Saturday 29 January 2011

Accidentally . . .

Yesterday, I was collecting words.

One was up there, sitting in the bo tree.
Another was in the banyan.
One was wandering in my street.
Another was lying in the earthern jar.
A green word lay in the fields.
A black one was eating flesh.
A blue word was flying
With a grain of the sun in its beak.
Every single thing in this world looks like a word to me.
The words of eyes.
The words of hands.
But I do not understand words I hear from a mouth.
I can only read words.
I can only read words.

~ Shiv Kumar Batalvi

After my evening walk, I straight walked into the Library where a book called out to me. The title: A little book on MEN by RaHuL RoY. Accidentally I flipped the pages and arrived at the very last but one page where the poem was waiting for me. I thought I would share it with you. So, what do you think.

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  1. That's so true ma'am. It's not just understanding the words coming from someone,sometimes I find no words to convey my views also (I am feeling it now).
    I'll go now and see for that book (if you had not already taken it..:P).

  2. Susan I found the poem interesting. Sometimes words are difficult to understand and using colors are wonderful. We can relate to colors and their intensity..

  3. I saw A then A then A I guess I saw me A?

    Lovely words, and hard to comprehend here. Only when hearing from the mouth face to face makes the best sense..


  4. Good one. We have different words for different things.

  5. I liked the poem
    And the walk. it seems this poet is saying that understanding nature is universal. Nature is just doing what it's suppose to do and because of that we find a connection to 'being' like what we are suppose to do. All of us know and understand the purpose of nature. Like a smile.

    But do we all understand each other? Sometimes words are helpful but other times, they just get in the way

    that's my take on it anyways

    wonderful thought provoking post
    thank you

  6. i think it is pretty cool...i see worlds evrywhere and i try putting them in my bag for later...sometimes that works...though i do like being talked to as well...smiles.

  7. I think it is meant to be Susan. Love the notion of 'collecting words', Isn't that what we do as we contemplate a post? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Susan :)


  8. Love it!

    PS: Shall google about the book ;)

  9. I like! So that is how it's done, this word-creativity thng. I only have seen "things" SHALLOW I am!

    But from this moment, I will see WORDS everywhere my eyes wander, for words are the only way to 'put it out' in front of the whole world.

    SO glad I looked in here today. Like Brian though, I am not averse to 'hearing' words, maybe some sweet nothings now and then?

  10. I so love it... love the way he strings words to form something like 'grain of the sun'. A nice pleasing poem, the poet's love for words is evident as is his love for nature...

  11. ND:

    The book is there. I completed reading it in one sitting.


    Quite true :)

  12. AG:

    Words are next best to silence.


    Absolutely. Glad that you liked the poem.

  13. Hope:

    Do all of us really know and understand nature? if so, why do we plunder som much out of her? Sorry to slightly turn the direction of the discussion.

    Words are vital but sometimes silence conveys more than words.

    Thanks for your insight. Hope teh Sunday is rolling on well :)


    I would like to peep into that 'word' bag of yours sometime (But your blog is that bag, right?)

  14. Jeanne:

    Hi after a long time. Yes, we always do that. Imagine a balnk blog post.


    Joy always.


    I think the poet is from Punjab. The poem is a translated one. Glad you liked it.

  15. Steve:

    Words bombard us everywhere. Sometimes I find the need to hide from them and escape into a no-words zone, which is quite rare to come by.



  16. Karen:

    After a long long time. Hope you have been well. Perhaps you should read more of his works. The poem is a translated one from Punjabi.

  17. I always pay attention to serendipitous occurrences such as these.;) I love the poem, it speaks of words through words in such an enchanting way.;)) Love the three last lines particularly.;)
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  18. Susan thank u girl for stopping by on my post and sharing a bit more of you with me.Feels nice.
    The association of words... colours... feelings this poem is a good one.
    Although i feel that some feelings have no words.
    Maybe i also agree to not understanding some words from the mouth...sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Zuzana:

    I like the way you have said, "words through words." Isn't the poem a delightful read. I wonder how it would sound in its native tongue.


    Thanks for the kind words, dear Shivani. You are always welcome. You are right when you say that some feelings have no words. Silence is the best.

    Glad that this poem provoked thought on words for you.

    Joy always :)

  20. Intense. I find myself re-reading certain lines, playing through my mind to find the meaning...

  21. Words trip us up in communicating -- it is a battle with pen and ink to try and make oneself understood. The 'reader' is another matter-- is that -- one finds what one looks for. Words play tricks on our minds, offering different meanings-- if they do not suit our present state of mind-emotional mood we do not consider it good, if they disturb us in some way we criticize the work. The reader wants to be able to read themselves into the words and identifies like it was written for him/herself or by them we distort the words into our own perception or dimension of understanding.

    This poem to "me" is trying to break the barrier down with the trappings of words to be released into the natural state of the divine in our physical world --- as the reader that is my subjective opinion...

    warm hugs,


  22. Mary:

    Glad that the poem left you reflecting and contemplating.


    Battle, yes. Sometimes they injure, pain and torment. Using them correctly and consciously is a challenge.
    I like your perception on this, dear Joanny as it opened many layers within me on words.

    Your observations and comments are much valued and appreciated.

    Big hugs and joy always :)

  23. May your "Word Bag" always be full of colors that you can use to paint a beautiful world for you to live in and share with others the grandeur of what you are experiencing every day of your life.! Keep up the wonderful Blog you have created and be blessed!

  24. Ed:

    What lovely words to leave as comment. Welcome here dear Ed. Warm hugs. I wish you the choicest blessings as well.

    Joy always :)



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