Saturday 20 February 2010

If not for memories, what would I do

"Let's go to Palimar, I so feel like having an apple shake" -- Well, these lines have stood frozen in the crevices of our memory as we can utter them no longer. Opposite to our College, there were rows of shops which are hangouts for many students like us. A last minute photocopy before the exams would see us rushing to Akash Xerox. Akash was known for offering good photocopies at reasonable prices. I have photocopied countless number of an assortment of materials from him. Opposite to our College was the famous hangout Palimar which offered us lovely milkshakes and short eats. In Palimar, if we ordered one shake, we would be given two large mugs of milk shakes and we would be absolutely delighted. Many hot discussions, proposals of love, first meetings, last partings, after-exam treats, idling away when time was plenty and sometimes reading took place in that small juice bar. Then there was a small recharge shop which we ran to recharge our phones just before getting into the railway station.

But now alas! all this remains only in our memories.

Every time some building that we have frequented is demolished or closed down, a part of us also is crushed. Yesterday morning while my friend and I were walking towards our College, we found to our utter dismay that all these joints were razed down to the ground. Those buildings were an extension of our College for us as for every thing we crossed the road and let ourselves get lost in those shops.

The rubble and dust were like a part of our sensibilities being lost and forgotten. In a recent post of mine, I marvelled at the amazing quality of memory and art and today it is this memory which enables me to cherish those lovely days when those buildings were places with meaning and not just rubble and dust.

They say that the shops were demolished because a highway is to be built but then . . . highways to where??


  1. Progress always forces to make more room for memories.

    So sad, hold on to those memories and better yet take photos when you can.


  2. I know I keep repeating myself, but yet another beautiful post...

    I find something utterly disturbing about buildings being demolished. I recall a row of flats once being demolished on a street parallel to mine, were I walked every day to work. It was one of the most eerie sights when the rooms were half exposed, disclosing the history of peoples lives...

    I can imagine how much more uncomfortable it must be when buildings you know well are demolished.
    That is the price of progress, at times.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

  3. It's so sad when the things dear to you go. Sometimes we realise they are so important to us when they are gone! people, places and things.

    We had a jose uncle's shop outside our college, our main hangout place and has been that way for ages for all the students who passed out. And when we went back the other day, Jose uncle's was shut down why? Jose uncle was no more, the other shopkeepers said!

    Still fondly remember the lively old man whose samosas and puffs we munched on while sipping of milkshakes and lemonade and of course his cakes, yumm


  4. Dear BM:

    Lovely to have you by on a Saturday evening. So many memories . . . You have given a new dimension to memories -- Progress. But then is progress only destroying the old and ancient. Not always I suppose.

    Photos -- ah yes!

    Joy always.


    You always have nice things to say. You are a sugarplum. Progress, progress -- I don't want it. I can't store so much in my memory bank!

    The weekend is coming along as it ought to be.

    Joy and much love.


    Yes, this was something like the memories of Jose Uncle's corner. Every College has something like that. But now our College has ceased having it . . .
    I remember our seniors fondly telling us of bunk shops for cigarettes and some liquor and now we talk of milk shakes and recharge. In a way the new generation will have something else to store in their memory file. Strange na how the same College has so many different memories for every batch.

    That is life. This is also life.

    Joy and hugs to you Ash.

  5. I understand your pain. My dad's school got pulled down couple of years back...He was inconsolable...It feels like a part of us is lost forever, he said. But life goes on...doesn't it?

  6. s, i see that you have been following on buzz ; )

    i am still here though...

    yes these memories do outlive all the so called progression of mankind.

    your post has taken me back to many hidden memories in my own mind about university days and long lazy afternoons with friends. carefree days... that sometimes feel so far away.

  7. hi susan! i so know what you mean and feel the same way when i visit the city where i went to the university and the city in which i lived so many many years - it saddens me so to see even buildings i didn't know well demolished to make way for parking lots or whatever - but to see the demolition of places that hold such wonderful memories really saddens me -

    you mentioned that i've been in/out blogging - yes, it's true - first my computer crashed and was down for several weeks - then we have had blizzard conditions for several weeks and that entailed a lot of distractions - plus i have begun 3 times a week physical therapy sessions for over a month - and i help care for two little grandchildren here - to name only a few distractions - so i am not here every single day sometimes and when i am not, i sorely miss you and all my other friends here in blogworld! and i want to thank you for being such a dear dear faithful friend and follower to my little wordplaces! i always look forward to your visits! you bring such warm sunshine, dear friend! thank you!

  8. Ashley:

    School pulled down . . . now that's quite terrible. I know. A part of us is lost. Yes, life does go on . . . As it always does.

    Have a lovely Sunday dear Ash :-)


    Oh buzzz! Yes. Memories outlive everything else. I am glad that you were able to revel in the hidden memories of yore. They are all there.

    A great week ahead.

  9. Dear Jenean:

    Welcome aboard Jenean. It seems as if it has been a longish time. I am sorry to hear your different experiences during the week. I wish you well and hope that you are free and calm to get back to the routine of the day. Thanks for your kind words. I value them very much.

    Take good care and wish you joy always.

  10. @Ashley, School pulled down.... that hurts so bad, I just imagine it happen ever! ahaaa

  11. Oh.... thats sad!!! Memorable places.... especially the places we frequented during one point in our lives.. their magic never fades away!

  12. Oh It is really terrible to see building demolished, even when they were not part of our past... especially if they did. It's sad... it is as if burying somebody terrible image...

    Good question that a highway to where?


  13. Sameera:

    Yes Sam. It is very sad. I see the rubble everyday as I go to College. Moreover the place has a very deserted look with dust and remains of the buildings.

    Hope you had a lovely Sunday.


    These days demolitions have become the norm. It happens almost everywhere. A highway to where? memories and despair I suppose.

    Have a splendid week ahead sweet Dulce.

  14. Memories...what can I say????!!!!'s very sad :(

    Perhaps, new memories will be created, as a consequence of this inevitable change?

    Have a pleasant day, friend:)


  15. The new will replace the old.

    You have a lovely day as well dear Cyrus.

    Joy and peace :)



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