which are usually unnoticed by us. I tried an exercise where I was aware of my behavioural pattern and found that I have many such squirm-inducing quirks. I wonder what my family thinks when I obsess compulsively on cleanliness and discipline sometimes causing uneasiness to people around.

My word for 2013 is 'aware' and in the process of my awareness, I'm learning to be aware that I have certain quirks in me and that I should be more open to accepting the quirks in my family and friends. Life is beautiful with some quirks . . . why should I crave for homogeneity, I wonder.

What's your take on this?

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  1. Now, that's a quirky post alright :)

  2. I enjoy observing people.. Period! I do it at home,I do it at railway station, in the mall, in restaurants, theaters and well you get the drift.

    My mom & granpa have this annoying habit, yes it is annoying. They say everything 3 times. So much so that now i wait for the repeats to happen.

    Similarly, a friend starts every sentence with "you won't believe it, but........"

    quirks.. annoying. I dont know, but I enjoy observing & noticing.. :)

  3. I love the second image! Lovely picture!

    My family too has got many uncles and aunts and my father and mother! I and my brother and sister used to tease my mother all the time because she had the habit of listing her ailments whoever came home! My brother used to lip sink standing behind her to the exact words and both us sisters used to mother continued with her problems!

    One of my aunt was an expert about talking about her childhood!

    My sons might tell about my quirkiness!

    We have to take everything in our stride and enjoy life...we might become like them one day! As old age catches up, we change a lot! My experience!!!

  4. No family is complete without the quirks which define it! The more aware we are, the more we recognize them in others and in ourselves.
    Great post, Susan!

  5. Oh yes, we all have our own quirks. One of my aunt calls up frequently to talk about things and it is ALWAYS a monologue... she talks and we just have to listen. Once she is done with talking her heart out, she disconnects the call!! You feel like pulling your hair! But she is sweet and loving too... so... :|

  6. me n me family got so many quirks I could blog bout it...hmmm... I'm blogging bout it...

    ok wait, maybe another time :)

  7. ha. that is what makes family fun...the quirks...the things you can immitate and everyone knows immediately who you are talking about...smiles...and kids do say some pretty amazing

  8. talk about quirky, and may I add pesky relatives. Lately, most quirky ppl, whom I wud otherwise ignore, seem to be getting on my nerves!

  9. Sometimes we need these quirky folks to keep ourselves occupied - and if everyone and everything was perfect - there would be no role for God in this world!

  10. There was a time when I wanted to be 'unquirky- but that was years and years ago. I embrace my deltas and accept that others will walk around me or stay at arm's length from me because I am not like them, and well, a bit quirky. I kind of like it this way. As for my family, well I got this way because of them...

  11. These quirks happen to be the distinguishing factor among people and makes life interesting.But, our quirky behavior shouldn't harm anyone. If it does so, we must change it.Otherwise, we have to enjoy these varied expressions and behaviors.

  12. The quirks are what makes us individuals, I love the quirks of all my family members. Even the unpleasant quirks. Those are the things that we end up loving the most. We should all nurture our quirks like prized flowers in the garden.

  13. Quirly we all are. You are right, we often notice quirks in others but not in ourselves :). And some of them we take in our stride especially in our partner.

  14. I think the quirks are what make us so unique - even if they get on other people's nerves!



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