Monday 14 November 2011

This thing, that thing, which thing

The word thing, I guess, should be the winner of the contest "One word for all." It is much easier for anyone to say 'that thing' rather than the actual word that should be used in a particular context. Take this example:

X: I like that thing in your T-shirt

Y: Which thing?

X: That yellow thing

Y: You mean that smiley?

X: Yes, that smiley thing

Well, every object, emotion, idea is reduced to a 'thing' or 'thingy.' Lets's see another example,

A: I think I have a thing for Josh Groban

B: Same here. Even I have a thing for him. Do you think we should write a thing for him?

And, it is not only young people who use the word 'thing' as a substitute for words but also adults. And, I must hasten to add that yours truly is also found guilty of using the T word for lack of memory of the original word.

The usage of the word in certain contexts almost ends up in double meaning. For example, the T word is used as a euphemism for sexual organs and sex itself. People saying, 'my thing is itching' or 'we did the thing' is not quite uncommon. But it does get hilarious when people say, 'My book is on your thing' (here, thing refers to bed). But the beauty of this kind of 'thing' communication is that the speakers who are part of the conversation perfectly understand the connotation of the word 'thing.'

Using the word 'thing' for almost every object or feeling, the literal meaning of the word is forgotten. But, that is secondary because communication is what matters and so anything is fine!

Now, let me leave you with the video of the song That Thing You do! from the movie of the same name. And why did I choose this song? Well, you guessed that one, quite right.

What do you think about thing and do you do the thing thing (winks) always?

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  1. AHHH Susan you have a thing for words and creating a thing to post. I love the way your thing works it is quite interesting and thingy!
    Taking Care....

  2. The song is nice... Thing was a word that we used to use frequently earlier, but not any more. So, I wonder what's the meaning of thing anyway? Does it mean an 'object'?

    Destination Infinity

  3. I do use the word "thing" frequently...And as Savira says,you do have the "thing"...great post..

  4. I like this thing about your is good.

  5. haha.. enjoyed your post as always. Its amazing the topics you choose to write about - nice thought! Creative!:)

  6. haha, this post made me giggle. I have a friend who talks like that. "You that thing that is used for that, you know, that thing and it's like, like so awesome!" I think it's a matter of a condensed vocabulary when it isn't a case of failed memory. :D

  7. ha i like reading this thing as well...why do you think it is we dumb things down so?

  8. Is it just a blogger thing?....just wondering. Nice post.

  9. lol that was one thing of a post! i personally also have weird thoughts running in my head when people refer to anything and everything as "thing" - I wonder which "thing" could it realy mean - double entendre!

  10. Never really thought of the 'thing' this way! What an interesting discovery this is - Loved your post Susan and that song - ah that song - always loved it : )

  11. Shoosh. I use the word way too often. my poor vocabulary please.

  12. Few minutes ago I had something on my mind...but after reading this, I can't think of a thing to say, Susan Deborah

    But the real thing about it is, it probably wasn't a life-changing thing!

    Love...and PEACE!

  13. My wife also has a "thing" for Josh Groban too.

  14. I do use the word "thing" or "thingy" when I don't feel like thinking! It's a laziness. I like that song, as well as the movie!

  15. Simply loved this post! Your expose on the "thing" word was excellent! We certainly do overuse this word in our language.
    Also, loved the song - that was one terrific movie!

  16. that thing-a-bog , that thing-a-fig, that do Hicky thing, things. lol like it thing. here that god bless you thing

  17. Hello. that you mention it, I do use "thing" quite frequently.
    I love flowers and what they represent & sometimes I do say "I have a thing for flowers" without even thinking about it. Whomever I'm saying it to even understands what I mean!

    I love this post!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for visiting. Your comment was hilarious. I appreciate your following too. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower. See you soon, my friend!

    Raining Flowers Upon You

  18. Oh, never knew that one can actually post an interesting thing about thing. I wonder how you manage to make good posts from such mundane things!

  19. It is hilarious! It's amazing how the word :thing" is used for everything. Ron says "Thingy" for everything. Lovely post Susan.

  20. Dear Susan, you are so funny.;) Yes indeed, I do use the word "thing" quiet often as English is not my native language and I often lack words.;)
    Sorry for my absence, but I should be a better blogger now as my move is finished.;))

  21. I do notice that the older I get, the more frequently the word 'thing' becomes a part of my vocabulary. Guess I would call that an 'age thing' LOL.

  22. my mother uses "that" to say what she doesn't want to say, not because she forgets but because she doesn't want to say it:
    He is like "that" meaning he is gay.
    When you had "that" meaning when I was sick.
    That and the hand gesture tells you "that" is not a good word and therefore should not be said

  23. I had a few things to write about this thing too. But, you seem to have covered all those things in this thing. Now, everyone can enjoy the interesting things that the word thing can be used as :D

    I have a weird sense of humour... :P Interesting read...


  24. LOL...this is so funny and so true! I don`t use the "T" word a lot..or I think I don`t but yes we are all guilty! Great post!

  25. This blog just became one of the many "things" I like! :)

  26. Great post! Pretty soon "thing" will be littering our conversations as much as "like" did in LA in the 80s. :)

  27. I'm guilty of doing that *thing* ;) Great post.

  28. Lovely post and song!

    People for whom English is not their mother-tongue are especially thankful for the word 'thing'. It is a word which has lots of uses and so helps verbal communication and often covers up one's limited vocabulary.

  29. What is this thing called writing? :) My daughter uses the term,'thingy', very often in her sentences. Loved your post.

  30. Smiles and more smiles. I get a little annoyed when people overuse the word "thing". But as I age, I notice that I use it more too.

  31. The thoughts you manage to bring
    I think that is your special thing
    like ballasts from a sling
    how do they from your mind spring?

    Great post. :)

  32. Ha Ha !! Very original.You always write short and crisp.

  33. Savira:

    Thanks for the thing you wrote. Makes me happy happy.


    Thing has many meanings out of which one is "object."

  34. :-Dee:

    Thanks for that thing :)


    I'd say both: condensed vocab and failed memory.

  35. Brian:

    I see the mohawk clearly now :) Ha Ha.


    Welcome here. A nice name esp for this season! Definitely thing is older than the blogger.

  36. Yuvika:

    Oh yes! Double entendre!


    That thing you do!

  37. Chintan:

    Welcome here and thanks for stopping by. Hmmm. We do get lazy to think sometimes.


    Ah, Steve :)

  38. Snowbrush:

    Welcome to the Meanderings. Have seen you couple of times at Myriam's. Glad to meet ya. Josh Groban is hmmm. . . good.


    Welcome here Adriene. Laziness, yes for sure and we all are lazy.

  39. MArtha:

    Blessings back at you. I'm yet to see that movie.


    God bless you as well dear Roy thing.

  40. Andy:

    Thanks for 1. the follow 2. the comment and 3. for visiting here.

    Thanks for your kind words. They are indeed appreciated.


    Ha HA. Amything is possible when you coax your thing, er . . . brain.

  41. Rimly:

    Thingy is a word I detest.

    Hope you're well today.


    Hope you bade a lovely farewell to the White house. You are always a lovely blogger-friend, dear Zuzana.

  42. Mary:

    Not an age thing, MAry. Many of our children do this way too frequently.


    I forgot "that." Sometimes I hear thins word also used.

  43. Arnab:

    Welcome here and thanks for stopping by. Would love to see demonstrations of that "weird sense of humour," sometime.



    Thanks Nel. Glad to see you here.

  44. Linda:

    Hats off to you.

    Matangi Mawley:

    Welcome here, dear Matangi. Thanks for that comment. It was a great thing, indeed.

  45. Rachel:

    Even "like" does the rounds these days.


    We are all guilty of "thing."

  46. DUTA:

    Glad you liked them both. Duta, I even notice notice speakers do the same.


    Thanks for the warm words of appreciation, dear Sulekkha. Glad to see you here after long.

  47. Myrna:

    We all dislike something and do the same thing. Paradoxes!!!


    The thing you have for rhyme
    I think is sublime
    When I read the thing you've rhymed
    I'm filled with joy of every kind.

    Thanks for enlivening me with those wonderful comments, Govind.

  48. CLUBFG:

    Welcome here and thanks for coming by. Glad to have you here. Your warm words make me smile.

    Come back.

  49. Haha, the thing is, this post is a wonderful thing! Fun read!

  50. Sumitra:

    Welcome to the Meanderings. Thanks for coming by here and your wonderful comment makes me smile. Glad to have you here and thanks for the following.

    Joy always

  51. The thing with this post is that I will now try to curb my habit of using repeatedly that thing called 'thing'! Loved it!



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