Tuesday 3 January 2012

Expecting changes

I have just returned from a class. The students seemed to be in a hazy state of mind and looked at me blankly when I posed a question to them. The question was: What are you expecting from this year? Save one student, all the others stared at me as if I had committed a great earth-shaking blunder. Well, I was completely amazed. One student even told me: I expect nothing. Well, here I am trying to be as normal as possible after coming back from a two-week break and putting on my best smile and trying to initiate a conversation.

Sometimes it so happens that every day passes off as something similar. A new year is not seen as something to look forward to and it passes off as boringly as the other days. I guess it's very easy to be cynical and try acting as if nothing matters. It does take an effort to expect something with the breaking of another new year. Afterall, we are getting another chance to repair the past where things weren't as favourable. Maybe everything was perfect in the bygone year and hence one does not feel the need to expect anything.

There were years when I was a cynical being. Trying to be a killjoy when someone announced a birthday or a new year wish. I completely wiped the joy that was vibrating from the individual. He/she was subject to my theories of nonsense and only after I released my dose of vitriol, would I let that person go. Now, when I look back, I regret those moments and times when cynicism took hold of me. That is precisely what happens when one reads too much of newspaper. Then one day, I stopped being cynical. I started seeing the joy that these moments bring. A new year is a gift. It is definitely an opportunity to start afresh. It is a time to again pick up those bits of us which have been neglected, overlooked and abused.

Coming back to my class. I didn't want to bore my students on the morning of my first class with them, by giving them a lecture on how to expect something from the year and making it happen. Well, they will know when they have to know. Time is a great teacher, isn't it?

So, what do you think?

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  1. "Time is a great teacher." Couldn't have said it any better. :)

    Maybe your students still had holiday hangover?

    My hope, then, is for them to snap out of it if they knew what's good for them in Mrs Sus' class! :)

    Happy new year, teacher! Welcome back to the classroom.

    Patience always. :)

  2. I met a cartload of people who were "cynical", as you say, about the celebrations and plans that others were working on! It was an absolute effort to get them out of it and I did not succeed most of the time. But it will happen when it will happen - I believe too that I may not be the right catalyst to bring about that change.

  3. It is just that people celebrate and party a lot these days that the new year doesn't hold much joy,maybe they party because they have nothing else to do. But, a new start...we can do it anyday. That's what I feel.
    http://janukulkarni.blogspot.com/2012/01/change-within.html....my poem to support this.

  4. I don't get super excited of a New Year celebration, but I would never belittle some one who was. I take the years as they come, as Janu said, a new start can be any day. But I do agree with not putting the kaputz on other peoples celebrations. That is just rude in my opinion, my cynicism has no olace in another's life.
    Great post and Happy New Year.

  5. Time is a g8 teacher truly said..hehe i remembered my college days n the new year day in office where in we all gathered fr a new year meeting lol (one more crap). I was yawning as they spoke about big plans, tall talks etc etc so i understand d plight f students.

    Happy New Year!


  6. I think a reason people in the past marked time into years was because they expected something from the new year, too. A harvest perhaps or the birth of a new generation of plants and animals.

    I think for us, who have lost touch with the seasons of the earth, one day passes pretty much the same as the next and New Year's day is just a holiday.

    I personally have my post-graduate exams to give and so I am expecting this new year to point me in the direction of the specialty I shall pursue for the rest of my professional life pretty much. :)

    So, it's a pretty major change for me. Happy New Year to you, too, dear Susan.

  7. i think there is a difference between cynical and critical...i think we are in dire straights and i want to help us get out but i dont think there will be without drastic changes....

  8. Susan - I think we all go through phases of cynicism - I've been there too. I don't want to brand the younger generation, but I do think they're a lot more cynical than I was at their age...Perhaps it's because they live in an over-stimulated atmosphere...with the media and all...Hopefully, as you said in time, they'll see the beauty of another year, another day even...

  9. Susan where and when can I sign up for your class? I would love to be a student again but in YOUR class!

  10. Yes people have to learn their lessons at their own pace. we cant hurry them up, but sometimes when we feel like speaking, somebody in the audience might be at the stage of learning it.

  11. Hi Susan .. every day is an opportunity and every second is time lost - it's something we have to learn and appreciate. Some have it, some won't and some might ...

    It's acquiring that excitement for life, that curiousity about all things ... and living life to the full ... many of us do a fair amount of it - but we too fall between the stools sometimes.

    The balance of all things and so important to grow .. encouragement and your leadership ability will open the doors for them .. if they wish to follow ..

    Happy New Year - and you enjoy the year ahead .. I know you will and many of them will too .. cheers Hilary

  12. Time is a great teacher and hind-sight is always 20/20.

  13. Hi Susan .. I just came across this quote from Steve Jobs - so I've come back to post it:

    "Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." - Steve Jobs

    Says it all ... cheers Hilary

  14. time is a great teacher - even if one is not a great learner :)

  15. Great post Susan..for me this new year brings hope,a new life altogether..I just don't take it as another "year".but it means much more than that.

  16. In the past, when a class though my teaching was boring, I recall using those words of Anthony DeMello--not exact here, but for the idea:

    "When teacher is trying to help, but you (students) seem bored...drop all the words from his sentences...What you have left is the meaning, which could light a fire in your heart!!

    My degrees are for teaching, but I just could not DO it. I need first a motivated (HAHAHAHA!) student(s).

    So I respect--yes, ADMIRE-- you who teach, Susan Deborah!. Your rewards will accrue. Sometimes will be instant--sometimes after you are in heaven! You wrote it well, Dear.

  17. Great point about time being a teacher...so true!

  18. Susan, your words have touched me deeply. Like your students, I've not taken the time to reflect on my expectations, which I know make a difference in my life.

    I'm glad you're no longer cynical, though I have a hard time imagining you being so. Thanks for this post. It's just what I needed as I return to my blogging and my friends. I've missed you and am so glad to resume this process which teaches me so much.

    Love you.

  19. Age:

    And definitely time is a great teacher, indeed. Age, the holiday hangover is still there. I hope by next week, it is all clear :)
    Have your classes begun?

    And I'll remember, Patience!


    Change happens, no matter what, dear Kriti. How nice to see you here. Have a wonderful New year.

  20. Janu:

    Yes, a new start can be any day but still a New year is something special as a new month or a new week :)

    Joy always :)


    Thanks for your thoughts, dear jan. I wish you joy and happiness in the New Year.

  21. Mani:

    Yes, indeed, time is a great teacher. Those meetings are definitely c%^& but changes are inevitable and what better time than a beginning of a new year to review and reflect.

    I wish you abundance of joy and peace in 2012.


    How aptly you have described the present day scenario, Karishma. Whether its just another day or something else, a new year holds promises for me. Sometimes these small joys that the dawn of a new year, are ways to keep one motivated and going, isn't it?

    Wishing you all that needs to make you wholesome and joyous,d ear Karishma.

  22. Brian:

    Quite true. Brian, you speak like a minister.



  23. Savira:

    You make me blush and squirm, dear Sav. I value your words, as always.
    Smiles and hugs.


    Yes, maybe. Reading your comment makes me to not lose hope and do whatever I am doing. Thanks and wish you a blessed and joyous 2012.

  24. Hilary:

    That excitement is something that my students lack. Somehow I seem to feel much younger than them. And, thanks a ton for that wonderful quote by Jobs. He is an inspiration.
    Thanks dear Hlairy for everything and I wish you a wonderful and meditative 2012.


    Sadly, true :)

  25. Yuvika:

    You said it.


    When we begin seeing every new thing like that, life becomes more worthwhile and exciting.

  26. Steve E:

    DeMello was right but I don't know whether my students think so. When I am in Heaven - well, thanks for assuming that I will make it there one day. Steve, you are a sweetheart.



  27. Autumn Eliza:

    Welcome here and thanks for coming by, dear Elsiza. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed 2012.


    Your words warm me, dear Myrna. When readers say such things as you have said, I feel quite elated and it brings purpose to my writing. Glad.
    I have missed you as well and I hope that the new year holds all that needs to make you wholesome, joyous, lovely and content.
    Joy always and big hugs.

  28. Time is indeed a greater teacher. Few years back if someone had told me, this is how I would turn out to be, I may have laughed...But, I have learnt, moved on and small joys mean so much more :)

    Sometimes I wonder, do kids enjoy school these days? It must be so boring, the TV, video games, FB, all the nonsense around? I do not blame the kids to react the way they reacted...

    Loved this post <3

    Happy 2012 :)

  29. Chintan:

    Our timeline seems to be more or less similar.
    I'm talking of kids who come from a rural background :)

    A lovely 2012 to you as well.


    You are quite right in saying so. Good thoughts, Ash. Thanks for coming by.

  30. If you call those kind of reactions cynical, then I guess I am quite cynical. And yes, I am a big-time newspaper reader too. Does it have any connection? I think, yes. Another topic, what say? :)

  31. hmmm reminds me the good old days of schooling. and indeed time is a great teacher i do think that way

    learnt a lot more in the years that following after school and college , life teaches one the easy and the hard way both


  32. Good thought................



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