Saturday 19 December 2009

And the award goes to . . .

Well, I have become a target of the famous 'tagging' game. I am not for these taggings but I would like to acknowledge my gratitude and appreciation to some of my fellow bloggers who have made the blogging journey worthwhile and lovely. Ashley has passed on a nameless award to me and I am grateful to her as she has given me a chance to express my heartfelt gratitude to a few others. I will call this a 'Gratitude Expressing Award.'

The conditions:

1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody knows (Have to think hard)

2) Pass on this award to 7 other people (I am passing it on to 11)

3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged (I am too lazy to do this!)

Seven things about myself that nobody knows:

1. I dislike short forms in any form in text messages and emails. I detest 'k' instead of 'okay.'

2. I sing aloud . . . very very loud when I am walking in a place where there is heavy traffic. Only then, I will not be heard.

3. I  can remember many things in detail even if I have seen someone for only one time in my whole life - details like colour, action, first line spoken, etc.

4. I obsess over a song compulsively like digging into the history, the number of artists who have performed the song, the composer's details, the history of the singer, etc.

5. I ego surf almost everyday.

6. I tend to have an extra something about smell. People tell me that I would have been born a dog in my last birth. Funny but true.

7. Now the last . . . I had to think hard for this list.

Now, I don't insist that you have to follow the conditions but then you should pass on this award to the people you think deserve this award.

I pass this award to:

1. PNA - For her lovely posts on the quirkiness of life. We share a kindred spirit on many issues and what makes her special is the way she takes on life - HEADLONG.

2. Tangled up in Blue - A perceptive and emotional writer. She has taken a month's break now but I do hope she comes back soon.

3. Jenean - She is a true gypsy at heart and her blog is an example to that. Her quotes from all over the world along with lovely art makes one stop and reflect.

4. Sarah - For her tender posts which encourage and sustain. When one is down in the dumps, Sarah's posts force us out of the dumps..

5. Gaia - For her lovely insights on life from her own experiences. She nudges one to be aware and conscious of each moment.

6. Zuzana - Visiting her blog is like seeing snapshots of lovely dreams. Her love of life and art comes across her blog which makes one sit back and sigh (long sighs of 'I wish I were there').

7. Vinay - His posts are very subjective and to the point. I have enjoyed reading his food posts and his take on the bureaucratic system.

8. Silver - For her reflections which make me sad as well as peaceful.

9. Khulud - For giving instances of life from her part of the world and encouraging us to be part of her journey of life.

10. Sameera - I like her blog's title 'Everyday is a little life' and that is what her blog is precisely about - her everyday life.

11. Nevine - Ah! I am hooked to her writing. The way she delves into the depth of her character's mind and body is amazing. Her poetry as well as fiction reverbrate with the pulse of life.

Now its your turn to express your gratitude . . .


  1. Susan, congratulations on receiving an award. You know it has been a pleasure to go on this ride with you. It's been fun! And, I do express my gratitude, entirely, that I should be one of those you think worthy of this. Your comments on my work are always insightful and show that you've taken the time not only to read, but also to think it through, and this I do appreciate immensely. Thank you, Susan. It has been a great pleasure to know you, and I know this will continue. :-)


  2. The more I get to know you, the more intriguing you come across and the more I realize that you are one in a million. Those few people out there that one stumbles across, once in a while. I love the things you listed here about yourself as they reveal you are a unique and very interesting person.;)
    Congratulations on your award/tag and thank you for passing it onto me.;) I love tags and I always accept the challenge, just forgive me if it might take me some time to get to it.;))

    And last but not least; thank you for your kind words. They left me completely speechless, I am extremely flattered an honoured.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Congrats!.. I do enjoy you sharing the 7 things about yourself..

    Like No 6! Me too.. and i don't actually think it's a good thing for me as the acute sense of smell means i get to detect or pick up much nauseating smells a lot sooner and worse, that others just can't most times.

    And thanks for sharing it with me :)


  4. Hey Susan..Your 7 points were so interesting...
    A keen sense of smell? I am a little envious. :)
    And you sing in heavy traffic? Try singing whenever you want to...Trust me...Its fun! :)

    PS: You have not copied the picture of the award! The pic is the award...Isn't it? :|

  5. Nevine: Thanks for the kind words. What I have expressed about you is worth its weight in anything. You have a way with words and emotions. It is a pleasure for me as well to know you and delve into your works. And I am joyous for meeting you through this medium.

    Love always, dear Nevine.


  6. Zuzana: Your words are like bright summer's sun which light me up. Thanks for the affectionate words you have written. Hope I am worthy of them. I am glad that your are flattered.

    Joy always, dear Zuzana.

  7. Silver, my dear one: We also share a kindred spirit in many aspects. Happy that the award made you happy.

    Love always,

  8. Ashley: I have copied the award. Me na . . .
    I sing all the time but in heavy traffic, I sing the loudest. Its a great feeling.

    Thanks dear Ashley for the award and for coming by regularly.

    Love always,

  9. Congrats dear one! Blessings and hugs.....

  10. oh wow... first, congrats for getting the award. second, it's my honor to receive your award, though we've known each other for only a few months. third, it was really fun reading the seven things about you. I started thinking about my own seven things, but they are so private that i just wouldn't be able to share them... maybe in the future...
    hugs - khulud

  11. Susan, congrats for your award, and I am so grateful to you... what you said about my blog gives me confidence and courage. Thank you.

    Btw I am like you in your list except point 3. I cannot remember much lol. Bless you dear.

  12. wow! Thank you!!!! You are an interesting person. :)

  13. Thanks Susan for the tag. A nice list of things that people don't know about you.

    I tried to write posts like stories, but failed miserably. So, stuck about writing to the point stuff!

  14. JBR: Thanks for your blessings. Hugs to you as well.

    Khulud: I am glad that you have many things. You don't have to write the 7 things. You can just pass on the award.

    Gaia: Glad that you appreciate the award. Looking forward to reading you 7 points. Hmmm. Another kindred spirit. Cheers.

    Sameera: All of us are interesting in our own ways, isn't it?

    Vinay: My pleasure. Glad that you write to the point. Shows that you hit the nail where it ought to be hit!!

    Joy always,

  15. Congratulations...
    No 6 is an interesting item...!!
    I have a thing about smells too...:(

  16. Congrats on your award! I enjoyed learning a little bit about you! I'm also pretty obsessive about!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog today!
    The girl in the picture is! I'm hoping I don't haunt you too much this holiday season!!

    Happy holidays!!


  17. Dear BM: Thanks for the wish. Hmmm. Glad to have something in common with you.

    Enjoy the peace and joy of this lovely season.

    Manon: Thanks. We share a kindred spirit as well. This makes me wonder that there in something in everyone that is similar. Everything is connected to everything, you see.

    You will for sure haunt me albeit in a pleasant manner.

    Happy holidays to you as well.

    Joy always,

  18. Thank you, Susan! I kinda wish I was around back here..:)

    I have been looking for an opportunity to write a post about my favourite bloggers, too! This is perfect! :)

  19. I was awarded and I never realised.....Thank u thank u:)))
    Taking a bow:))))))

  20. TUIB and PNA: Do the tag fast. Can't wait to read your sevens.



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