Saturday 12 February 2011

Why we follow whom we follow

The "follow" button in Blogger has become the most favoured as well as despised button of the blog authors and readers. When one begins to blog, the button is looked with yearning and getting followers one by one gives a sense of unique self-esteem which inflates the ego. One feels that there are people who like the writing style and content of the blog. Well, this is just the beginning. After a considerable number of followers decorate our blog, we gradually learn that following a blog is something like the art of flitting from one blog to another, reading the most recent post, and voila! pressing the Follow button. It becomes a formality.

Recently, while going through my blog's followers, I found that many individuals follow my blog while only few are regulars. I think they base their opinion of a blog by reading the most recent post and instantly hit the Follow button, little knowing that they never will venture in the same place again. Sad. Following blogs has become more like a return gift where if one follows, the other reciprocates by following. For a very long time, I meditated and mulled over before following any blog. I had to read atleast three to four posts of that blog before I could press "Follow." Even now I do that but have lost the verve of yore.

Following has become more like a social obligation where one leaves a visiting card to everyone present. Social butterflies who are adept at hopping from parties to parties make good bloggers who follow any blog quickly but seldom take time leave comments or even visit the blogs they follow.

So, if I don't follow your blog after you have started following mine, it means that I am reading your posts and wondering whether I should Follow.

Well, these thoughts were an instant emptying of the meandering mind. Why do you follow whom you follow? Do you take time to follow a blog or you show your kindness by returning another blogger's favour and following.

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  1. I could not agree more. Its become like a return gift

  2. Welcome Priya. Glad to have you over. For a very long time, I was wondering about the Follow part. Just today, I got down to writing it. I sometimes don't visit the blogs I follow as the author has either moved away from what she/he started with.

    Have a good Sunday.

    Joy always :)

  3. I tend to only follow those blogs I know I'm actually going to read and have an interest in. You go on somewhere like networked blogs and the discussion boards are full of "if you follow me I'll follow you" and I hate that. When did blogging turn into a competition?

  4. Guilty as charged on all counts! Geez I've followed blogs for all sorts of reasons, but reading your post made me realize I've prostituted my blog. Blame this on the shameless spamming culture of Facebook's Networkedblog app.

    I could count (in fairness, with more than one hand) the blogs I do follow for the content, the writing, and the writer. I think it's about time I'd be more judicious and stick to my standards.

  5. I follow blogs that interest me and sometimes I do not follow blogs but read their posts on a regular basis.
    Am guilty of doing a follow me follow you thing in the beginning.

  6. :)
    I think you already
    know what I think about this... What I just cannot understand is those hundreds that follow me and have never written a single comment in my blog. I even have advertising sites there...! ridiculous
    , why does one FOLLOW?
    I started following everyone I liked and sometimes even a few I eventually did not like at all.And having more and more followers becanme as a main goal- oh but that has changed so much
    I have even stopped following some ones, who stopped blogging nine months ago or some who turned up to be not the ones i had previously thought..., they come up at my dashboard and I never get to visit them. If we were really honest to ourselves and the others we should go back and start it all over again, and star following only those we visit no matter what.
    Hey I have a reply in my previous blog for you.
    hugs Susan for always being so loving and lovely


  7. Great post! Great question!
    When people first start blogging, especially if they get involved with networked blogs, they find out very quickly in order to have their blog come up in a search they have to have 20 followers. I do understand the reasoning behind this, but I think this has a lot to do with the start of 'follow you, follow me'.
    I personally follow a lot of blogs, not all of them relate to my topic but are more of just a personal favorite. I also belong to numerous networking sites. All of which takes a tremendous amount of time. There are some blogs that I visit for every post they make, and then others I may visit once a month. Either way, I always try to be respectful and leave a comment, even if it is only to let them know that I have been there for a visit. As far as networking sites, there are some that I am way more active in than others and that is not by choice, but only because of lack of time. I simply don't have the time to be everywhere, every day.
    When I look at my list of followers, I surely realize that not all of them actually ever pay my site a visit, or if they are there, they don't feel the need to leave a comment letting me know they were there. Although my comments may not reflect a visit, my pageviews does. Go figure.
    At this point in my blogging life, I do appreciate the following, but am not in the habit of following back. I want followers to appreciate my content, or feel it is something they can pass on to someone else that they know would appreciate it. But, I have to say that I am guilty of visiting a blog numerous times and getting so caught up in their post that I leave my comment and exit. Totally forgetting to follow that blog! Sometimes, I don't realize it until I have been there 2 or 3 times:)

  8. Susan Deborah, great topic my friend! I think it's about time someone actually said these things.:)

    As for me, I try to maintain integrity and follow only blogs that I will read and be able to comment on. If someone does follow my blog, I will always go and do as you do: read their blog in return and if I like it, I will follow it as well.

    One thing I do that isn't good is sometimes I find a blog I think is really interesting but simply don't have the time to read so I follow it so it shows up in my feed and I go back when I have time but I always do try to comment on the blogs I follow.

    Interesting topic. I really look forward to reading what others think!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Love Colleen

    P.S I will always prefer thoughtful comments to followers any day.:)

  9. OK. OKAY. I'll do you the big favor and follow you, Susan Deborah. I knew you stopped reading me, but never knew why? I have ALWAYS found your stuff interesting, and to my liking.

    Until NOW! has become a "MUST" on my list. I've got to make sure you're in my sidebar, else I don't know if you have posted...

    I admire those who do not even install that follower's grid.

    Oh Well! Let me go see what ELSE I can worry about today--grin!
    PEACE! (stranger!) Oooops!

  10. Hah Hah...this something I have thought humorous for sometime about us blogger folks. But, wait, I am suppose to leave a VISITING CARD? This is horribe news! I don't even know what that is? I can see I am in big trouble. Maybe you could give me a social lesson - but then again that kind of sounds like work. Thanks for the post!

  11. Great post. I admit I am still in the thrilled to be followed phase. But, over all the number of views a post actually gets is my real ego booster...

    Generally speaking, I follow blogs whose authors I enjoy. I view following as sort of agreeing to be notified of updates. It doesn't mean I read every post, mainly due to time constraints, but at least I'm in the loop when new stuff becomes available. I am probably a bad follower in that I don't always comment, even when I read a post. To me it is like reading a news article and not commenting. I figure my two cents is not always necessary....:)

  12. i am a regular so...i actually have thought of this does become a social obligation...i actually read more people i have not followed yet recently...and may need to unfollow a few...

  13. Dear Susan, what an amazing and honest post! And how to begin... Let's see...

    As a sort of unspoken rule I have with myself, I don't necessarily start following someone who follows me. You see, I've sort of seen a pattern... people sometimes come to follow you only to make themselves visible to your other visitors on your followers gadget. The truth is they might never have even read a single post, but just did their blog-hopping from one blog to the other and clicked on the follow tab. I don't like to waste my time with such things, because that's not why I blog.

    I try to keep myself honest and consistent, and with the honesty I have no problem. With the consistency, sometimes I suffer, because I don't have as much free time as I wish to dedicate to blogging. And yet, I do my best and I do insist on the honesty because there is nothing I deplore receiving more than a fake comment scribbled in haste, and so I make it a duty never to do this to anyone, either. I believe sincerely that one honest comment made is better than ten fake comments, and so I never ever indulge in being fake. I also don't like the idea of visiting and pretending to have an interest or to have read when, in fact, I didn't.

    And so... that's my two cents... as honest as I could make it!

    I wish you a lovely weekend, Susan... and thank you so much for your invaluable support these past couple of weeks, my dear! :-)

    Warm hugs,

  14. as yoga writes, i think we're all guilty of this mad reach to gain a readership. some bloggers feel that the only way, is to follow anything. the same thoughts i had at the beginning. i.e - when someone lands, they see that there are others like them and they may read something and return.

    i have relaxed in this endeavour, maybe now a bit more selective .. top post by the way .. now will you all follow me please !!

  15. Oh I so agree with you...I do follow after I go through some of the person's posts and see if it speaks to me. But not just because ppl are following me. And like you, I have noticed from the 200 odd 'followers' of my blog, only few are regulars...and mind you, not all of them feature on the followers list funnily enough! :P I go through periods of unfollowing blogs as well...if they haven't posted in more than 6 months or so, I stop. What's the point? Sigh...

  16. For me, I follow certain blog because i find it interesting. Reading someone's blog is a good way to learn. everyone has interesting content to share i believe. For example now, I'm reading Susan Deborah's blog now...:)

  17. In the beginning I followed all who followed me. Now I follow those who have content worth reading and those with whom I feel a sense of connection. Because it takes such an inordinate amount of time to keep up with so many blogs, I limit myself to a few blogging friends. Not to be exclusive or anything, but this business just takes so much time that you have to pick and choose. I don’t want a thousand followers nearly as much as readers.

  18. I follow if the blog interests me and I try to make a point to scan through all the blogs I follow every other day if not every day. Then if I see something I like I try to comment or vote if that's an option.
    I don't want to be a silent follower and I hate feeling guilt tripped into following someone just because they followed me.

  19. To 'Follow ' achieves two things-
    1. It establishes links and the more links your site has, means it's easier for search engines to find your site, when someone searches for that subject, as I understand it.
    2. It does allow you to easily genuinely follow that site to read it's content.The 'Follow' will mean you will be able to find their latest blog on your Reading List on your site's Dashboard so you can scroll through and pick up on who you want to read.

    So Follow as many as you feel comfortable with, particularly any in fellow network or blog groups, because you'll end up establishing friendships, and finding like minded people in unexpected places.

  20. It is not as much about following, as it is about commenting..
    When you follow someone it is because you want to read more of them and also because you want to know what they have to say about the way you write and your opinions. It is not a one sided affair. You can't expect your followers to keep commenting on your posts, if you don't reciprocate.

    Your post has touched chords with many people I see :)

  21. This is always a hot topic in the blog-o-sphere! I fall into the category of following blogs that interest me on a personal level, and that can encompass a diverse field of topics. Generally, I stumble across new blogs & visit out of curiosity. Or I connect w/ someone on Facebook and my own blogging group there (Authentic Blogger) and grow a friendship, then quickly pick up their blog to follow as a result.

    I am sincerely appreciative of any and all who visit Healing Morning regularly. I am even more appreciative of those who take time to leave thoughtful comments, as it is then that I know they truly are reading my content. I make an effort to visit my favorite people & blogs each week, but don't always cover every single one. I do try to read and comment on my favorites at least once or twice a month. I know what each of us puts into our writing & I want to return the favor of reading that content and honoring it with equally thoughtful comments.

    Btw, Susan, I would LOVE it if you'd incorporate/program a Feedburner Email Subscribe button on your blog. That way, I can subscribe & get every single blog post in my email Inbox. :)

    Much love to you,


  22. Susan, as usual, perfect topic - you say what everyone thinks.;)
    Could not agree more with every single word - the excitement of getting the first ten followers, the anguish of becoming a follower myself of someone else's blog (initially I was almost always an anonymous follower) and then the sentiment of it almost loosing the purpose and becoming a follower only to return the favor at times. I have become a follower numerous times just to do that.
    Thus, the number of followers is so highly misleading when it comes to a blogs popularity.;) I, as you, can only count a handful of readers that actually read my blog regularly.;)
    And in no uncertain terms, your blog falls under that category in my own following, always looking forward to read your each new post.;)
    Have a lovely Sunday dear friend,

  23. I've only 2 followers out of whom only 1 reads it all the time and comments on it... :( :P

  24. Very well put, I think you know I have a pure dislike for the follow me/I follow you regime.

    I read and comment and I often forget about the follow button, only when I've returned to a blog a number of times do I then select the follow option, bookmarking the page is just as good for me plus it enables me to organise my blog reads :D

  25. I too, at the start was guilty of the pressure or was it attention seeking to get followers.
    Even then I did not get many... go figure? Certain blogs are not to everyone's taste and that's with no disrespect to the writing style or even content. It just doesn't grab you or you see through the lines and see them as fake. There to only get followers. A bit harsh? Maybe.

    But I do read a lot of blogs and comment on most of them as well as follow some. That does not mean I
    want a reciprocation it just means I enjoyed it and I will return.

    Cheers A

    I could write more but hey no one might follow me....

  26. I have nodded at every line of this post.

    Ya.. that no. of followers fancies us.. but what is disappointing as you rightly said.. is the no. of people who actually "read" the posts forget about commenting!!

    I follow people only if I like their posts. I did few formalities follows a while ago but then sat one day and cleared the entire list. Choose which blogs to follow and which to discontinue.

    Ya.. the regulars are always a delight. At times while writing posts I imagine the kind of responses certain followers might give to a particular post. =)

  27. I still go through atleast 3-4 posts in the blog before hitting Follow unless ofcourse I know the blogger personally!

  28. You may have the best of blogs, but if you don't reciprocate by following and/or by commenting you may as well mobilize your family and friends to read it and leave you a comment; nobody else will do that.

    In a way, blogging is a kind of game based on reciprocity. There's no harm in it; after all you can always stop following or stop leaving comments. It's up to you.

    Anyway, we have the option of writing a blog without Followers, but I don't think there are many who choose this option.

  29. I have nt had many followers ...nd most of d faithful r no longer active in blogosphere
    So i would rather call it marketing and I have been guilty of it

    But then it's an inspiration tht people regularly read what u write!

  30. Dear Susan,

    It's been a long long while - perhaps a year or two that I have not been so active in the blogworld with specific to reading and commenting.

    Funny because just recently, I finally took the time to go over with Blogs I am supposed to be "following."

    On the other side of my note, what about those so called "followers?"

    Well, I must be honest to tell you, I am still busy cleaning up because I feel like accumulating trash that are not treasures except for a handful.

    I am not inclined to writing blogs to solicit sympathy for what I wrote by butterfly-hopping so the rest will come to me and leave me a note. It would be kind of "I give you mine and you give me yours." I don't think commenting is obligatory, not to mean any offense to all.

    We seldom find people who give comments that come from the depth of their hearts. Mostly, it's just all superficiality.

    Anyway, I have plenty of distractions that keep me away from blogging. Shall I say, I just come to the point that I am tired of it? I got a hundred of works unfinished. So if you happen to visit mine, you will notice there's almost nothing there.

    So much to share but words have freely escaped my thoughts.

    Miss you Susan. It's a shame I am suffering "Depression" to be able to enjoy what I used to enjoy before.

    Nah, I am trying to keep myself occupied between computer and grandbaby sitting. She is 11 months old now and getting bit of a handful. ^_^

  31. Well, I think this is something we all struggle with at some point or another. I expressed my point of view on my "Empty Numbers" post on my blog and I was so happily surprised at the interesting discussions that resulted from it.

    I have unfollowed people for specific reasons, which I also discussed on my blog, and for those people, I dont feel guilty at all. But, I think my opinion on this is going to continue to evolve over time...

  32. great post Susan!
    i'm a new blogger. i opened a blog just over a year ago but only started being active on it since september so I'm still learning.

    I'm not sure what I think of followers who never comment. I wonder why they are following me but hey, it looks good. :) And now i'm doing the same with them. but i have many that don't follow and actively comment.

    And I believe that if they took the time to comment then I will do the same back to them. and so far that seems to be working only...I can see if you get an amazing amount of comments, it would be extremely hard to return to each blog if you don't want to spend all day, everyday on the computer. In which I can't do that so sometimes I will reply with gratitude on my account and leave it at that.

    like i said I'm still learning
    have a blessed day my friend!

  33. Ugh. I DESPISE the follow me and I'll follow you mentality. You are so right that it doesn't produce any readers. I reserve the follow button only for blogs whose content I don't want to miss out on.

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  34. Jayne:

    Welcome Jayne. Glad to have you here. Blogging gradually turns into a competition when obsession starts setting in.


    "Prostituted my blog" -- Well, what's the charge, Age!! When we begin, we are judicious but somewhere down the line we gradually fall into the 'Follow' trap. It takes time to mature and mull over our actions.

  35. Savira:



    Starting all over again seems fair enough but I honestly don't have the courage and verve to do that. In fact, your comment spurred this post aso all thanks to you my sweetest Dulce.

  36. Mary:

    Thanks for the very detailed comment. I enjoy reading long and insightful comments as yours. Mary, I did register at Networked blogs but somehow did not keep up with it. So, I did not put up a button. In fact, the same people who folllowed my blog were on Networked blogs so I refrained from putting up that button. Perhaps, I was plain lazy. As for my Facebook page, that is another example of laziness. I am happy with what is happening in my blog as of now. Even blogging has its own stages and each stage makes us move on to a different level. In fact I can trace those stages in your comment.
    Thanks Mary for this one. Glad that your came by.


    Integrity is the word, Colleen. But strange how ethics also come into this sphere. I wonder. Colleen, sit back and read those insights. There are many to savour, digest and relish.

  37. Corinne:

    :) Honest comment. Highly appreciated.


    I haven't stopped, Steve. It is just that sometimes I don't comment. I don't know what to write, my dear peep. Don't worry, just fiddle away.
    Joy always :)

  38. GQ:

    Humourous, yes. Social lessoning, yes. Can I quote my fee? Hope to see you in class, GQ. Don't forget that pen and paper.


    Welcome Paul. Thanks for coming by. Well, many readers are quite similar to you. they don't comment but they are definitely in the loop. But tehre are others who follow but don't read EVER. And talking of your two cents, you may never know how it adds to the value of the post :)

  39. Brian:

    Your blog is mind boggling with all those followers and comments. You ar ethe grand old man with a thousand followers. Simply astounding. I always wonder: "How does Brian follow so many blogs and also manages to comment?" You must be a super man! Well, do you wear your underpants on top of your pants? Grin.


    Delighted to have you in the loop again. How I missed your comments! You are quite right in saying that visibility is teh criterion for many who drop into blogs where there are many followers and comments. I learnt all this recently while reading a feature on making one's blog popular. Way of the world! "Honesty and consistency" should be the key words in operation for every blogger. Your two cents are definitely worth a million.

    Big hugs, dear Nevine.

    Joy always :)

  40. Alan:

    Whoa! The line line of your comment stands out! I hope my readers are paying attention.


    It is the same in my case, only a few are regulars but on second thoughts, it so happens that the mind frame also plays a role. If I am a bit low and I see a blog which talks of becoming strong and courageous, I immediately press the 'Follow' button but later as I surpass that phase, I forget that blog and don't much visit. So, moods also have a role in thsi whole 'Follow' game of blogging.

  41. Isabelle:

    Welcome here, Isabelle. Glad to meet you. Learning definitely happens. And I thank Isabelle for reading Susan's blog. Please do come by whenever you feel like. Joy and peace.


    Hello Debra. As I mentioned earlier, a blogger has various stages in the blogging phase. We move through each step and I guess we begin to think of 'Follow' amd other such things when we find ourselves having blogged for some time and now wondering on the philosophy of the entire process.


    Sometimes I don't follow a blog but comment regularly on the posts that I find interesting. These days I am quite careful about teh 'Follow' button.

  42. Jim:

    You have shed light on the technical upsides of following. I must thank you. Thanks gay Jim :)


    Commenting is inbuilt in this whole 'Follow' business and you have hit the nail on the head, S. Many many people with diverse and interesting responses. That is the power of commenting.

  43. Dawn:

    Facebook makes it easier as one can select the posts and then wonder whether it should be read or not. Dawn, I should work on that. I am not very sound on the technical aspects. I shall try to incorporate that. Thanks for coming by and I wish you a lovely week ahead.


    You are very kind, Zuzana and I love reading and rereading your invaluable insights. You are one of my faithful followers and I am so glad to have stumbled upon you in this Blogland.
    Big hugs and joy always, dearest Zuzana.

  44. Nikhila:



    Welcome again SJ. Glad to have you over. I do know that you dislike the follow-me-follow-you regime :) There are some readers as you who absolutely don't worry about the 'Follow' button and I'm glad that you belog to that tribe. May your tribe increase.

  45. AG:

    Attention seeking is the game we play when we begin our blogs but for some it turns into an obsession which needs clinical interference.

    The clause after your signature is noted and acknowledged.


    Sometimes on a gloomy day, looking at the number of followers always uplifts our spirits but that used to be long long ago. The regulars are always a delight and often times, I think of their responses as I write a post. Mutual feelings, dear Sam. And thanks a ton for being a true-blue follower. Cheers and joy always :)

  46. Yuvika:

    Sometimes one cannot stop being followers of friends, no matter what crap they write.


    Reciprocation is the key and I so agree with you, DUTA. I wouldn't choose that option, anyway.

  47. John:

    It is definitely an inspiration, John.


    So so glad to have your presence here. Big hugs Inday. I can perfectly understand when you say that you have been busy. Don't ever feel guilty about that. I still feel honoured to be the only follower of your music blog. I wish you all the best with your tasks and life.

    Joy and peace, always :)

  48. Sofia:

    Struggle cause the thoughts to surface as a post. You are quite right. I agree with you when you say that as bloggers, we evolve and our perceptions change over time. As I mentioned earlier, we pass through different phases in blogging and in each stage we feel a certain way.
    Thanks for coming by dear Sofia.


    For one year, you have made remarkable progress, dear Hope. Glad. Learners, we all are in thsi Blogland. I wish you the best in your blogging journey.

  49. Rachel:

    Welcome. Glad to see you here. Enjoyed reading your letter to St. Valentine. I am happy that you agree with me on this.
    Joy always :)

  50. In Marathi, we have a saying "शिता वरून भाताची परीक्षा करणे", meaning you can ascertain the quality of the crop of rice by testing just one grain. I have been following people on this basis. If I really like a particular post, I follow the author, hoping that the subsequent posts too are good enough.

    But I've decided to keep the blogs I follow to a manageable number. Else, I might end up spending a better part of my days simply reading and commenting on blogs and not be able to do any of my own work.

  51. Vinay:

    We have that saying in Tamil as well. I can relate when you say how blogging can consume our time and energy. I follow a dozen posts where I liked one single post and it so happened that that particular post was the ONLY post I liked. Well, experience differs from individual to individual.

    Hope you have been well.

    Joy always :)

  52. Good morning Susan. Thanks for the hugs and a feisty wish for Joy and Peace. Don't we need Joy and Peace? We all do I suppose. Because I do. Put it simply, it is the desire of my heart.

    Well, since my spirit is in its working condition (^_^), I thought of popping in to give you a little surprise. I hope this will not get me into trouble.

    Dance with Me.

    Thank you for coming to listen to my music. Ain't we lucky we belong to the old school?

    Inday (that is my actual family pet name). I thought of coming out into my shell. We give our true name at facebook so why hide in the blogworld?

  53. WOW... you are really being successful with these thought provoking issues...

    Ah You have helped me have the nerve to create a new blog... Sweeter poetry is over (at least for a long long time...)
    If you have any interest-and I really hope you will- come visit me at

    And tell me what you think...
    Ohmy I must be crazy :9
    hugs, sweet friend

  54. Inday:

    If you really need it, I am right away sending you an inexhaustible stock.

    How I love this lovely surprises. Well, you have made my morning brighter. I am so glad that we belong to the old school. I so love the songs you post. As I have always said, your song blog seems that it is just for me.


    A new blog is the labour of thoughts that skirmished your mind, Dulce. Please don't be so humble and give me credit. "If you have interest" -- now what nonsense is that. How could I miss your writing?

    Loved it . . . Loving it . . . Will love it.

    Joy always and best wishes for the new space in Blog world.

  55. Hi Susan,
    Great topic, as usual.
    I am with DUTA.I couldn't agree more.
    For me blogging has to do with reciprocity; I love supporting fellow bloggers above all. Of course if I can.

    Hope you had a great weekend, dear Susan.

  56. With almost 40 insights to this post, you must be very happy Susan to have gotten one. I don't usually get into this digits for comments on my post even though I already have almost 400 followers, Sad to say there are only a few who stopped by and leave a comment. Like what the others say, I too have my own guilt to share regarding this post... Thanks for the reflections....:)

  57. Betty:

    All of us have our own say on this quite interesting topic. But you must know better as you have 1000+ followers.


    Only a few stop by and that makes our day. Your kind words are most appreciated.
    Did you come on your horse?

    Joy always :)

  58. Thanks for this very interesting post. Your blog I found today after a friend mentioned it. After reading about three posts and wishing I had more time I decided to follow immediately.

    A few hours fastforward and I am back because I want to read what you have to say and I like the way you write.

    Do I follow easily, yep. As soon as the content is interesting I start feeling like a sponge who wants to know/learn/see more. My bloglist is long but I read all the posts on my feed and comment on most of them.

    Have a lovely evening while I read.

  59. Indecision is Quicksand--Brian Miller

    So for three days now I have not slept, tossing and turning in my sleep, perspiring--call it what it IS--SWEATING!--grin.

    I even got a daisy in my hand yesterday, and said, "Follow--or not--follow--or not--follow, etc. OH God, why o WHY did I have to read this post--OH!, maybe because I'm a follower.

    Reading Elizabeth's comment--THANK YOU!--I maybe can sleep tonight. It's called "Made a decision..." (to "follow" you!)

    I LOVE it, Susan Deborah! PEACE!

  60. Elizbeth:

    Welcome here and I am very happy to have you here. Many a times, we have been neighbours in commenting at some places. I must thank you for taking the time to read some of my older posts. Your time and comments are much appreciated. If all bloggers/followers/commenters were like you, blogland would definitely be a haven and heaven for many of us. Glad, and very glad to have you here. Looking forward to many insightful interactions.
    Joy always :)

  61. Steve:

    You are a lark! I so enjoy having you around. Can I keep you for three months in my house? Grinnnn.

    Love you, Steve.

    Joy always :)

  62. Yeah, well I'm back reading you again Susan. And gay I ain't.
    Anyway Chennai is a fascinating place.
    Plus if you aren't following my blog, how you going to keep up with all the stories I have to tell about beautiful India?
    I see you running around here with a photo of the toy train ride from Kalka up to Shimla- Have you read my blog for
    '' Lost train of thought and flying curry" ? You'll love it.

  63. Jim:

    Ha ha ha. Good one :) Shall follow you now on. Here I swing by to your place.

  64. I only follow the ones I really like and the ones on my blog wall are the ones I really really like the most (which if I ever have a minute, I need to clean up). i do try to read regularly and when - times like now when I am extremely busy with my road race- I try to sneak a few min here and there to read a few.

  65. Myriam:

    Quite sensible, you are. Following should not be an obligation or compulsion. We should be able to follow whose posts strike a chord. That also means, we are free to comment only posts that resonate with us.

    Joy always, Myriam.

  66. Hm... I used to follow everyone too, but then I heard that it isn't a great idea if wishing to maintain one's privacy.
    Personally, I believe that the follow button is used more as an acknowledgement of a blogger's popularity. Feedback, if you will, that a blogger is desirable.
    I don't have a follow button. I prefer to read the blogs I like and leave comments.

  67. Angie:

    That's the way it is! Much love to you :)

  68. Hello, Susan! I think it's not limited to the world of blogging. It's pretty much existent in real-life and also on social networking websites like Facebook. The theme is: You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

    Also, there are possibilities that when one is new to blogging, one goes on a blog-spotting spree and start following everything in sight. Life's hardship and busy-ness soon take over the intial I-also-want-to-blog euphoria.

    I once wrote a Facebook update which went like: If S.C Bose were alive today, he would have remarked - Tum mujhe 'Likes' doh, mein tumhein 'Comments' doonga! ( You give me 'Likes', I will return the favour through my 'Comments').

  69. Really informative article you have shared here and truly i inspired from this write up. Thanks a lot for sharing this impressive blog.

  70. Suraj:

    Quite true. Returning facvour seems to be the norm.

    Website domain Name:

    Welcome here and thanks for your time and comment.

    Joy always.



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