Monday 10 October 2011

SLR clicks, stale jokes, a big TATA Grande and lots of bloggers

For the second time, I bravely attended a bloggers meet alone. The last time, I attended one organised by Indibloggers, I met some good bloggers with whom I am still connected via blogs. This time the meet was at The Hyatt Regency and Tata Grande sponsored the event.

Though less apprehensive than the last time, I put up a bold front as I was a 'veteran' blogger and one blogger meet old. I slowly walked in and registered myself and got a stamp on my wrist which confirmed my registration. Picking up a tall glass of juice, I scanned the room for familiar faces. I was disappointed as I could not spot any (either no one from the last meet had come or I had forgotten faces). I settled beside an animated group and after few awkward moments of silence, I barged in: "Can I also join you guys?" I was warmly added to the group and then on I began non-stop . . .

All the while we were in that ball room of Hyatt, someone or the other was clicking pictures, either in posh SLRs, or digical camera or through mobile phone cameras. For once, I did not mind the flashes though making myself unconsiously ready for the angles.

Some bloggers were given 49 seconds of fame which allowed individuals to talk of ther blogs and other things. The Tata Grande people were also there to promote and sell their 'grand' SUV. Well, people were given test rides and so on before the actual meet took place.

After some time, I did spot few familiar faces and I was genuinely glad. It was wonderful reconnecting with Websnacker, Srivalli and others. In both the meets, I met a blogger who maintained 49 blogs!!! Can you beat that? I was astonished at his ability to prioritise time for all his blogs.

The food was sumptuous comprising of blueberry tart, chicken roll, potato croquette, chocolate . . . (I don't remember what it was. Maybe a pudding or a cake!) and tea/coffee. I met some more bloggers over food and chatted about their blogs and interests.

The clicking and flashing of SLRs were still going on. I bet I am there in many photographer's pictures (I hope that people do trace me and send the photographs).

Like last year, we were all given free T shirts. This time it was a grey one unlike the last time which was black. And, again like last time, I walked out with a lone kid who was working at Amazon in the books section.

I came alone and went home alone, just like last time. I guess this would be the norm for me.


  1. aaah - ok I wont repeat my self but I missed it!
    49 blogs, seriously? WOW!

  2. Wish you lived a bit closer than we could organize our own blogmeeting together with Zuzana and some others. If you ever happen to be in Europe, please let us know.

  3. Must have been exciting to meet the people behind the blogs! Unlike me, most bloggers I know do not even post their photos in their sites. :))

    I hope we'll have our little bloggers eye-ball, Mrs. Sus.

  4. Hi,

    We are talking first time bt read ur post on Blogger Reflections group and could not resist myself to proceed.

    M a 4 month old blogger n feel great wen i connect with people like u who r now maestros!

    I came to knw thru u tht there s a bloggers does that happen..i wud be glad n proud to join. Plz let me know as well.

    N damn 49 blogs..dats amazing!!!!!!! YO!!!!

    Hope to keep this realation an enudring one!

    PS- Loved the simplicity of ur blog

  5. Was great to meet you again Susan. I'm surprised that you remembered me. Will drop by more often. :)


  6. I am looking forward to attending one for only women this 16th. Hope to meet my online friends...offline for the first time.
    Hope you enjoyed.

  7. We must have 'blogger-meets' here in US, I just don't know them. I've gone out (will go again this week) and crafted my own blogger 'get-to-know-you' meets.

    Hey if I go alone, and come home alone, I don't get into trouble--well, as MUCH trouble, that is--grin!

    Love you, Susan Deborah...Indie-Girl!

  8. its always good to interact with those fellow bloggers and some like minded people, in a way it certainly helps to do better...i wish, i get a chance to walk into this meet once....hopefully...:))

  9. no steve...i dont think we do...we have large conventions mostly directed at women bloggers...what an interesting concept...would love to meet some fellow bloggers...

  10. Except for meeting Elizabeth, I have never met any of the bloggers in real life nor have I ever been to any meetings.;) Seems like you had a great time.;))
    PS: Love the new look here.;)

  11. At least you went! I have wondered what they were like and if I would actually get anything out of attending them. Do I have to be a hardcore, serious blogger, in hopes of getting noticed by gaining hundreds of followers in order to attend? Well that would be nice actually, but since I am not, I too would probably have felt a little nervous going and alone on top of it. But I applaud your confidence and hope you gained some new connections and inside blogging tips. I often wondered how cool it would be for a blogging event to take place somewhere where we all could meet face to face. Although coming from India I am not sure where that would be, but it would be fun between the FB group, would it not? Have a great day?

  12. It will be my dream come true if I happen to attend a blogger's meet.And as I said Susan...I will meet you soon.

  13. Hi Susan .. it's finding your feet in a set up like that .. being individual can be an advantage .. you can take what you want out of the event, rather than following the crowd. 49 blogs seems remarkably excessive to me .. I wonder if he does any of them properly, how many he has helping etc etc ..

    Great you went and I see you've learnt a few things, met a few new people .. enjoy the week .. Hilary

  14. I've never attended one of these blogging events, but I think I'd like to. Sounds like you are good at mingling and meeting people. That is a valuable skill ;-)

    No -- I can't imagine 49 blogs for one person!!!!!

  15. Hope u still rem me!!It was really nice to meet ya Susan and it was gud to be thr at the blogger's meet for the first tym..
    try checking out my blog and commenting regularly..Would luv to hear ur views..Am following ya expecting u to return the favour someday!!

    my movie link:

  16. Hi Susan:
    Sometimes it can be motivating to go somewhere you don't know anyone. If you want to become recognized, it's up to you to make the first move.

    Good for you that you stepped up. If you think about it, I imagine many of the friends you have now were people YOU approached at one point. If you keep that in mind when you're apprehensive about reaching out the NEXT time, you should be able to move passed the challenge.

  17. Feeling lonely in a crowd?
    with writing skills so endowed
    and having your readers wowed
    you should only feel proud.

    Really missed the meet and more importantly missed meeting you.

  18. How wonderful that you attended. It sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to meet you and other fellow bloggers. I wonder if I have a different idea of what they're really like.

  19. It was great meeting you Susan... That was a wonderful event :) :)

  20. I don't know what is stopping him to make one more blog and complete his half century! Creating and maintaining 49 blogs takes a lot of efforts and he should have converged all his efforts over a couple of blogs to get even more attention from the search engines.

    I too attended this meet, and it was a fun event. I have attended one earlier in Bangalore too... I love such Blogger meets!

    Destination Infinity

  21. Yuvika:

    You bet.


    I just wish I was closer :(

  22. Age:

    Quite. But I didn't know many there. I wish we also met. If wishes were horses.


    Maestro!!!! I feel honoured but I don't think I'm a maestro, Mani. Anyway, thanks for your appreciation. You could become a part of Indiblogger and then you will receive the notifications.

    Welcome here and glad to see you :)

  23. Varun:

    Same here, Varun. Hope you write more frequently.


    Please do and write about it. We will be glad to hear your experience.

  24. Steve:

    You should definitely have. Love you back, dear Steve.


    Welcome after a long time. Indibloggers always conducts these meets. Become a part of Indiblogger.

  25. Brian:

    It will be wonderful to meet you guys. Come to India sometime.


    Even last time you commente don my first blogger meet dear Zuzana. Going strong, we both! I did have a great time there.

  26. Cole:

    We had pure fun (mostly at other's expence). We all live so far away. maybe I should plan a trip to the US where many of my blogger friends are from.


    :) Looking forward.

  27. Hilary:

    49 was rather excessive for me as well. Yes, I did have a good time.


    You should have one at your place for those who live close by.

  28. Prateek:

    Apologies. I don't remember. I shall stop by your place. Oh! yes! I think I have.

    Welcome here and do come by when you have the time.


    :) What a lovely comment! Thanks Chris :)

  29. Govind:

    Blush Blush.

    Lost a lovely chance to meet the rhyme commenter! Maybe, next time.

    P. S: Did you read the books?


    It is all different, Myrna. None of the people's blogs I had visited were there. Only one. the others who were there last time weren't there this year.

  30. Anand:

    Same here, Anand. I remember your smile which never left your face. Let it always remain so :)


    Welcome to the Meanderings. happy to see you here. I visited your place as well and left a comment. Hope to be in touch.

    Good wishes :)

  31. I was thinking bout this event, couldn't make it this time... how often do they hold these events? If you do know of any future blog meets, please let me know. As usual, well written... I think you would have enjoyed more if there were familiar faces around.

  32. Finally I can comment in ur blog now!!!

    It was really nice meeting you and interacting with you Susan!!!

    It was fun, playing games and eating all those chocolate cakes, and clicking pics!!!!

    Thanks for the wonderful evening in the meet...

    Glad that u voluntarily joined us...otherwise v wud have had less fun!!

    Keep in touch ya!!

    PS: I was searching the comment box for long..and finally found the link....Donno it was something different from other blogspot blogs!! Anyway...!

  33. Karen:

    I already thought that you were an Indiblogger. Once you are an Indiblogger, you will receive notifications in your mail box. I met Anju in the Indiblogger Meet last year.


    Glad that you could comment. I don't really know what went wronng. It was wonderful connecting the other day.


    Keep in touch :)

  34. Susan! The last line was touching! Next time, I will walk with you!

  35. Tariq:

    :) You are very kind.


    Great to meet you as well. Keep in touch, dear Ashwini.


    We all had fun and left happy happy :)



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