Thursday 3 September 2009

internalising the external

Many things happen that remotely affect us and even if it does affect us we go on as always without any remorse, pain or empathy. The news yesterday had flashes of the missing chopper of Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy, Andhra Pradesh's Chief Minister. All of us were glued to the news channels to comprehend the fact that someone as important as the chief minister could go missing. It was a poignant moment as we were analysing the various aspects of the incident.

The dense forest, the bad weather and other things had rendered the search difficult. This incident also brought to light the various chopper related problems. That the chopper was not maintained properly was highlighted. Why does India always have to find things out in the last minute when there is some mishap. Why cannot instruments be maintained well enough at all times. Certain questions can never find answers.

The man who went missing is not even remotely connected to me but then why does it affect me so much? Perhaps because he is another vulnerable human being who inspite of being the Chief Minister is prone to unexpected accidents. The fact that he would have undergone a mental and physical stress is another reason for the anxiety. Given his age hunger, thirst and other things would have caused him distress. As I write this post, news of the chopper being traced fills the news channels. I just hope he is fine and returns home to his family and the anxiety filled state for a successful term as Chief Minister.


  1. We lost him thats the morning news. There is a striking resemblance in some of the past deaths of some emminent Congress leaders like Madhavrao Scindia, Rajesh Pilot to name a few. Should i cry some foul play.

  2. Yeah. Its very sad. Fills us with a sense of remorse at many aspects of politics.

  3. More than anything I just feel bad that he couldnt even say the last goodbyes. So lucky are those who know their time is up, so lucky are those who die in their near-ones' laps, and ironically lucky are those who die in their sleep (which i feel other way round sometimes).
    But these things bring to you the reality of life... that truth which everyone runs away from - that we all have to leave the physical worlds one day!

  4. true ajinkya. he might not even had the faintest thought that he would never return again. and to add fuel to teh fire, media speculates foul play as Shas has observed and post mortem is to follow :-(

  5. Every aircraft has a device called ELT (Emergency Locating Transponder) which is supposed to get activated in the event of a crash/impact. Throughout the night of 2nd when all news channels were reporting the different modes of search (ISRO, Air Force, Army, Unmanned Airborne Vehicle etc.) one defense expert commented that since the ELT signal is not being picked up, there is hope that the chopper would not have crashed but landed safely. (That gave further fuel to the kidnapped-by-naxals theory.)
    It is surprising that this matter seems to have been forgotten after the wreckage and bodies were found. How come the signal was not picked up for over 24 hours? And if the ELT was not activated, then that poses further questions about the airworthiness of the ill-fated chopper.

  6. As shas said
    there is indeed a striking resemblance in some of the past deaths.
    it may be that our govt is not learning from the mistakes of the past. or more likely like a school boy always tells the same excuse for coming late our govt is telling some lame excuses like bad weather etc for other undemocratic actions. right from the time he exposed the scandal of Satyam Computers we can expect a bad weather for him.



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