Saturday 1 May 2010

Deliberations of bathing in a foreign place

Now this has to be my favourite rendition when asked about the experiences in Belfast: Bathing! Funny how insignificant things cause much thoughts and fondness for the bathrooms at home in India. In India bathrooms are given importance in such a way that the space is large, there are taps, buckets and mugs. One not only bathes but also washes and dances in the bathrooms in India.

Alas! nothing of that sort can be done here. There is a wee shower which is the only source of water and so I either turn it on or shut it. I cannot collect some water and keep it so that I can have the pleasure of pouring out water. No buckets!!! No taps!!! I guess everyone here turns on the shower and finish their baths while we in India store the water and slowly take our time. I like showers but not too fond of them as I cannot experience water in it's full force through the shower.

Now the space: the bathrooms here have such small areas for bathing that everytime I turn, I hit myself against the wall. Everytime I want to bend, I am restricted. The soap often falls and it's irritating to bend and pick it up as in the process, I dash against the wall. Hmmmm.

Now another question that is often targeted at me is: Are you home-sick? Well, I am not completely home-sick but in parts such as being Indian bathroom-sick (now this has to be my coinage).

You will know more about my fetish for water and bathing in "Ah! The pleasure of water sliding down the skin."

So far so good!


  1. LOL!! At it being summer here... baths are more fun!!! ;)

  2. haaaa haaa... I love the shower, Under it I get dreams and thoughts and I forget the world and needs to be knocked to vacate for the other go in:)

  3. awwww...dont worry Susan you will get used to it :P
    This post did make me laugh :D Bathing with a bucketfull of water
    beats any other form of taking bath hehehe...:D
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday :)
    p.s. the photographs of the University and the flowers are really beautiful :) :)

  4. Dear Suzy, I feel sorry for you but I am also LMAO... :))))) I am surpriced that you don't enjoy showers much.... I love them... as you must have noticed that I don't keep buckets or mugs in either of my bathrooms... nevertheless it's an experience and you'll this too shall add up in one of those memories when you'll think back and laugh about it... Happy memory collection... whatever that means... lol... miss you girl...

    Love ya

  5. Dancing in the shower? Such a visual :O
    I hope you are aleast getting clean :)
    I just got back from fishing and using the Park Department maintained showers was pretty good - but I alway wore footwear in the shower - who knows what bacteria is growing down there :l

  6. ah the shower, (and the toilet).. the only place to get away from the kids ......
    (lol0... the place to sing too...

  7. Perhaps, 'coz its cold out there, they like hot showers! Make do with small bathrooms- u don't have to spend a lifetime in there!

    When are u returning to India?

  8. Bathing is enjoying in showers as well as with bucket and mug.

    Interesting post. Enjoyed reading it. :)

  9. I had no idea that you relished so much in bathing, but I so understand.;) I love to take baths and unfortunately my house only has a shower. It is all about saving water here, although I am not sure how much water is saved. I miss a bathtub.;) Having one installed will be the next big project.;)
    Luckily your bath withdrawal is only temporary.;)

  10. I'm a 'shower fan', but I see your point. Consider the lack of comfort you feel in the Belfast bathroom as an additional experience in life. Have a terrific time !`

  11. DUTA:

    Been long since I saw you here. I also like showers but not too fond of them. Oh! it is an experience indeed!!


    Oh, I love my bathing time very much. An essential part of my day! I thought showers consumed lots of water and so filling water in buckets was saving water. I am very used to bathtubs either. Temporary but an experience!

    Joy always.


    Absolutely. Thanks for your kind words.

  12. Smita:

    I will return to India on the 4th of June. It's not very cold and all. Quite okay now! But western countries love the shower, I reckon.


    Nice one BM. It is indeed a place where one can revel with oneself at any given time.


    Long long time, I see. Of course bathing is special as it is also a time to clean oneself. Footwear in the shower!! Now that's an interesting visual as well.

  13. Seema:

    Showers, sometimes. They don't give a feel of water rushing on to you. They are mild and slower -- no matter how much you adjust the speed. I'd rather sit under a tap with gushing water!!!

    Miss you as well dear Seema. Hope the kids and Parvez are well :)


    I have got used to it. Is there any other way out? No! Indians are partial to buckets of water, I think. But now steadily people are getting on to the shower-syndrome which I don't much favour. Showers are nice when you want to play, have some fun but not 'serious' bathing.

    Have a great week ahead Ruchi :)


    Dreams and thoughts, I believe. i get a lot of posts there, you see. The bathroom is the place where mighty posts were born!!! Tribute to the bathroom would be a nice post written by Ash and Sus!


    Nice that you laughed out loud!!! My posts do a lot of things to people and laughing is one of them.

    Baths are fun any day, Sam.

    Joy always.

  14. oh, but sadly, i, too, know from which you speak, susan! traveling cross country is just the same - motel bathrooms notoriously tiny and cramped with no amenities and so space for any to be added - my own bathrooms are always done just like the rest of my rooms, existing in beauty just as much as the others - so i do appreciate your quandry -

  15. Ah! Jenean you understand me so well. I am so glad. The subject of this post is not about complaining but amusement and sharing of something close to me. You seemed to have captured that.

    Hope you are well dear one :)

  16. I can see you bending to pick the soap as you moan... And sorry, but I can't help laughing( only a bit)... for I know how it feels...
    But as you say so far so good...
    It must be seen as a minor problem... as long as there is some water and we can smell clean!


  17. Dear Dulce:

    You imagine very graphically! Graphics are good but censored!

    Have a great week ahead :)

  18. Bathing with minor resources is an art,
    To condemn you, I don't have an heart,
    wasting water will tear the ecology apart
    using the shower is the way to go green and smart.

  19. Oh, Susan! I know too well... when traveling, even when staying in a grand hotel, sometimes the bathrooms are just not friendly in their sizes. In Egypt, as in India, bathrooms tend to be entire rooms, with open spaces for... you said it... dancing! Even the bathroom I have here in the States is not quite satisfying... though it really is quite large. But, at least I do have a bathtub in addition to the shower. Bathing is quite the luxury that is far more fascinating than any shower can dream of being!

    It sounds like Susan is a bit home-sick, yes, even if only for the bath... We all have our fetishes!


  20. Someone told me once that the western world is a shower world, as that gets them out the door and on to work much faster. Hope you get used to your shower.

  21. Govind:

    I read that filling water in a bucket saves more water than the shower as in a shower you don't know how much water you are spending unlike the bucket.


    Yeah, bathrooms are spacious and nice. Shower does not give one a fulfilling bath. Talk about my fetish of bathing. Erotica was born in a bathroom, I swear, by Jove!!!


    It is a shower-world for sure and many westerners cannot understand my love of bathing with a bucket of water, mug and lots of space.
    But I have gotten used to it nevertheless. Do I have a choice except for not bathing :(



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