Friday 7 October 2011


When sloth determines our actions and words, we do the most funniest of things. And these actions are funny not to the doer but to the observer. My friend, let's call her Z, always has the habit of picking the clothes that are right in front of her, in the cupboard. She never finds it necessary to look thoroughly for other clothes that are neatly folded inside. She just picks the one that is in front of her. This could be said of undergarments too. What is arranged in the contact position of the eye is the one that is immediately picked.

I have observed this trait when men buy vegetables and fruits. When I say men, I am of course generalising. Not all men have this trait. Well, . . .. Men tend to pick the veggies that are just in front of them unlike women who dig through the basket and look for the 'good' ones.

My students!!! How can I possibly forget them. Any assignment or any essay BANG, they go to Google and pick the very first link, which ultimately happens to be the great Wikipedia. And when that 'wikipedia' essay comes to me, I promptly mark PLAGIARISM and ask them to revise the same with an original analysis.

This habit also talks of something else. The act of complacently picking what is RIGHT THERE. If only one digs deeper, there could be the possibility of getting better things. I can understand that on certain days, one is too lazy to look for better clothes hence, selecting something which is right there in front.

Similarly, when one is not too bothered to cook food, every food item that is readily available on the table is eaten, and the person in turn, gains a lot of extra calories.

So the key word is time here. Lack of time, zest and interest paves way for picking up something which is right in front. The extra step to find out if there are better options is usually overlooked.

Well, are we grabbers of what we see in front of us or are we diggers of the unseen.

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  1. I am both...some times I am lazy or tired and so pick up what is in front of me...especially if the store or the vegetable stall is crowed. At times, I am able to dig deep, that is for information.

  2. i think may just be priorities too...if it is meat we are talking about i take my time...smiles.

  3. Guilty of sloth in other ways. You are so correct. If one just takes the time to peel back the "layers" there are sure to be treasures to be found.

  4. What was that? As I wa too lazy to finish :)

    Nice post so yes I am a Sloth and proud of it!!!


  5. I tend to poke through things particularly clothes. My husband just grabs whatever is in front of him and then I have to re-dress him. Great has me thinking;)

  6. I think I'm more of the 'digger' variety with most things. My husband is great at buying things, but when it comes to clothes it's what he sees on top, usually.

  7. You just gave me the answer on a question: Why do people only read the latest post, tell that they like it and move on? The answer, they only read what is on top.

    Thank you for this interesting post.

  8. I like to dig.. just like I like to see what is in my fridge and collect them and then create with those items..
    There are moments where I am lazy and will take what is in front of me.... Guilty... but are not all?
    You have the most interesting post and I keep yours to the last so I can truly enjoy it!

  9. i dig based on how "not lazy" i feel :)

  10. Hi Susan .. I think I extend the thought the idea might be there - but then I start looking out of the box and re think it a little ..

    So I'm not a sloth .. and I definitely dig around! Cheers - Hilary

  11. I tend to be a digger, Susan. I'm usually not happy with whatever is just there on the surface. I know there is always something hiding underneath. Maybe it's due to my curious nature. Maybe it's just simply looking for something better. Whatever the reasons, I have been satisfied with the results of taking the extra time to dig... and find. Treasure is always there to be found! And just think... if every time I wanted to wear something I just grabbed whatever is on top, I would always be wearing the same thing!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Susan.


  12. Whether it is for taking a cab
    or pull out dress even if it's drab
    it seems that what comes first I grab
    except when going with friends to grub
    and the waiter comes in with the tab.

  13. do u think google has destroyed the young generation's creative forces

  14. I am definitely a digger of the UNSEEN!!! Yes, most people will grab what is readily available, instead of waiting or digging for something better! It is the world's fast paced mentality of wanting everything... RIGHT NOW!

  15. Reminds me of Shel's poem:
    Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, Jane.
    She wants a drink of water so she
    waits, and wait, and waits, and waits, and waits
    for it to rain.

  16. I like to dig for the best. That's why love your blog.

  17. YOur such an observant creature. Hmmm....there is another way to pick veggies and fruit? Sounds way to time consuming. I think I will stick to what's in front.

  18. Janu:

    I know. It happens to me as well.


    Oh, yes, priorities matter as well.

  19. Polly:

    Oh, tell me about laziness. How many opportunities we miss by being lazy, Polly.


    Lazy bum!!!!

  20. Leah:

    Welcome here and thanks for stopping by. SOmetimes this trait is a predominant 'man' trait but women are guilty as well.


    Digger, Corinne. Glad.

  21. Elizabeth:

    A good question. Now this is specifically to bloggers :)

    Thanks for coming by dear Elizabeth.


    Oh! we all are guilty at varied times.

  22. Yuvika:



    Welcome and thanks for coming. Shall sure visit your place.

  23. Hilary:

    If only all of us were so, we would be scientists and Steve Jobs.


    I bet you are a digger and that is so evident in your posts :)

    Have a great week ahead, dear Nevine. Glad to see you here.

  24. Govind:

    Aha ha ha.


    Not exactly John. Google is a saviour for students. It should be used to aid our analysis and one shouldn't be dependent on it. But students don't see it that way. they view Google as their assignment doer. So, I should be marking Google and not my students!

  25. Farfalla Dreams:

    Welcome here. Glad to see you this morning over here. Digging is good!!!


    Great poem. Imagine waiting for the rain to drink water, this is the highest form of laziness. I wouldn't want to be in her place. Ever.

    Good to see you after a very long time, Lance. Hope you are doing well.

  26. Myrna:

    :) Smiles and hugs.


    Lazy bum. Thanks for your kind words but do be a digger st times.

  27. Good morning dear Susan.;)
    I am definitely a digger.;) I never take that what is right in front me, in the literally sense and abstract as well. It is simply way too easy.;) I always feel that if you want to find a treasure, you got to dig for it.;)
    Always a pleasure to stop by here.;))

  28. All the clothes that were at the back of the cupboard are still there, very safe, very new. Yesterday when my mom cleared my cupboard she found me 4 sets of salwars that were brand new with the prize tag sleeping at the back of the cupboard.

    About the assignment:
    I have always been clever in doing that. I always click the link that is almost in the middle of the second result page :P

  29. Zuzana:

    I bet you are. Your wonderful posts bear ample example to that :)


    Welcome here and thanks for coming by. Just to let you know, even I have received my Dove hamper. 4 sets of brand new salwars!!! You better become a digger, you lazy bum.

  30. Oh Susan :) What a deep digger you are to come up with such a post!

    I don’t know what I’m. Others know it better I guess

  31. Asif:

    Ha Ha. Others know everything about you but who are those others?

  32. Whaaaat?
    Susan doesn't know whether I'm a digger or not? Susannnn!

    ***Looks here and there feeling dejected,blinks quite a few times and moves away calmly dropping head and dropping shoulders.
    Suddenly returns back, scratching head and says you just read my comment again.


  33. Took a bath just now and you know what I did? Picked my salwar on the top! And here I open this link with interest, and you talk about lazy bums, which includes me! Ha ha! Great post BTW, Susanji! :)



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