Wednesday 2 December 2009

Let the credits roll . . .

Maybe I have a peculiar affiliation to the movies. I like watching the beginning of the film and the credits rolling. That does not mean that the movie holds less fascination. No. I just cannot get up when the credits roll and this causes a lot of annoyance for people who sit in my row when I happen to go to the movie-house.

The feel of the credits rolling gives me a special thrill. I wait for that sound track which is saved for the last bit. I also like to catch the various names of the different people who have contributed to the film. And if its a foreign film (English included), there are several people whose names are either Susan or Deborah and that gives me a special joy. A child-like happiness to see my name. No strings attached. Sometimes I strain my eyes (many a times the credits are so very tiny) to see the lead character's name if I do not happen to know them. Well, I could definitely google the name but then why do that when I can find out when the credits roll.

Now for the spectacular beginning: I especially adore the 20th Century Fox, Columbia Tristar openings. The whole beginning gives me goose-bumps and I am at the edge of my seat with wonder. And it happens everytime the film opens. The tune, the logo - everything is the opening of a dream for me.

The credits sometimes has 'behind-the-scenes' which are quite funny and hilarious. They enable one to savour some of the happenings on the set which make us to view the real people behind the characters.

The willing-suspension-of-disbelief is incomplete for me without the beginning and the credits rolling. Are you a bit insane like me while watching films.


  1. if the films is boring, I'll be the first one to get up and walk off when the last scene is done, or in between if the others with me are just as bored as me... a rare case

    Otherwise, I make it a point to sit till the very end until those red curtains roll down, I know the irritation the people in the row and who accompany me have... I love to see the credits sitting in the first row, I don't know why!

    Good nite Susan

  2. and in a movie theatre, if you wait till the credits are over... you don't have to make way through the crowd. the entire hallway is yours

  3. Ashes: I go only for a select few ones so I guess I don't walk out in anger.

    Vinay: Yes. Absolutely. The entire hallway with the carpet. A royal exit indeed!!!!

  4. Susan you are such a doll and totally made me laugh.

    Renee xoxo

  5. Ah, I am with you on this one! Why does everyone always feel they have to get up as soon as the dialogue in the last scene is over?? It is is highly annoying. The credits are a vital part of the movie, the music has been carefully selected and the design of the credits has been worked on. I think they should make a rule that no one moves until the last line of the credit roll disappears.;))
    Thank you for your lovely comments at my place.;)

  6. Me too, me too! I love them too- they are hilarious and shows the "human side" the side that errs, bloops and blunders!

  7. Renee: Thanks for dropping by. Doll!!! Makes me smile.


    Zuzana: A nice sound to your name Zu Za Na. Thanks for dropping by and the following.

    Much joy to you.

    Silver: Glad that we are a bunch who sit there till the whole magic is over. Sometimes the woman who sweeps the hall comes over and chases me off.

    Joy and love to you.

  8. Deatils about Sound-tracks...! :)
    Thats what I look for when the credits roll!

  9. :) We should plan to hang out for a movie someday, watched till everyone has left and make funny faces at the lady who sweeps the hall ;P


  10. LOL...That makes the two of us..

    I like to sit through the credit rolls too...For two reasons...First being that I can catch any scenes or songs like you said..And second being that I can leave the movie hall in peace as the crowd would have thinned by the end... :)

    Cool topic for a post this was!

  11. i love the openings, too! they bring such pure anticipation! that sitting on the edge of your seat kind! and they are done with such beautiful drama!!! and as for the credits, the reason i stay is to continue "absorbing" the really good films - you know, not letting go of the moment - more than for a reading of credits, actually -

    neat, fun post!

  12. I love the start and the finish. Like you I'd sit and catch the whole last bit,especially when they show the fun and mistakes they make. They become not just movie stars but a real person like you and I. :)

  13. Hey Silver: It would be lovely to hang out with you.

    Ashley: Ash, it isn't just the two of us but all of them who have commented. That makes a bunch of us.

    Jenean and Gaia: i am glad that there are people out there who enjoy every bit of the magic. So we are a bunch.

    When do we hang out for a nice movie????!!!!

    Joy always,



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