Monday 3 October 2011

"I feel as if I was inside a song"

If you've read The Lord of the Rings, Book I, then you would remember the lines that make the title of this post. Sam utters the line to Frodo, after listening to a song. After much thought, I realised that there are some songs which leave you much with the same thought: "I feel as if I was inside a song, if you take my meaning." Some deep baritone voices have this effect on me. I can almost picture myself within the song and after the song is long over, the trance remains.

The genre of the song does not matter for this experience. The song could be a spiritual or a romantic love rendition. Whenever I hear Denver crooning You fill up my senses . . ., I always find myself inside the song, almost feeling Denver singing to me and telling Like a walk in the rain . . . The same feeling happens when Presley croons, Wise men say, only fools rush in . . .


I wonder what gives this feeling? Is it the voice of the singer or an experience or the effect of the lyrics. The song, voice and lyrics envelops the being and one is transported into a different time and environment. Sometimes film songs do this as well. Probably that is why many Indian films have songs to describe a particular emotion. When love happens, the girl and the boy are transported into a place where the scenery is lovely and both break out into a song filled with thoughts of love, longing and desire. And laymen, who fall in love, take refuge in those songs, imagining themselves instead of the actors. Like Sam, common people get "inside" the song.

I am sure that many songs also have the same effect on you. They pull you such that you find yourself inside a song. Have you felt the same way as me?

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  1. I don't know if I live within a song or if a song lives within me. I guess I would have to say that song (plural) lives within me.

    I think the photo you have that says live outside your head live inside a song is adorable. Songs have lived inside my head as far back as I can remember. I hear them, see them, feel them at any given moment, many at the same time without actually having music on.

    Very interesting post.

  2. Excuse me,get inside a song?
    Did I hear you wrong?
    Inside a song I will never belong
    Always in the periphery I will float along.

    Wow, it is great to be get into a song. As Forjenssake says songs are within me. The songs get transported outside of me and then I can 'watch' it from afar. Does it make any sense? Guess it is the begining of senile dementia. :)

  3. Good morning dear Susan, finally I find some time to visit after a busy weekend with the family.;)
    I always live inside a song. Music is essential to me and I feel withdrawal symptoms if I do not get to listen to my favorite music for a few days.
    I can also go into a trance due to the harmonies or deeply identify with the lyrics.;)
    On another note, Indian Summer is a term used only for Northern hemisphere, which describes a period of days with temperatures above 21C, occurring late in autumn, usually after a very cold period with frost.;)
    Have a lovely Monday dear friend,

  4. Hej dear Susan,

    You already know about my love for music and I totally agree with Zuzana. Without music I can't get through the day despite the fact that I drive my family crazy from time to time. They can't appreciate music while being on the breakfast table! (strange, lol) And almost everyday I wake up with a song in my head, sometimes even during the night. Lyrics have become part of my being, the way a guitar is touched makes my heart and soul tremble of joy or sadness. Me without music is like a desert without sand or a sea without water.

    Enjoy your day, the sun is still shining in Danmark.

  5. Love this post....songs evoke strong emotions in me and I am into a song completely when I am hearing the one I like. You reminded me some beautiful songs and that's where I am hear them.

  6. Hello Susan:

    No, I cannot feel exactly like you because there is only one Susan, but I very well understand what you are saying.

    Yes, there is music within us all.

    Kind regards,

  7. I think it's the only way to appreciate a good song!

  8. i dont what it is mut music does have that bit of magic...and i dont know if we get in it our it in us...but yes i have felt it...

  9. I love music.. depends on my moods... However for some time now I have the song What a beautiful in my head... has been for a few days.. So it must reflect what I am feeling!

  10. Some pieces make me cry for no reasn- not apparent reason at leat- others get in my head, not necessarily cause they are catchy- but they stay in my -i don't know if iam in then, though

    Joy :-) Susan

  11. There are very few songs that do this for me, Susan.
    --Cats in the Cradle
    by Harry Chapin is one. Feel like it was written for me.

    Beautiful Loser by Bob Seger is another. These lines especially ring true:
    He's your oldest and your best friend
    If you need him, he'll be there again
    He's always willing to be second-best
    A perfect lodger, a perfect guest

    They resonate so deeply because they bring me back to my childhood best friend.

  12. It's so easy for me to 'get into a song' especially when I can personally relate to the words that are being sung.

  13. I know for me it is the lyrics and the music that draw me in from life experiences..some for the good some not so good..As always...XOXOXOXO

  14. absolutely yes

  15. I think it's because songs add this lovely touch of dreaminess to otherwise rather dreary, straightforward lives. I sometimes let my imagination wild and wonder how cool it wud be to actually live inside a musical, like Glee, where people just burst into song when they feel like.

    For me, if I had to choose to live inside a song, I'd really pick Yellow Submarine by the Beatles or maybe Octopus Garden. And Girl of the North Country by Bob Dylan.

    Lovely post, Susan! :) I feel like rereading LOTR now.

  16. Music is within me...and plays a great deal of importance in my life...loved your post Susan,u always come up with something out of the ordinary.

  17. nice post!

    song is a tool for emotion, so handle with care!

    i often use a favourite song to bring my energy and emotion to the front of my mind.
    music has always been a vital part of my life.

    be well, dear Susan!
    betty xx

  18. I love it when people talk about the songs they like. :) I am always on the look out for singers I have never heard before- you me some beautiful songs- Nick Drake and sway with me. Thanks again for sharing wonderful songs.

    Hmm.. I do feel-"inside the song" there is a complete song list :D

  19. Phew.. some eaten words and some typos.. too late for me to type I guess. Have a great week ahead Susan!

  20. Being auditory, words are everything to me. There are many songs whewre the words can pull me in and carry me along. I have always used music to inspire and lift me.

  21. There is one song that is forever in my brain, not romance, but a song of survival, Tom Petty's "Refugee". I was taken away by this song and his voice. Music is something I live and breath, one who I can sink into everytime I here his voice is Roy Orbison. I truly live in his music.

  22. "Music soothes the savage beast." I guess it is music that transports us to higher planes, to spiritual and magical places, where we transcend our animal nature. I love music, it is the food of my soul. And I love the way you state it - to live within a song. Can it be that anyone exists who doesn't like music?

    Susan, I always enjoy your topics. You think so deeply.

  23. I live in music,I am crazy about songs and have so many favorites that I can't pick one. One song is special because I heard it while on a road trip to Mumbai, with my parents and kids. Another brings back bitter-sweet memories of a college excursion long ago. I can go on and on....but you get my drift, right? Loved your post...

  24. Great post Susan :) I've felt many times like I've been in different songs. Sometimes it can be the intense and beautiful melodies of the instruments, or my own experience resonating with that of the lyrics, drawing me inwards towards deeper reflections or a moment long past.

    This was a great, reflective post :)

  25. The song you mentioned is among my friends we use to sing it in a group while having camp fire in my MBA college!

    I am not able to recollect any song that I feel I got into at this moment, surely there are many!

    Needless to say nice post! :)

  26. I ain't sure if I totally get what being inside a song means. But I guess that's how I feel when I listen to Skyline Pigeon. First off, lemme say I have absolutely no love for Elton John. He just gets on my nerve. But I love that song despite the singer. The words just take me to an emotional landscape where freedom is just a hope beyond the bars of a cage. Powerful.

  27. I feel that way about a great many songs. My favorite way to listen to music is with a set of headphones that cover my ears completely and don't let noise in. I agree with you about the John Denver song; the wods are so beautiful.

  28. I agree. I too have been inside a song several times. Such a lovely feeling!

  29. Ah!
    Youuu fill up my sennsess….like a sleepy blue ocean :)
    Annie’s song by Denver ! :) I love love love it.
    Strangely, If I get connected to the song instantly the song transports me to a distant new place (trance :)). For me it is the tune and melody which does the act of attracting my senses. I feel that the music and tone have a language of their own. The same effect can be attained even when you don’t know the language of the lyrics. It happens with me most often when I’m listening to any foreign language songs. Sometimes it happens with just ad songs. Sometimes even just the instrumental music can do it for me. It’s not that I take away credit of lyrics. But for me lyrics help in strengthening the bond formed between me and the song- The inner beauty, The soul.

  30. These days I don't really watch the visuals. I am totally into music , vocals and words. So, its only audio for me. I love the songs that are too melodious - They transport me to somewhere that is even better than the visuals on TV!

  31. Forjenssake:

    Welcome here and thanks for your insight. But have you lived inside a song?


    Govind, a song within you and you being inside you is a bit different, I guess.

  32. Zuzana:

    Wow, Zuzana, that sounds wonderful.


    Music is the breath of your life, I reckon.

  33. Janu:

    Hope you had a lovely time listening to the songs.



  34. Sav:



    Maybe you were inside the song and that's why you cried without knowing why. It has happened to me as well.

  35. Chris:

    Glad to hear of your best song. I should go and hear it now.


    Quite true.

  36. Bongo:

    Oh yes, for me its the feel of the song and lyrics also sometimes.


    Shall see the video. Thanks.

  37. Karishma:

    Absolutely true, Karishma and this is true evn of sad songs. The mood also changes according to the song. And, I feel like listening to the Beatles, now.


    Thanks for your lovely words, Alpana.

  38. Betty:

    True, a song can lift us out of our terrible mood swings.


    You are welcome, Sam. Glad that you liked the songs of Drake. Not many like him. As for the typos, it is the enthusiasm which makes us commit typos :)

  39. Larry:

    I think of myseld as a sense person as well. Great.


    I did hear that song after you mentioned it, Jan. How long have you lived with Orbison's music, Jan?

  40. Myrna:

    How well you have expressed your thoughts, Myrna. Loved your comment :)


    I do get the drift, Sulekkha. The drift is wonderful.

  41. Jessica:

    Sometimes I don't feel like returning back, Jess but what to d. Reality pulls me down.


    Many many songs and so many escapades!

  42. AJ:

    Which song by Elton John, Age? We teachers of English are good at escaping anywhere from the present, isn't it?


    Headphones!!! They scare me and I feel quite claustrophobic in them but many of my friends like to listen to music like you -- completely wrapped up in the song which does help one to get into the song. You know what I mean?

  43. Ash:

    Yes indeed. It is a wonderful momentary felling that lasts forever.


    Yes, any music has that power if we allow ourselves to be drenched in the rain of music.

  44. That is a great way to describe how I view/feel about music.

    Your post inspired me to write another post on music this week, LOL.

    Have a great weekend Susan.

  45. Hello Susan..Goodmorning (Sun is shining beautifully here in France)!

    What a post...simple yet deep. Music is so essential to one's existence, therefore God created some music in every entity.

    I think the songs we admire at one time or the song in which we live at a moment, is a reflection of our inner ongoings. What we think/feel/perceive/sense combined with music/lyrics/images attracts us to one particular music/song.

    Good post to read in the morning.
    I wish you a beautiful musical day.


  46. Shaifali:

    Welcome to the Meanderings. The sunshine there is seen here in your words. Thanks for the warmth. The inner ongoing definitely reflects whether we are inside a song.

    Joy always :)

  47. if you remember fro the same book Sam says adventures are soo much more fun when the are someone else's and i would so much love to be "the song" inside someone else's heart......its narcisstic (chauvinistic?) i guess, but thats just me. anyway have a nice weekend (whats left of it)...and it was nice meeting up/chatting with you at the meet today at Hyatt

  48. Hey Ganeshputtu:

    Hyatt is a cherished memory now :) Yes, I did like that thought from Sam as well. Hmmm, I wish that you are in many people's hearts and songs. Have a lovely week :)



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