Thursday 5 January 2012

Gender appeal and blogging

I have often wondered whether the gender matters while one chooses to follow/read a blog. For me, it has not been so but sometimes I do think that seeing a pretty/handsome face in the wee About me space makes the blog content more appealing. I certainly think that for some individuals, gender appeal certainly exists while blog-surfing. I can even say that following a particular girl's/guy's blog is the new form of virtual flirting.

Now what makes me think so, you wonder. I have seen many of my cousins' blogs where the content is not something which I can write home about but the followers . . . uhmmm. I could see all the guys who were flirting with her follow her blog. And my cousin is in her early 20s. Well, I thought it was only young people who were so but I have also seen many young men/women who flock to the blogs where there are cute profile pictures. Whether the pictures are fake or not, I don't know.

Blogs also pave way for getting to know a prospective partner, maybe. By becoming a follower, one can assess the content of the blog and hence the personality of the writer. One should know that these people who follow blogs using the gender appeal mode seldom read the entire posts; they are quite happy reading the titles and hence assuming what the content would be and also the writer.

For those who thought blogging was something for the closet writer to find a page, well, you have to look around. Blogging and following has many strings attached. I hope one does not get tangled.

On that note, if you have a funny bone, check out the website to find out if a blog is written by a man or a woman.

Gender appeal, anyone?

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  1. I hope not, or I'd get the short end of the stick :P

  2. I don't really give it a thought. If it interests me I read it. I doubt seriously I have a flirtatious follower, but I can definitely see how that could be a problem for some. Goodness, I have never really thought of that, how naive am I..sheesh.

  3. Seriously I have never given it a thought...I read and follow any blog if it appeals to me.
    But I have had some unpleasant experiences in the blogging world..from people who think that since I do write sensual stuff,I can be an easy approach. In the beginning I used to get worked up,but now I know how to handle such people.

  4. Genderanalyzer guessed the gender of my blog correctly, with 56% certainty. Does that mean for 44% it analysed my blog could have been written by a man? Tricky stuff, and in the end does it really matter?

  5. I completely agree with you, Sus...I have seen some people who use their blog to titillate. I'm sorry to say that there's an Indian blogger who actually got a book contract out of writing tripe!
    Gender Analyzer is real cool - thankfully, my result shows that I am a woman!! ;)

  6. Thx God atlast found a blogger from Tamil Nadu .For me if the post or blog attracts me i ll be following their blog.But some might follow the way you said for some other purpose.thx for sharing gender Analyzer site it showed correctly for me

  7. Never thought about it... but again I never trust those good looking images of guys or gals that is found on the profile page.....
    I follow if I find the blog interesting but yours and Corinne's I followed because of your smiles!

  8. I generally follow a blog because I can relate to the subject matter or I connect with the "personality." That's pretty much what I look for in a man, too, by the way! ;p I have been disappointed in some with a good-looking or interesting pic, blogs and men.

  9. It doesn't really matter to me whether the blog is written my a male or a female. There is always something new to learn, a different perspective, inspiration....

  10. As long as the content of the blog is interesting and i like the persons writing i would follow the blog without bothering about the gender. I browse here to read about experiences and thoughts of fellow bloggers only. But then what you say may be correct as there are always few weirdos on the net !!!

  11. an interesting take - i never thought about it that way - content could attract a people of certain gender or not - but I was hoping we bloggers were above the pretty face and let's do friendship kind of syndrome on fb etc...

  12. Susan I agree with you on this. I have also noticed this. But is it possible to know everything about a person by his/her writing? It can be a dangerous thing searching for a partner by just stalking a blog.

  13. Well..i think since the time i started blogging i have never really thought about something like this. Gender never mattered to me; its not a flattery but you should be amazed when i say that there is a blog which i follow frequently. And i've always thought that it was some girl, but eventually i came to know one day that all those posts were written by a man. If blogging for you is a serious thing, i think such thoughts wouldn't arise.

  14. I have contemplated this, too, and am thinking that my recent header change to a pic of pink peonies will probably turn some guys off. Hopefully a hockey rant sometime in the near future will bring some back. Wait, I write for myself so I shouldn't care, right? Great post! xo

  15. lol There's a reason why I don't put my picture on my blog! ;)
    Thought provoking always. :)

  16. I'll read any blog if it appeals to me as there's good stuff written by both genders. The majority of my followers are female and that suits me just fine as I feel they relate to my subject matter. The gender analyzer stated they're 73% sure that my blog is written by a female LOL Guess males aren't capable of penning posts about love, friendship, and grief :) Nice post!!!

  17. Hello Susan.
    For me, it's not about gender but content.

    Thanks for info on FB about Genderanalyzer. I think it's hilarious that it believes I'm a female blogger. No female genes in this body...I'm 100% pure MAN!

    Lovely post.
    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your kind words on my latest post too.

    Golden Footprints

  18. I guess gender is a factor in all our interactions. Still, I know without a doubt, nobody has flirted with me here. Of course, I am quite a bit over twenty.

  19. I never give gender a second thought if the blog has content that I am interested in. Great post! Very thought provoking. And now I'm off to check out this 'gender analyzer', especially after Andy said it thinks he's female LOL

  20. i would guess maybe that might play with some...i guess it depends on what you are looking for in this...two things that appeal to me in who i you capture me or make think...and do you talk back...

  21. Somehow all the really great bloggers that I know are female with of course a few honorable exceptions. :D I just naturally assumed women have a talent for expressing and communicating and well, talking! So I thought this must just be a new medium to do that in. ;)

    Of course, if I did manage to find a really really cute guy's blog maybe I'd follow it if I had a crush on him, just to discreetly check him out. But in my experience, all the really cute guys don't seem to bother with writing blogs, they're all out flirting with the really cute girls. :D

  22. never thought about it...interesting thoughts.... :)

  23. Oh Susan, I am so naive! I hadn't ever thought about this. I only follow blogs that interest me with no thought as to whether the author is male or female. I follow both because I love perspectives. Enlightening post. I have learned yet another something-new. xo

  24. I never thought about that way...hmmm a way of flirting? there are some blogs I follow where is uncertain what the gender is, now I wonder!
    I enjoy reading posts. They are to me the equivalent of reading a magazine article. I don't read "journal blogs", the ones that tell you what a person did all day long. I read interesing blogs like yours...

  25. Loved this post dear Susan, I love the way you think.;)
    I think blogging reflects to a certain degree real life.;) Beautiful people are popular people, that is just the way it is.;)
    I too am at times shallow and I have to say that a gorgeous thumbnail peaks my curiosity, but if there is nothing substantial in the writing, the beauty, just like in real life, quickly losses its appeal. And vice versa.;))
    I hope in return that my images just like my writing do not disappoint, but reflect my true self.;)
    Have a great day dear friend (oh, and for me nature will always be enough, fortunately, as its solace is unconditional.;))

  26. I read a blog for its content and not because of its profile picture ; sometimes I'd start reading a blog after I got a 'follower' from a blogger and I wish to return the gesture and reciprocate. There's nothing wrong about this, is there?

    I have stumbled upon blogs that don't specify the gender in the profile (and there's of course no picture). I don't like this. I don't want to guess. It's the minimum info a blogger owes to its
    prospective readers.

    I think that for some reason, men are more selective when it comes to blog reading, following, and commenting than women. I don't have many male readers . I wish I had more. Perhaps I should think of a way (writing style and topics) that will attract more male readers to my blog.

    Happy New Year Susan!

  27. JRN:

    You bet :)


    Serious bloggers just don't care for the gender. Content rules. And, you aren't naive, just busy and happy.

  28. Alpana:

    I guessed that your blog would attract some creeps. Glad that you learnt the tricks of handling those creeps.


    Maybe yes. Sometimes gender analyser cannot guess blogs which are gender neutral. It is also very streotypical.

  29. Corinne:

    I know that there are many such wannabes everywhere.
    Glad that the result is THE right one.

    Autumn Eliza:


  30. Sheril:

    Ah, there are many bloggers from TN. You just have to check out Indiblogger. Welcome here and nice reading your comment.
    Smiles for the right guess from GA.


    Smiles, as always.

  31. SweepyJean:

    Absolutely, we all folloe the content and not the face.


    Quite right.

  32. Engram:

    Weirdos exist everywhere. Glad to be normal.


    Quite right.

  33. Rimly:

    No, one cannot know everything but a general outlook is gained by the content on one's blog.


    Welcome here. Your name remined me of my days in Bombay where we had a neighbour by your name. her father's name was Saldanah. Wonder where they are now!
    BLogging is different for various people. Sometimes even serious bloggers do give in to the pretty face syndrome!

  34. Pam:

    Yes, one writes for oneself so why bother.


    Thanks for the warm words.

  35. David:

    Welcome here and thanks for coming by. Ah, the genderanalyzer tools are quite stereotype, I guess.


    100% man, glad that you have come ehre today. thanks for your warm words of appreciation.

  36. Myrna:

    Ah, Myrna. Sometimes people flirt not for the age but for the wonderful content.


    Wonder what genderanalyzer predicted about you.

  37. Brian:

    I hear you.


    Quite true. Sometimes blogs are one way of connecting with that special someone ;)

  38. Sarah:

    My God! It has been a very long time. How are you. Hope all is well at your side.
    Thanks for remembering to stop by. As always, wonderful to see you.


    Ah, you aren't naive, dear Glynis. Thanks for those lovely words.

  39. gwl:

    Welcome and thanks for coming by.
    Glad that you found the site informative.


    Quite true.

  40. Myriam:

    Thanks for your words of appreciation. One can find different purposes that come as a way of blogging. There are quite a many strings attached.


    Men are more selctive as they have to invest time and mind power. But women do it rather easily.

  41. In my experiences it does matter , i will tell you from personal experience ..
    I hardly ever check the about me page on a blog, Dont rmemeber when last i checked
    but going by the site stats on my blog I see lots of click on my About me page .. and not that many comments , which does mean that many just see my ugly face and dont bother to come back again..

    and totally agree wit htyou that some only read the title of the post and go away , not many read the whole post at all

    another thing i find funny on my blog is that not many MEN/boys come or write .. although i find a lot bloggers swoon to a females blog .. I wonder why :)


  42. How come no one ever flirts with me through my blog? Maybe if I actually removed my own photo, I'd get stalkers. My face, apparently, is not stalker-friendly. :))))))

    1. Maybe you're too naive to notice ;) Your face (with or without the mole) is definitely an appeal. Maybe some Filipino women stalk your blog but don't comment ;) Alert, Age.



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