Tuesday 21 May 2013

On Vacations

Shortly we will be leaving for our vacation. Oh, and before you think exotic locations and sunny climes - STOP and refresh your mind and read on. This is the annual shuttling between the husband's and my mother's homes. It seems rather strange to me as I have become so comfortable and cozy in my new home that the thought of leaving it for a month leaves me a bit listless. Few months ago, this home was just a house - sans curtains, beds, and other household articles but now the house has gradually turned into a home step by step. The curtains make a huge difference, you see. Once you decide that your affairs need to be shielded away from the peering world and the sun and wind needs to be let in only when one desires, the home starts shaping. Waking up and falling asleep in the room that has come to become a cave of one sort forces me to wonder about the soon arriving vacation.

But it wasn't always like this. It was not as difficult when I was in my mom's house. Perhaps that home was a home in a different sense - that home was shaped and contoured by my mother - It was a ready-made home that was always there unlike my home which was lovingly made up by me and my husband. It sounds rather mawkish when I seem to think that I can do better without a vacation after all, my home is my comfort zone where I have done things that are close to me and more than that I dictate the rhythms of my day and chores. Going to another place takes the power of my own rhythms - I have to subscribe to another routine and have to comply no matter what. It's a different matter altogether when we were children - Children adjust quite well to any kind of change. That said and done, I'm not resisting change. I'm just resisting going away from here. Come to think of it, it's only five months in my new home. But isn't five months long enough to establish a deep connection that binds one to the walls, nooks and crannies (cockroaches included) and the doors and windows. It's almost like leaving behind a part of oneself. And, I can't wait to get back into my skin and pet peeves.

Five days to go. Perhaps you will not find me popping out much in your comments and news-feeds on Facebook. Well, you may think that a break is good and I trick myself to think the same when in reality, I can do well without boring breaks. Anyway, I can take deep breaths anywhere I choose. Life goes on . . .

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  1. I know this feeling, Susan. And although technically I'm go to the 'home' I've known for so many years, it doesn't seem like home.
    Anyway, I hope it works out well. :)

  2. Maybe you could fix an IP camera in your home, connect it to Internet and then go. Whenever you feel home-sick, you can log into your cell phone and revisit your home in real time! It also adds up as a security tool :P

    Destination Infinity

  3. Hmm, i think I know what you mean! but still for me home os where my parents are - i feel nomadic elsewhere - that cud be probably becos we have been constantly on the move with lot of personal changes or like u mentioned we don't have our very own curtains yet!!! (only antiseptic and very impersonal blinds :)

  4. Brian Miller:

    enjoy your time....it does mess with our rhythms...especially when we are having to conform to those of another we are staying with...not always a bad thing to learn new rhythms of life...just different....

  5. Once you make a place your 'home' it stays so. Very intimately. I have one and I always rush to get back to it whenever I am short breaks. Hoe is where the heart is! Enjoy the vacation and get back home safe and soon!

  6. You will not believe this, Susan, sometimes I think it is better to stay at home with all the comforts and routines than going for a vacation to a new place... Sometimes after 3-4 days even in a luxurious hotel, I yearn to go back to my bed, my pillow, my corner...
    Anyways, enjoy your vacations and come back all refreshed and rejuvenated.
    Cheers :)

  7. i think you can classs it as a working vacation...when you have to "work" at making it as a vacation then it is...

  8. I also have the same feeling. I guess we get so used to the comforts of our home. I can bear shorter trips but longer ones are a strict no-no. Have fun, anyway!

  9. Enjoy the break from routine. That said, even I can't wait to get back to my home even if I am at my mom's place (the place where I grew up over decades)for a weekend! :) I can totally understand what you mean! Good luck with the vacation!

  10. It is about losing control and in a sense losing control. When we go to somebody's house no matter how close we are on their domain. I wash my dish when I want to if I want to, in somebody else's house, I'll wash my dish...NOW

  11. I get the same feeling when I visit India now, or if someone visits us here. Ultimately, in the presence of another, our routine gets thrown out of gear! That's fine for the short-term, but for longer stays, it does get a bit difficult!
    Still, I'm sure you both will be pampered a lot, and that's not a bad thing! :)

  12. All the best with that. Good to know I am not the only one who does not like leaving my place. I prefer spending my holidays in my home as opposed to travelling some place else, but hey, we cant remain locked in our homes forever!

  13. Hey, felt like sharing the flip side of what u just talked about . Sometimes u also get people who vacation with u for months on at a stretch and u scratch ur head in despair wondering if they r missing their own home or not.
    When I go on vacation I an happy vacationing if I have a help who can water my plants and keep my home clean the way I have left it. And finally I do want to get back to my own home where I call the shots and am my own master. I wonder if u will agree to this but that is very much the case in my community where the daughter once she is married the very turf which was her home turns into a vacationing home where she will now will be welcome nevertheless but only as a guest.

  14. dear susan- enjoy your break and have fun! i know what you mean...going for a vacation to a new place can be fun, but it can also be stressful.

    but please try making the most of your trip and see everything there is to see there.

    sorry for only just now commenting.
    big hugs!

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  16. I've never thought of curtains that way. "Once you decide that your affairs need to be shielded away from the peering world and the sun and wind needs to be let in only when one desires, the home starts shaping." That hit me 'cuz we've only recently installed curtains after many years. It did look like our home "took shape." It became only ours.

    I know this late, so I just wish you had a restful and happy vacation.

    Joy forever Mrs Sus!

  17. I thought I had missed weeks of your writing and I just re-read you are on vacation. Will visit as soon as you are back



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