Thursday 8 January 2015

"Alone" Time

Slowly but surely the idea and luxury of ''alone'' time is beginning to dawn on India and many Indians. I think being alone and going further to enjoy time alone is or atleast was something that struck like a sore thumb given the context of India and its fetish for large joint families. Ironically, though the population is steadily rising, families are becoming nuclear and people after having short flings with diverse cultures have slowly started relishing and realising that being alone is not equivalent to being lonely.

But what strikes me is how this ''alone'' is defined and understood. The first meaning that popped out when I googled the keywords definition of alone is:

''having no one else present; on one's own''

As much as I like to think that we are closely attached to people, the thought that being away from people is equally preferred has become our definitions of enjoying ''alone'' time. But don't we have to live in a crowded set-up to realise that we like some time alone for ourselves? This contradicts the life lived by people outside India. For better understanding, let me refer to my American, British and Irish friends who have by and large lived all by themselves - earning, living, loving and doing things independently. But does being independent equivalent to being alone? Not necessarily, I reckon. On many occasions, being independent and being alone and enjoying the space is confused. One can live in a large family yet function independently. Or does alone signify getting away from people, familiar people 'only'? And like everything else being alone can be savoured, I reckon, only when one has enough and more company.

Sometimes, force of habit also becomes something to gloat about for lack of a better reason to justify one's actions.

So, what's your take, dear reader?


  1. you know Susan...I was also pondering on the alone vs lonely time ever since a conservation started in Indiblogesh site.

    We can never be lonely all thanks to our relentless mind that keeps churning thoughts :P

    Happy new year!

  2. I suppose being alone is being able to do things you want to do (and that be in company)

  3. Susan, I am "alone" many days with my husband and step-son at work, but I've learned not to be lonely. I embrace the quiet, the stillness, for reflecting and for writing. Honestly, if I had the noise and confusion of family constantly surrounding me, I would lose my focus and be reduced to frustration. I enjoy these silent moments, as that is when I can hear God most clearly.
    Love and blessings, my dear!

  4. Agree with your point of view. Me time matters a lot and it doesn't make us ALONE at all. In a way I believe, it's not necessarily a good thing to be attached and I do ponder on disconnecting with people from time-to-time:)

  5. Nice one, Dr Sus! Where I'm from, we call this "me time." It's a time to enjoy one's company without the distraction or interference of others. In this age of smartphones and social media, I also take this to mean disconnecting, not only from the real world, but from the virtual one. I sometimes do this when I'm out on a walk.

  6. "Alone" time becomes the opposite due to benchmarking thoughts.

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