Sunday 16 January 2011

“Darn it, the whole time I thought I was an introvert, now to find out that I’m an extrovert"

Today when I opened my inbox, I had received an email forward from a good friend. The forward was about how the earth's wobble had caused a shift in the zodiac signs. The title to this post is an expression from one of the readers after reading the piece.

Many times I have imagined about this scenario: What if my zodiac changes somehow. Will I be happy about it? Will my stamped qualities undergo a shift? Well, I never gave much heed to those thoughts until I read the piece titled, "Sign of the times: Astrology Story soars like a comet". Reading the views of people on this bit of news, though a bit hilarious, shows how zodiac signs have become an important aspect of people's lives.

Some  people start their day by reading what the stars predict for them. Imagine reading the prediction for Libra all this while and suddenly finding out that you are no longer a Libra but a Scorpio!! Wooh. The libran would have mindlessly bragged about how a libran was gentle, charming and sweet in comparison to the scorpio who was mean, stinging and jealous! Problem area # 1.

Now for those who have tattoos of their sun sign. A shift in the position of the earth would leave them with an inaccurate sun sign. They have to bear the brunt of a wrong sign as well as the thought of many hundreds of rupees lost. Problem area # 2.

Some expressions after reading the piece (you can find them in the article link given above):

“My whole life, I thought I was a Capricorn,” the 25-year-old New York publicist said. “Now I’m a Sagittarius? I don’t feel like a Sagittarius!”

“I believe it’s a zodiac scam”

Sometimes instead of taking the different characteristics of the zodiac to assess our personality, we let the signs determine our personality. Finally we find ourselves moulding us according to the features described in the sun signs. 

Well, what if my sun sign changes, I am the same person albeit with a different sun sign.

So, tell me do you find this piece of information quirky, interesting or simply another "scam."

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  1. Haaaa! haaa! I just opened the newspaper to find out what my star has in store for me this week :))))))))

    Funny we try to find solace in something arbitrary like zodiac signs... feel good factor... Let me go and find out what I've become now that the earth has shifted :P

  2. Ash:

    Run Ash run! You might have either become a Capricorn or a Pisces! Change your qualities, habits and whole perspective. Wooh!


  3. Well, whatever our zodiac sign might be, we are still we. Change is always there. So, i feel this 'change in the zodiac sign' wouldn't influence much of our life.... :)

  4. Nikhila:

    Welcome to the Meanderings and glad that you were able to record your insight. You are true when you say "we are still we." Please do come by whenever you feel like.

    Joy always :)

  5. Oh, as you know I had a zodiac related post day before the "new" zodiac hit the news.;) (Coincidence? I seem to have a LOT of those lately...)
    Indeed, no longer being a Cancer, I am finding out I am a Gemini (much better fit for an Aquarius), but one of my least favorite signs. I tried to read about Gemini, some of it fits, some of it is completely off. So, as I stated in my posts before, I take astrology lightly. It is above all amusing and entertaining, but it does not help in any way to predict my days, weeks or my future (nothing can) and doesn't dictate my personality, non the least. I believe in the mysterious, but that is the mysterious that surrounds us on daily bases and guide us, if we only pa attention...
    Have a splendid Sunday dear Susan.;))

  6. Problem #3 There will be few lucky ones who will still have the same zodiac!!!!!!!!

    My mom giggled at me today morning.. ha ha a a Saggi! I will miss my Capricorn daughter! :[
    Ya.. she continues to remain a Virgo!

    Anyway- no matter how much I cherished being a Capricorn.. I couldn't care less for this news..because if you believe you belong to a sign.. you will relate to whatever is said in association with it.

    I am just thinking .. how many new books to be published.. And the age old Linda-Goodman ..? What happens to it?

  7. still a idont have to give up my lion pjs....smiles.

  8. I dont believe in these things. and thank god I am still taurvs :-)

  9. Now I don't know if I'm still a Libra, but I know for sure I'm not a Scorpio.

  10. This was funny! My sign still remains the same.... Interesting article though.

  11. I just find the article interesting and quirky, to answer your question.:) I have never defined myself much by my zodiac symbol so I don't feel altered in any way. :)

  12. Scam or no scam Susan - I am not gonna change from my aquarian mode! No yeah that 's how we Aquarians are built - stubborn in our beliefs:))

    Btw follow your blog regularly - rarely comment but I diverse each and every thought you pen down :))

  13. I don't think my future can be predicted by my sign, a Virgo with a strong Libra ascendent; am also a Snake in the Chinese Horoscope... A lot of all it says is true. And I've met a few tigers, dragons and monkeys who do not need to tell me, i just find out by getting to know them , there are a lot of coincidences. Yet, everyone is one and only > unique!
    And so are you, my dear Susan!

  14. I like being a Leo although I don't follow horoscopes. I think you can keep your old one if you like. I find that the chinese horoscope suits me the best.


    have a great day!

  15. Oh, dear Susan... once upon a time... I followed these zodiac things almost religiously. But when I began to realize I was falling for that very thing you describe... moulding ourselves to what our zodiac reading is telling us... I quit! It's amazing how we can be affected by what we read... and how we cal ALLOW it to determine who we are and what we do.

    Let's see... I was born a Pisces... the dreamer with the rose-tinted glasses... supposedly. I like to think of myself as an eternal dreamer... but with deep and voluntary delves into reality. So, I'll stay the dreamer... and not worry about this article... and I'll just live out the remainder of my days being who I've always known myself to be. Isn't that so the easy way out? ;-)

    Big hugs to you,

  16. Funny...I had similar thoughts about numerology which is based on the letters of one's name. I wondered how many of us actually "change" just because our name may have changed due to marriage. I doubt that the very core of our personality gets affected so it's probably the same with astrology. Hehe...they're just fun stuff to psychoanalyze ourselves with when there's nothing better to do!

  17. I'm seeing this content on FB too lately and wondering whether really this is happening or going to happen..not that it matters to me or so..but just curious of knowing the fact :)

    Also I know that the signs that we follow are sun signs which are actually not the right ones to look for..according to the Hindu calendar we need to check our moon signs and not the sun signs cause the sun signs are prescribed based on the English calendar where as our 'kundali' is made based on the Hindu calendar...

    so any way we need to check for our moon sign and not for the sun sing :D

  18. This morning I saw a friend's status in FB and it said 'for 21yrs i was libra and suddenly am a virgo!'. I was like, what is she talking about and then I came to blogger and here is your post about the whole earth wobble and zodiac scam and I started to ROFL. And that ends up to change my zodiac from Cancer to Gemini!! Whatever it is, I dont believe in this Zodiac crap and hence the thing that Im a Gemini now on will also not bother me !!

    Have a great day Susan!! :)


  19. I must admit I know very little about this topic as I don't take any interest in my Zodiac (Capricorn). How could I?

    Every newspaper and magazine predicts something different for my sign in their daily/weekly horoscope.

  20. Zuzana:

    Gemini is a better fit for Aquarius but won't Aquarious also become Pices, in the whole process? Paying attention is definitely the key, my dear Zuzana.
    I wish you a great remainder of the week :)


    I am so jealous of those whose signs did not change :( All said and done, I guess this new system will be applicable to those born now, otherwise it makes no sense as when we were born, our signs were different. What say?

  21. Brian:

    Lucky bloke. Everything remains so.


    Ofcourse you don't believe, Harish but still you're happy that you are a Taurus. Hmmmm :)

  22. Myrna:

    You will be a Virgo now, not Scorpio.


    Lucky lucky Savira. The same sign and same personality! Now, I am not saying that a different sign means a different personality.

  23. Colleen:

    Good for you. In fact you are most blessed not to be entangled with the vices of signs and so on.


    Ofcourse I remember you. Been long since you commented. So good to see your insight. Stubborn Aquarian, remain so.

  24. Dulce:

    All of us have our own lovely and quirky personalities and yet we are similar in more ways than one. But all of us have our iwn USPs.

    Joy and much love :)


    I guess this applies for people who are born after 2009. we can keep our signs :)
    I wish you love, joy and prosperity, always.

  25. Nevine:

    Just because you are a dreamer, an eternal one that too, we are able to partake in your wonderful cavern of delightful dreams in "Dreams, Deliriums . . ." I am glad that you are what you are. Easy and the most desirable way of living, my dear dear Nevine.

    Warm hugs to you as well.


    Welcome to the Meanderings. Glad to have your jot down your insights. Our personality remains the same but I wonder what will happen to those traits which we have cultivated based on our signs. Sometimes unconsciously what happens is that one ends up moulding the personality according to what is given in the signs. Hmmmm. I wonder . . .

    Thanks for the following. It is highly appreciated. Do come by whenever you find the time and inclination.

  26. Nu:

    It does not actually matter, Nu. Hindu or English, it is the fun element of zodiac which interests all of us. Join the fun, Nu and check all the signs: sun, moon, star, etc.


    Even I have become a Virgo after being a Libran for long. Who cares, anyway. It is all fun to sit back and wonder.

    You relax and have a lovely remainder of the week :)

  27. DUTA:

    You are the happiest of the lot. Don't mind all these things. Life goes on.

    Joy always :)

  28. Incredibly, old zodiac or new, I'm still Gemini! Wonder what that means for me! :D Guess it's the universe saving me from this new global identity crisis! ;) Psychoanalysts must be the happiest people out there, what with so many confused about their sun sign status :D

  29. Karishma:

    I like the phrase "new global identity crisis." Psychoanalysts, yes, yes.


  30. I must admit I don't follow these Zodiac things almost religiously as I used to do before.
    Great info though.

    But I do love your extrovert personality!

    B xx

  31. Betty:

    I am an extrovert, yes but if you thoughts so by the title, then the title was not in reference to me :)

    Joy always :)

  32. Susan

    This is funny for the earth must have wobbled when I left you a comment for it disappeared...
    Blame it on the sun signs or mercury retrograde or something..

    Warm hugs,



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