Wednesday 24 February 2010

Creator albeit a mortal one

Adding up spices and condiments, imagining the end result and titillating the senses with smells is the wonderful art of cooking. Today after a gap of a short period, I ventured to prepare a chutney for dinner. Just making sure the ingredients are just the right quantity, salt and chilly powder not sprinkled in excess and the flame not too high or low, makes one feel like a creator -- A creator of fine food. My friend who enjoys cooking always remarks: Cooking is the only art where the creator is able to partake as well as enjoy the results at the same given time. It is a communion where the process is present continuous. 

Not everyone has mastered this art. It is but a gift to the ones who are willing to let go and lose themselves in the dish they are going to prepare and serve. Long ago I read a story which touched me: A mother always kept a jar and while the dishes were close to getting done, she opened the jar and sprinkled the ingredients to the pot on the stove. After her death, the children were curious to see what was inside that box. It had an old crumpled paper which read "TLC" and back of the paper were the words: Tender loving care. The creator knows that without TLC the creations are but a worthless bauble.

The end result was delicious. The creator relished as well as the others. Probably I was a bit romantic in describing the art of cooking and conjuring a nice dish. There are days when I just cannot lend myself completely to cooking and during those times the creator part does not fascinate me. After all one cannot be a creator always, isn't it?

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  1. Romantic?

    Yummy post!


  2. Susan, yet another thing we have in common. I so so love to cook! In fact, I find cooking sort of therapeutic. And the word "creator" is so perfect, because I feel like I'm God when I'm in my kitchen. And by the way, I love Indian food, and I prepare a very mean beef biryani. It's a lot of work, but it's so worth it with some raita and naan and the "mmmmmm" sounds my husband makes while he's eating. Yum yum yum. So, when can we get together for dinner and some awesome conversation? ;-)


  3. I absolutely love to cook, the TLC in the story is my dollops of love, that essential ingredient sprinkled in the very end.... creating something kenw with ingredients we have always knows, a little less of this and a little more of that and when whipped or ground or toasted ahaa, the pleasure of somebody else relishing the creation is heavenly!

    Between how did u know that I made chutney too last nite and it was a gr8 hit with AB:)

    Good Morning Sus and have a gr8 day ahead cooking and otherwise

    Love Ashes

  4. Shamefully, I am neither cook nor creator. But I enjoy the fruits of others' creations. Poetry, FOOD, painting, sculpturing, architecture, choreography--many sports have a characteristic of being somewhat creative. I love musical creations--but there again, I am only the middle man", the one who plays their works on my violin.

    You KNOW, Susan Deborah that you made me hungry here, and it is again near midnight. So...cheddar and bran crackers, I will show you no mercy!.

  5. Dulce:

    Thanks for that very emphatic appreciation. I treasure them.

    Joy always.


    We have no end to these common traits! Soul-sisters maybe. Ah! Beef biriyani!!! Wow, I just love that and raitha and naan . . . You're such a sweetheart to prepare these lovely gastronomic delights!

    Dinner? Anytime when you're here or I am there. Would love to do something like that. A date to remember!

    Joy and love.

  6. Ashes:

    Cooking is something nice to unwind and feel great but sometimes I don't feel that delighted about it as I have mentioned in the post. A long sentence . . .

    We think alike you see :) Hugs for that. Would love to meet you for dinner someday.

    Love always.


    Somehow I had assumed that you would be a great cook! I hope you had your fill of Cheddar and bran crackers!!!

    Joy always.

  7. I love cooking too, it's the washing up I don't ...

    Lovely description of the process.


  8. Dear BM:

    I don't much mind washing the dishes as well.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Joy always.

  9. Susan :) I love cooking, just that i do not get enough of it to do , save when i am back home, helping my ma in the kitchen :D
    But it is a beautiful art, a labour of love yes!
    And i am determined to learn its intricacies. Your post has made that determination stronger still :)
    I would term this as a'Fabulicious' post my friend!
    have a beautiful smiling happy day
    Take care
    Warm regards

  10. Ruchi:

    I am happy that you also enjoy cooking. It is definitely a labour of love but then sometimes it is not so after a tired day. What say? Thanks for the ever kind words. Am off for lunch with some friends. Hope I have a fabulicious time!

    Joy always. Take care :)

  11. Hi Susan! Yes i totally agree with you on that one ;)
    Keep smiling always and may God bless you
    Love and best regards :)

  12. Wonderful story Susan Deborah ( do you prefer Susan or Susan Deborah?)...I just read a story about jars over at Angie Muresan. Have you discovered her yet? If not, you should...I think of each of you as I read both blogs. Have a great weekend!

  13. Dear Jeanne:

    I should read Angie's blog. Shall do so right away. You can call me Susan. Hope your holiday was lovely.

    Joy always. A great weekend to you as well.

  14. That was so sweet of Jeanne, wasn't it? She recommended your blog to me as well, and I am so happy she did. It is absolutely lovely here. I love that little story, and it is so true. Tender loving care expressed in all we do, benefits us all. I wish I was a fabulous cook. As it is, I only have a handful of recipes I'm good at and I make them over and over. Happy weekend to you, Susan!

  15. Ah, I Love food. The best thing I know is sharing a home cooked meal, while discussing the events of the day.
    But I am a lousy cook. I take no joy in cooking. But I am fortunate enough to be around people who do.
    Another lovely post dear Susan.;)

  16. Angie:

    How nice of you to come by. I am happy. Shall follow you hereafter to keep in touch with you and your thoughts. A lovely weekend to you as well dear Angie.


    Nice to be around with people who cook and love to feed others. I love food as well . . .

    Joy always Zuzana and have a great weekend.

  17. Cooking for me is the ultimate art!
    And you have explained why, the
    creator gets to create and enjoy
    as an ongoing process.
    The aroma, the taste and the
    textures, and the beautiful
    colors, cooking and dining is an
    experience that celebrates all
    the senses.
    I really enjoy the long complicated
    recipes, to wander through on rainy
    or lately snowbound days.

  18. Dear Cynthia:

    It definitely celebrates all the senses. I am glad that you also see it as an art. Hmmmm. A new perspective: Complicated recipes for a rainy or snowbound day!! Nice.

    Joy always.

  19. I enjoy cooking at free time. Cooking is kind of meditation that soothes you and refreshes you. Though I am not a great cook, I enjoy the process and cooking with love and passion. Yes, the best ingredient that goes into cooking is love. No wonder, we start to miss our simple home when we stay away from home :)

  20. Dear Lakshmi:

    Hmmmm. True. Anything done with love scores. I wonder how our mothers in spite of cooking everyday are cheerful and dole out lovely food. I think whether I will be like that when I cook everyday.

    Thanks for coming by Lakshmi. Hope the day went on well.

    Joy always.



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