Wednesday 9 February 2011

No turning back, no turning back

The title is inspired by a song sung in Sunday school which says that no matter what, I will follow Jesus and there will be no turning back. Well, many bloggers resort to the technique of "no turning back" when it comes to comments. If I make any comment on a specific site, I make it a point to visit and see if the post's author has responded to my comment. Some bloggers who receive many comments don't reply and that is perfectly understandable as their box is filled with many many comments. But as bloggers, do we actually go back and see if our comment has received any feedback or observation. Many a times, I have had wonderful insights on my comment. The author of the post would have clarified or explained something which I had inquired or asked in my comment.

Do you think that by commenting alone, we have proven that we have visited our favourite blog? Well, it does not end there. I see most comments leading to effective dialogues between two individuals. Sometimes it so happens that another commenter also adds to the conversation and thus the dialogue becomes vibrant and interactive.

To be honest, I just like reading replies to my comments and hence I make it a point to go back and check on the blogs that I have left a comment. While many of my friends have a deluge of comments and thus don't reply to individual comments, they show their appreciation and clarification by emailing me or sending a message through Facebook. How I value those mails and interaction!

Finally, by going back to the blogs we have commented, we also get to read other comments which support or negate the point we are trying to make and hence we can identify people with mindsets similar to us.

So, how do you look at the issue of "no turning back" Do you go back and check the responses to your comments or do you visit a site/blog only when you need to comment when a new post is published?

Wishing you a lovely remainder of the week.

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  1. The fruitful interactions at the comments level is what I look forth to when I write a post! That's the idea when we post on a certain idea, a conversation, and in the process clarification and insights from many angles:) And I really feel disappointed when the comments are lame and is general in nature and has nothing to do with the post at all :|

    Good day Sus :)

  2. Same goes for comments on other sites as well... the comment section is a activity place where ideas are created, exchanged and channelised... :)

  3. Yep! I'm a go back guy. I usually comment on a specific blog a few times at the beginning to see if I get a response. By the third time I've commented and have received nothing in return I usually don't return there.

    It's the love thing...

    Cheers A

  4. I’ve been guilty of not responding to comments in the past. But lately I’ve made it a point to go back and respond to every single comment. And I try to visit those who’ve commented, and “return the love” as they say in the blogosphere, for I appreciate those who take the time to post meaningful comments. I’m a golden rule girl. It’s just good blogging etiquette. Loved your title and this engaging post Susan.

  5. I absolutely go back and check the blogs where I've left comments! Sometimes it might take me a while, but I do make the effort to check back. I am also one of those bloggers who always, always replies to every comment that someone takes time and effort to leave on any of my posts. I feel if someone visits my page, reads my work and puts effort into leaving a comment, then I am going to honor that action with a reply.

    You're right, Susan, the Comments section can spark a lot of meaningful, interesting conversation. Quite often, I will have new blog article ideas birthed as a result of comments that have been written. That's the beauty of the whole process!

    Namaste', dear one. <3


  6. I LOVE the fact that you reply to comments. It is amazing and admirable and always go back and read your replies. I read always replies on every blog, that has this feature.;)
    I used to reply to comments myself individually, but have stopped that due to lack of time and thus only reply jointly, as I feel not replying at all is somewhat rude. It is if one doesn't care at all that people visit. By replying one shows that one takes notice and reads carefully each and every comment as comments are as important as the posts themselves.

    If I may say what bothers me is bloggers that chose only to reply to certain comments - that makes me feel left out and like I am intruding onto a private club.;))

    Great topic as always my dear friend.;) Wishing you a lovely mid-week.;)

  7. i've realised that i too enjoy seeing the return comments. i try to reply to each and every one that takes the time to land at tbaoo and make a comment. it's part of the growing feature of blogging and sharing in my case, silly nonsense around the world .. ;)

  8. I love to read and comment. :)

    Please remove the word verification.

  9. Point taken and it is true, especially if there is any querry in the comment.
    I usually club together and reply at one time (but if there is any specific querry then I answer immedietly)

  10. I do go back to check particularly when I've left a cheeky comment or something a tad controversial. I think people should do their best to respond to comments however many they get. If one feels overwhelmed, one can choose to no longer receive comments on that particular post. The tools are there. It's rude to ignore comments.

    To me, comments are people. I choose to acknowledge and appreciate as best as I can. I love the interaction.

  11. i like this...i sometimes go back, sometimes send an email, sometimes just get buried...i like interacting with others and what they write...

  12. I do go back, Susan. But sometimes, I'm guilty of not responding to I'm getting better at it - I hope. But I also make sure to visit the other person's blog and comment, even if it's just to tell them I've been there!

  13. I don't go back to check for responses. I hadn't even thought of that. Sometimes people e-mail me in response to what I've said. I do my best to keep up with my peeps, but hope they understand if I don't make it on a regular basis.

  14. Now this is educational to me. I've learned about the etiquette of blogging. Clearly, responding to comments is the polite thing to do and I am rude. I always visit the people who comment on my blog and leave a comment on theirs. However, I know that if responding individually to all comments is required then I don't know if I can continue to do this. I sure do appreciate all comments and strive to have a relationship with each blogger.

    Susan, thanks for this lesson. I will give it serious consideration.

  15. I might not go and look back to replies on my comments by the writer of the blog on which I've commented. But, I make it a point to reply to the comments made on my blog. I sometimes get delayed, by 3-4 days, but I try and reply to the reader.

  16. i do my best to acknowledge everyone who has taken the time to comment. Even if they don't follow. A comment is an acknowledgement to your post and it should be returned. :)

  17. There u go.. A different topic as always... I love reading comments on my blog. And you know what Susan, I actually got the habit of replying to my comments, from you. Love the way you take time to reply each and every comment of yours. That assures the visitor that their insights are actually considered. And yes, I make it a point to go back to the post and see what the author had to say to my comment.

    Have a lovely week Susan.


  18. I do go back to read if there are any responses to my comment. It feels like an unfinished conversation when people don't respond.

    Nice post.

    PS:Special invitation to read my latest post. "Fragile Happiness!"

  19. I rarely go back for a visit except for the bloggers that are worth it...otiengo, Purba and you..
    You guys are witty!

    I have developed a bad habit of not replying to coments coming in my blog...feel so lazy

  20. Susan ...... I always go back to see if there is a response. I for one love to repined to the comments that are left on my blog. I like to build a relationship with my readers...

  21. Most blogs have a small box where you can tick to receive comments in your email and I tend to use that a lot. When reading many blogs sometimes it is difficult to remember all the blogs you are visiting, and at times you also just don't have the time. However for bloggers who I keenly follow and like, I try very much to go back!! I also don't respond to everyone who comments on my blog, especially if their response is a statement like "nice post" and he/she is a regular visitor. At times I just dont have anything to say.

  22. Interesting post, Susan! I definitely go back to see if a blogger has responded to my comment or else I'll subscribe to the comment feed. However, I don't feel bad if they don't respond. There are so many reasons why they wouldn't and so many blogs so I accept their choice. I started out responding to everyone's comment on my blog, then there was a period where I didn't respond to anyone (I just felt a need to insulate myself and write solely for me), then I went back to responding again. Having gone both ways, I think that responding to others comments is a more fun way to blog. I like to establish connections with people.

  23. You're so right. If it hadn't been for a comment I wouldn't have found your blog. Just minutes ago I was reading Ian's reflections on Paradise, thinking to myself about Milton's immortal oeuvre. And while I click on comments link...surprise! I really enjoy the interaction that comments provide us bloggers, is the only way we have to say to someone, hey i agree with you, or not sometimes, but it connects us in a different way, more personal. I'd like to tell you that I've enjoyed a lot reading your opinions and share most of your points of view. A huge hug and I'll be following your blog from now on! XoXo

  24. Ash:

    Absolutely Ash. I remember our goofy and spicy comments. I always go back and read your responses to my response. It feels complete. Hope you and AB are well.
    Big hugs :)


    I like the term 'go back guy.' Go back guy AG sounds good.

    It is definitely the love thing :)

  25. Debra:

    I am glad we enjoy similar things, Debra. Blogging is big on time investment and no wonder many give up after some time. Only the strong remain. Have a good weekend, Debra.


    It takes a while with me as well but I do visit and see what response is awaiting me. The comments' section of blogs are the best.
    Love across ether. Have a great weekend, dear Dawn.

  26. Zuzana:

    I love the way you respond through emails. It seems very personal and shows that you care. I have always admired that. I have also seen some bloggers responding to some comments alone. Perhaps, the response is for certain queries and information alone.

    You have a lovely weekend, dear Zuzana. Be refreshed and happy.

  27. Alan:

    You realised? I am glad that you did. Sharing and showing love. Glad that you reciprocate my thoughts.


    I used to get a lot of spam and therefore the word verification. dear CS.

  28. Joe:

    Your style seems like an express delivery and normal delivery. Point taken, Mr. Joe.


    I make it a point never to leave a cheeky one. A witty one, yes. Sometimes even a witty one is not much favoured, you see. I like your point of mentioning "comments are people." I can't agree more. The interaction serves as a relaxant on many a gloomy day.

  29. Brian:

    I have received your email many times and I so like them. Wooh. I am glad you take the times esp with so many many comments on your blog.


    :) A penny for your thoughts.

  30. BB:

    We definitely understand, Betty.


    You aren't rude, Myrna. Not everyone has the time. You always visit our blogs and that more than makes up for your not responding. Love to you.



  31. Hope:

    Absolutely, dear Hope. Have a fruitful weekend.


    Your comments make me smile. thanks for your kind words. You have a lovely weekend dear Sukanya.

    Joy always :)

  32. Sameera:

    Unfinished conversation. I have had so many unfinished conversations with bloggers.
    Read. Commented. On Fragile Happiness.

    Joy always and big hugs for faithfully following my posts.


    Thanks for that compliment. It is highly appreciated. Lazy bum! Move that ass of yours.

  33. Savira:

    I love your responses, Sav. they always add to whatever the post and teh commenter has said.


    Time and memory are the biggest culprits. You are right in saying that sometimes there is nothing to say.

  34. Jean:

    You have a great spirit. Commendable, Jean. Have a great weekend.
    Joy always :)


    Welcome. Macarena. Your name renids me of a song I used to see on MTV. I saw you at Ian's place and that is how I know you. It is definietly personal and interactive and gives a feeling of talking to each one.
    Thanks for the hug. A warm hug back to you across ether.
    Thanks a ton for dropping in and the following.
    Do come by when you have the time.
    Joy always :)

  35. Another controversial topic you’ve brought up here. I love it when you respond to each and every comment in your own blog. I always come and check what you have told me and I could add another comment to your reply but that could go on and on as if this was facebook!!

    I’ve done it a couple times writing back and it’s great, but have no idea if people come to see that…. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time, or my poems really need to be given different interpretations, and I let it go, for I feel I have no right to say, ‘hey, I am afraid you got all wrong’ , and then to the other…’oh you are so right.’

    I am with Zuzana in this.

    Another thing is that interaction may not happen when one of the two parts are not there… so sometimes I decide not to interact. It seems too, that if you do not comment on some people blogs they never visit you, that’s when you realize people do not really like your blog but comment for respect and good education. After blogging for a year and a half I’ve realized that more than 300 followers means nothing. The real followers are those who look forward to reading you, no matter what. And right now my average is about seven or ten people. So if you forget to comment or have no time to do it or you don’t take part in this or that there’s no interaction… just a monologue- Sadly that is the way it is.
    On the other hand, I say, hey I write because it gives me self-satisfaction, that must be my main goal… then if some sweet peep, like you, comes by… hummm- it feels great!!!

    Hugs Susan- and thank you so much!

  36. Dulce:

    How can I not love you. A sweet and wise little soul, you are. You are absolutely right in saying that many followers mean nothing. There are only a few who earnestly await each post. I am so glad that you come by ever ytime I post. You are one of my lovely and thoughtful peeps.

    Joy always, dear one :)

  37. I don't go back to check for responses. As we all know, blogging is sooo time consuming. Real life gets in...time goes by so fast.

    Of course, it's absolutely rude to ignore comments.
    I use to respond to every single comment by emailing the commenters.

    B xx

  38. Betty:

    Going back adds some personality of our comment. Try that for one or two comments you make.

    I so like your email responses. You make a person feel special by doing that.

    Thanks for coming by, dear Betty.

    Joy always :)

  39. Wow, look at the deluge here! I confess that I haven't sifted through the interactions here (irony, eh?), so this question may have come up and been addressed, but do you use a particular system for tracking your comments so that you can easily figure out where you've been and go back?

    It's an interesting question, how to keep the conversation going.

    I love seeing the interplay and interaction at the main site of Sometimes the discussions in the comments are as interesting and insightful as the post itself!

  40. Dear Ann:

    Welcome here. No particular system but just replying whenever comments come in. Quite simple.

    Comments are the mainstay of any blog and reading and responding to them is something I look forward to.

    Thanks for coming by dear Ann. Hope to see more of you :)

  41. I am back to see the reply. :)
    On blogspot, dashboard has an option where spams can be deleted.

    Word verification is wastage of time thats what I think.



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