Friday 21 January 2011

"I think it would be fun to run a newspaper"

Finally. Yes, finally I did see the oft praised and quoted movie: CITIZEN KANE. After a long time, I allowed myself to be sucked by the willing suspension of disbelief. I found time to watch a movie, a good one that!

While the film has received rave reviews for many many aspects of film-making, I enjoyed traversing through the life of Charles Foster Kane and his projected self. Above all, I see the film as a wonderful tribute to the print medium: the Newspaper.

The newspaper determines Kane's life and vice-versa. While there were many businesses in which he could have made money, Kane chose the newspaper. While the ethics he followed were completely Kane-stamped, the popularity of the medium those days was well-exploited. Certain lines from the film hold true even in today's given world. Kane says, "The news goes on for 24 hours a day" in response to one of the editor's claim that they work for 12 hours only. In today's scenario, this cannot be truer where we have news channels which run 24/7.

In another situation, Kane remarks that if there is no news just make the headlines bigger and bolder. Well, we have seen instances of that as well. Kane chooses the business of running newspapers primarily because he could force people to think the way that he wanted them to. The media does exactly that! To imagine the power of media in those days (1941) is absolutely mind-boggling to the likes of someone like me.

Though Kane is depicted to be brutal, selfish, egoistic and cunning, I found that I started admiring his vulnerability. He was a child who loved playing with Rosebud and treated everything else as something which was just there and not relished by him. His line "I always gagged on that silver spoon" is example to that.

Finally, after seeing the film, I realise the the hype surrounding this film is indeed worth it. Making a film like that in 1941 truly deserves honour and glory. Orson Welles, I stand in awe of your prowess.

Have you seen this historical film? If yes, do share your experience with me and if no, please do see it.

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  1. no haven't seen the movie..will catch up...

  2. Nu:

    Yes. The honour of being the early bird. Happy Happy.

  3. Heard it mentioned but have not seen it. Will try . Thanks.

  4. i have seen it...there is definite nostalgia around a newspaper...we only take it on sundays now...but at one point i wanted to be a newspaper journalist...

  5. No susan, havent seen it. But thanks for suggesting. Will definetely watch it and let you know :)

    Happy Weekend!!


  6. I haven't seen it but for sure will watch it. Thanks! :)

  7. I think I have seen it, but it was way back when I was a teenager. Maybe it is time to revisit the grand cinematography of the past.
    I am with you on the fact that at times, some films made 50-60 years ago can still be watch today due to the timeless appeal, that stretches through generations and can speak to each and everyone in its own way. Before all the special effects and faced paced plots took out the magic of a great epic story.
    Have a lovely evening dear friend,

  8. I may have seen it but don't remember. I'll have to see it soon. The fact of newpapers may change, but it seems newsmedia will remain the same - reporting only some of the news, and making us believe what they want.

    Susan, thank you so much for your lovely and insightful comments on my blog. I really enjoyed reading the poem you quoted and your thoughts are always insightful. Have a great day!

  9. Saw it a long time ago. Now I will have to re watch it. Newspapers and their reposts are fickle minded like people.

  10. i love it and i have a large cinema poster on my wall. cheers alan

  11. Really good blog. Have not viewed CITIZEN KANE, but should take an hour or two for that.

    Yep the media rules--still. Also the Peeps rule--still. For I can buy the paper or not, turn TV on or off, or change. Read and write, say and do most everything I wish.

    Thank God, we still have a few freedoms left here, the press, and the right to read--or not!

    Thanks for allowing me to think out loud here this time. It won't happen often--or you'll ban me from your blog--grin!

  12. Nope nothing here...why am bothering with a comment? I guess because i think I am more important than Mr Kane. I know it's sad.

  13. I have never seen that movie, but now after reading this article, I'm definitely going to make the effort of viewing it!

    Great was my first time here and I'm really impressed by the layout and content. Can't wait to read more from you! :)


  14. Keats . . .

    Wow! I like your name. Welcome and thanks for the comment. The movie is an old classic so it is definitely worth one watch.


    Newspaper journalist!? You can try doing that now, if the interest is still present in ye.

  15. Jagdish:

    Welcome. Glad that you liked the post. Come by when you are free.


    Please do watch it and let me know.

  16. CS:

    Please do watch it dear CS.


    I know. The movie's representation of time was quite wonderful.
    xoxoxoxo and a lovely weekend to you dear Zuzana.

  17. Myrna:

    My pleasure, dear Myrna :)

    Kane was quite insighted when it came to newspapers and their impact.

    I wish you a lovely Sunday :)



  18. Stevie:

    I'm surprised that you haven't seen the film. And the media forces our thoughts if we allow it to do so.

    You can think aloud here and also take all the space you want. As for banning you, don't even think of it. I am a fool if I do so :)


    You seem like Kane, Part II. Wooh.

  19. Jessica:

    Welcome. Your lovely and kind words are much appreciated. I am glad that you have said "can't wait . . ." I hope I am worthy of your sweet words.

    Blessings back to you.


    For that you have to be in Literature. Two days ago we showed the movie to our literature students. You have missed it, Nikhila :)

  20. I think I did see it but I cannot remember what it was about. Good idea to watch it again :)

    Love your blog!

  21. YEs- fortunatly I've seen that great movie, a masterpiece for all those reasons you mention- an example of how far, ambitious and, finally,lost the human being can get to be.

  22. Watch RGV's Rann. It also indicates the media's power and what can happen if power is used in a wrong manner.

  23. Nelieta:

    Thanks for your kind words. Welcome here. Please do watch it again and relive the wonderful experience.


    Yes, it is quite sad. I cried as he was looking when Susan left him. Finally when they put Rosebud into the fire, I was fighting my tears.

    Big hugs, Dulce.

    Have a great Sunday.

  24. Vinay:

    Is it the recent one? Should watch it sometime. Is it available in DVD?

  25. Saw it Many years ago. The values are the same it's just the medium has changed.


  26. AG:

    Welcome and thanks for the insight. Quite true. The ethics and values, if not same, have become reckless.

    Cheers to you as well.

  27. Susan Deborah, I haven't seen it but it sounds like a really good story! When I do, I'll come back here and tell you what I think of it!

    I like that line you shared about gagging on the silver spoon.:)

    Have a great weekend!

  28. Colleen:

    Please do watch it, Colleen. It is an old classic and made at a time when cinema was just improving as a medium.
    I wish you a peaceful and restful Sunday.

    Joy always :)

  29. I think after reading this I will go watch :)

    nice blog, will keep coming for more now!

  30. I have not seen the film before after reading your review, I will now make a point of looking for it!

  31. Dear Susan, let me see... I think it was about three years ago when I finally followed my husband's recommendation to watch this movie. He told me I would really like it, though I had been skeptical. But, I figured he knows me more than anyone else does, and boy was he right!

    Every once in a while, someone makes a great and unforgettable movie like "Citizen Kane" and it lives through the decades of our lives without losing its lustre because it bears a universal and timeless message!

    So delighted you got to see the movie, Susan. And thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, too.


  32. no, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the movie. May have to get it just to see what it is all about.

  33. I remember in college there was a screening of 'Citizen Kane' in Film fest.
    The Guys came out and about to bash up the organisers for the borin movie

  34. Raam Pyari:

    Welcome RP. Thanks for visiting my place. Your presence here will be cherished. Please do watch the movie.

    Joy always :)


    Please do watch it and then tell me how you liked it.

  35. Nevine:

    The pleasure is mine. I am glad I saw the movie.

    Joy always :)


    Welcome Mary and glad to have you here. Hope you get to see the movie and enjoy it as well.



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